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What is love by HolaKoala


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She sighed as she walked in to her condo. “Another day is done” she said to herself and her empty place. Well, not quite empty as she could see his stuff on the couch and dirty dishes in the sink. She asked him to clean up while she was at work but what was she hoping for?

“Inuyasha” she yelled out with no answer. Her words seem to echo all around. “Inuyasha, you better not be sleeping still” Sighing again she took off her shoes and walked to the bedroom, opening the door to find an empty bed and messy sheets. ‘Great he went out again. Again left alone to clean and just be alone’. Tears started to prick her eyes but she took a deep breath in and went to the kitchen to clean.

What was she to him?  Was she just a body to be in the condo and sleep with during the night? ‘No, I am more than that! I am a person and every person has a limit!’ she fumed to herself picking up the first dish looking at it. Then she put it back into the sink and walked away to sit on the black couch that took her weeks to figure out if she liked it or not.

Looking at all the items around her she realized most of it was not even her style. Besides the couch and coffee table that were both argument starters, none of the items she looked at with happiness. The lamps, chairs, tv stand all mismatched each other with a few dents in them. Of course Inuyasha said he would paint and repair them all but that was 2 years ago.

Just then the front door was unlocked and opened. Inuyasha came in with his best friend Miroku. Miroku was a good man, not only to his girlfriend, but to his friends. Although, he could get very perverted around his girlfriend, everyone knew they loved each other. She wanted that love, that I’m wearing your dress shirt in the morning because I couldn’t find my shirt, while making breakfast love.

“Hello Kagome how was work?” Miroku said with a smile on his face.

Funny, she thought, her boyfriend was supposed to be asking that. Not his best friend that remembers she had work that day. “It was good. We are doing more with stem cells and the process is long with trying new things.”

“Kagome I am still so amazed by your work. Working in a boring office is so, well, boring.”

“Well, it is better to have a nice job than to have no job. Plus Sango’s cafe is a block away right? So that must be nice.”

“Oh yes, my love, my Sasa is nearby and I can get sweet breads and coffee. Plus maybe some buns, if you know what I mean”

They shared a laugh together before Inuyasha looked at her coldly. She wondered what she did this time to get that look. Depressed mode back on and wondering why she was treated this way. No, she had to be stern because she was worth it. “Inuyasha can you pick up your things and do the dishes?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll do them later.” Inuyasha said while walking to the TV to turn on his video game.

“Later never comes to you, so please now before you and Miroku start your game, okay?” Yes, that was it! Be a little stern and a compromise. She smiled nicely at him but got no response but to turn on his game. She felt defeated and sad. Being his maid was not her life! When he needed a place to go because his dad and brother put a stop to him living at home and living off of them, she offered her home. He said he would help pay for things but that was 2 years ago! He barely works and always calls off sick which makes money tight. She had a decent job but paying fully for rent, food, travel to work, water, electric and many more bills was getting to her. Her bank account had just $50 now and she felt horrible not being able to send money to her mother every month. The shrine did make a good amount of money from sales at the gift shop but she wanted to help.

“Inuyasha, Kagome is right you don’t really do things later unless it is something you want to do” Miroku smiled at Kagome. He knew his friend and how lazy he really was.

“What?! You’re on her side?!” Inuyasha turned to Miroku not believing his friend was taking her side.

“No, this is not about sides Inuyasha. This is about a simple request your hard working girlfriend asked you to do. I would do much more for my Sasa, besides dishes or laundry, when she asks. That is part of being in a relationship and living together.” Kagome stood there and prayed he got the message.

“Keh, like I said I will do it later so both of you get off my back.”

Miroku and Kagome looked at each other. Both probably thinking the same thing but giving up because a fight was not worth it. Looking down at her hands she wanted to cry. Her voice shaking ever so slightly “Okay well, I am going to go relax in the bath for a bit.” Lucky for her the condo has a half bath so guests did not have to walk into the bedroom to use the bath. Which means the nice large tub was all hers.

After her bath she felt relaxed but still sad. Things have to get better right? Walking out into the living room in her comfy clothes she started to make a bit of dinner. “Do you guys want some food? I’m making baked salmon, veggies and rice.”

“I will be happy to eat your cooking Kagome”

Kagome smiled and looked to her somehow distant boyfriend “Inuyasha do you want some?”

“yeah, sure.”

Miroku looked at his friend like he was an idiot and thought ‘Great answer to give stupid. No wonder Kagome is stressed and your stupid ass is blind. Do you even love her like you claim to?’

Kagome turned back around and looked at the dishes. She got a bit excited thinking it was a perfect opportunity for Inuyasha to redeem himself.’ Her bath was about an hour long so that means it is later. So he can do the dishes now so we all can eat. “Inuyasha, can you do the dishes now so we can eat?”

“No, I am in the middle of a match”

“Okay, how about after the match?”

“Why can’t you do them? You are already there”

Miroku was in shock and just looked at his friend. How can Inuyasha just dictate what to do. It was not even his own house. He got kicked out and left with no money. Kagome, being as nice as she is, told him he could stay with her. Now he was acting like she was a lowly servent in feudal era Japan and he was her master. Nope, this will not happen. Miroku got up, walked to the TV, and turned off.

“What the Fuck! Why?! We were winning and you do this shit!”

“Yes, because you are mistreating Kagome when she has asked you many times today to do something. She works every day and always does what is needed around the house. Not just myself but the other guys have seen it. You do not treat her as a girlfriend but more as a maid. The sad thing is that you live in her home and barely help.” Miroku was furious. This is not how someone should be treated.

“Yeah?! Well I would have gone to live with you, Kouga and Shippou if she let me! She asked me to stay and I didn’t want to!” Inuyasha yelled back pointing at Kagome.

“For the record Inuyasha, me and the guys didn’t want you living with us. We all talked about it and you butted in. You barely work and don’t have the best cleaning habbits. Plus you had been living with Kagome for only a few months when the guys and I talked about moving in together. It really wouldn't be right to just use her like that.”

Inuyasha glared at him and Kagome. Something had to be up between them. “Why are you always taking her side? Are you two fucking each other?”

“You have some major issues Inuyasha! You mooch off of Kagome and all of us and how dare you say Kagome and I are intimate with each other. Kagome is a friend and like it or not I will defend my friends, no matter how long I have known you.”

“Inuyasha!” Both men turned to a pissed off Kagome “You need to leave, now! We are done!” Kagome screamed as tears burned her eyes. She was having a hard time controlling herself and hearing all this. She did not want to look at Inuyasha anymore. Because if she did, she was scared she would purify him. No matter how much she cared for him to live, her powers sometimes got the better of her when she was emotional.

“Keh, both of you can go fuck off and I am happy to be done with you, whore”

Miroku had enough and pushed Inuyasha out the door. He turned to Kagome who was still standing there shaking with her eyes closed. “Kagome, please breathe and have a seat” He walked up to her carefully. He knew very well about her miko powers and needed her to calm down. He took her hand and that was all it took for her to collapse into a heap of tears. He picked her up and walked back to the couch.

“Kagome listen to me, I know you have to let out how you feel but control your power so it does not hurt anyone”

“I *hiccup* am trying *hiccup* it just hurts” Miroku held her as she cried. He looked out the window of the high rise knowing very well Inuyasha will regret his choice. He just wished Sango was here and not with her family in Kyoto for the week.


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