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The Hardest Decision I Will Ever Make. by Melody Vengeance

One Stick

**I do not own Inuyasha and or any characters affiliated with the company.

*** Guys this is going to be one dark story and there are highly controversial topics present in this if I continue it. Please read at your own risk.

One stick.

Two lines.

Three minutes.

  "Hey! this is Sango and if you hear this, I either think you’re crazy and I don’t want to talk to you right now (I'm talking to you Miroku!) , or I’m trapped under something heavy. Leave a message!"

  "Look, Sango. I know its two in the morning, and I'm sorry but I need you right now. Please."

  "Sango. I'm sorry I'm spamming your phone, but please pick up!"

  "Sango! Please..."

 Kagome gripped her phone desperately to her chest, she called Sango three more times before she finally gave up. Pressing her back to the freezing marble of her bathtub helped ground her just enough for her to somewhat breathe. Everything was falling apart around her, she had just lost her job, she was on the verge of losing her apartment and now this. This was too much for her to comprehend, to process in her current mindset. Tucking her head in between her knees, she fought for a semblance of control.

 It took quite some time, but she was finally able to control her breathing enough to look again. The little white stick that would now either make or break her, the little white pregnancy test that should have had one line and not two. In fact she shouldn't have even needed to take the test in the first place! It didn't even take a full minute for it to become positive, so she took another. Another turned into three more, all showing the same blaring positive lines as the first. How comforting was it to know that she, Kagome Higurashi, was left with a baby from a drunken one night stand from her best friends birthday party no less.

 What would her mother think, no forget that, what would her brother think of her? What would Souta think of his older sister now? Would he think that she was some loose whore? The thoughts began to build, the pain rapidly filling her chest until she couldn't bare the pressure over her heart. The thoughts spun around and around, darkening with the passing hours until a peaceful haze finally won her tormented soul over. She slept for some time, her phone being spammed with messages upon messages from Sango and from her mother asking if she was okay. Her doorbell rang several different times throughout the day, but it was unanswered. No one could find her spare key, and when they were almost to the point of bringing in the law enforcement she finally responded to their demanding inquiries.

 She was so small, so fragile that she didn't recognize her reflection in the mirror. The girl staring back at her couldn't have possibly been her. No; for this girl had black rings under her swollen and tender eyes, this girl had red blotches of skin on her face and neck, this girl had blood around her nose, this girl looked like she was put through absolute hell. As she slowly raised a hand to brush a piece of stray hair out of the way, she realized that she was this girl and she really did look like hell.

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