Reviews for What is love by HolaKoala

Koritsia (Chapter 4) - Tue 18 Dec 2018

Thank you so much for updating hope to read more soon 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 4) - Sun 16 Dec 2018

Very nicely written chapter.

Interesting way to introduce Kikyou into the story.  Is she going to bad or is she going to be good?  You kind of left her character portrayal balancing in the middle for us readers to wonder on which direction will you take her.  I think for this story she should go the good way because it should be her to put Inuyasha on the right path and to point out the error of his ways and it is obvious that Inuyasha has no respect for Kagome so why would listen or care about what she says or does.  But on the other, I would like to see him pull the same shit on Kikyou and try to get away with it....not going to happen.  LOL  :)

Will Kikyou help him or take advantage of him because of who his father is?

Looking forward to the next chapters.

Great writing!


Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Sun 09 Dec 2018

I like your story so far.  It has captured my interest and it will be exciting to read your treatment of that age old question of 'What is Love'.

At first, I thought Kagome was going to drown herself because of the failed ship with Yasha but I'm glad that was not the case with her.

She just basically did a mental and emotional shut down so she can re-boot herself and start over again.  Inuyasha was like a virus that needed to be purged.  Now that she is back up running again, she is getting rid of all the bad memories by literally cleaning house.  She is going to protect her heart this time around and I say good for her.  I love a strong Kagome character.

Absolutely no failed relationship is worth killing yourself over.

I hope you update soon and as often as you can...also, hope you do not abandon this story.   lol  :)

Excellent writing and welcome to Dokuga!


Mary J Dolph (Chapter 3) - Mon 03 Dec 2018

I'm liking your story. I believe kinkyho should be evil and then pay dearly for it. Sorry, just hate her ????

izay ramirez (Chapter 3) - Mon 03 Dec 2018

Please, make kikyo be a good person here. There is so many kikyo bashing and its getting old. This is AU. Just dont let her end up with inuyasha... 

Koritsia (Chapter 3) - Sun 02 Dec 2018

Thanks for updating about kikyo I don't really like her but maybe in this story she could be nice or at least neutral 

KEdakumi (Chapter 3) - Sun 02 Dec 2018

Wow...Inu is dense.  Was he raised spoiled or did he go that way no matter what his parents did?  Should be interesting to see what Papa had planned.  

I like a Kikyo that's a bit self absorbed and evil because she can't picture anyone doing anything as well as her... Just seems closer to cannon to me 

Can't wait to see where you take this 

SammyJams (Chapter 2) - Sun 02 Dec 2018

Inu’s going to get what’s coming to him! I always love stories where Toga is alive and loves Kagome like family. 

Koritsia (Chapter 2) - Sun 02 Dec 2018

I love this story hope to read more soon 

SmilingFool (Chapter 2) - Sun 02 Dec 2018

Wow I like the story Toga is gonna kick some hanyo butt....  lol...  Wish Kagome had more of a backbone though, hate when people make her weak and frail as if she was a granny.  Update soon love to read more.

Sesskagaddict89 (Chapter 2) - Sat 01 Dec 2018

Please keep updating it's really good so far.

KEdakumi (Chapter 2) - Sat 01 Dec 2018

This is a good start.  My only suggestion would be to start a new paragraph when someone different is talking.  It helps avoid confusion in a conversation 

"Hi, my name is Fluffy."

"Hi Fluffy. I'm Kagome."

I can't wait to see what InuPapa does.

SammyJams (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 Dec 2018

Awh poor Kags!

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