SmilingFool (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Nov 2018

Good story so far, too short for other needed information having to guess Kagome was too drunk to know that she slept with Sesshomaru, hoping it was him.  His beast came out and was not gentle in the rut he was having leaving Kagome bloodied and bruised.  How she got home?  Not sure on that one.  As the tests prove positive, its killing her to know that she had a one night stand or thinks it was a one night stand and suddenly pregnant.  No human can do that in a day....  LOL 


How she lost her job and when is a mystery.  Rents due and no money to pay....  Oh what to do what to do...  Of course her family will be upset, some families unforgiving, and most just overlook it nowadays, give the help that is needed and then some.  Then you have your crazy family that wants nothing do with you and wishes you were dead and hope the unborn dies as well and the guy that got her pregnant laugh at her because she was a sucker for punishment.  These are the types we try to avoid no one wants crazy family or an unforgiving one.


Anyways, Kagome's choices are keep the pregnancy going, abort it, wait until its born to give up for adoption or jump off a cliff or run into traffic and kill herself.  I hope for the first but your the writer of this story.  Please make the chapter a bit longer.

D (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Nov 2018

So I can't wait for the next chapter. I hate reading new stories I usually wa it until chapter 5. But something about ur story just made me want to read it. Glad I did it's very interesting. Little sad only one chatper

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Oct 2018

Very intriguing. 

I think either abortion or suicide, but leaning more toward abortion because I would think that abortion would be one hell of a decision to make.

I say keep it going.

Nice writing.

Itoe Hime (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Oct 2018

I am intrigued ! I don't know where this is headed but you've got my attention. So far so good! Maybe a longer chapter next time? ;)

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