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kanie (Chapter 8) - Sun 13 Jan 2019

I think this is going to hinder inuyasha and kagome relationship,  I dont think kagome will trust inuyasha that much after this . Sesshomaru demon instinct might stop this tape or fight inuyasha claiming kagome is his intended.  But this will definetly bring kagome an sesshomaru closer and inuyasha with guilt will back off.

Lorena (Chapter 8) - Fri 11 Jan 2019

I was hoping to get away with not reviewing this time, but how can I when your end message is so poetic and genuine?! Lol, seriously, I enjoyed this chapter SO much! I knew I would be all about this Sesshomaru, but i never figured he'd become my favorite character so far. I had a bad feeling Inuyasha would do something stupid, but i didn't know what he'd do and how against him I'm becoming... as far as Kagome goes- I feel indifferent to her, which I find hilarious because it feels like right now Seshomaru's cares more about her than i do. I can understand some of her actions right now, but I dont feel like she's making anything better for herself or that kagome. Is that Kagome in this state just for her unhappiness and unfair treatment from her home? 

Alia (Chapter 8) - Fri 11 Jan 2019

Oh fuck no, he went there! Poor Kags

R (Chapter 8) - Wed 09 Jan 2019

Good god. All hell is breaking loose...the whole situation is so out of control with a diabolical plot and youki firing on instincts right and lef. It certainly has a desperate, hopeless feel. Great writing, as always!

Blommie8 (Chapter 8) - Wed 09 Jan 2019

Lauren (Chapter 8) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

No! That's not how that was supposed to work. They're supposed to talk everything out and work together. What is happening?! This is disrespectful. Why isn't anyone being rational in the face of this obvious manipulation?!?! I'm very disappointed in everyone.

Alison (Chapter 8) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

Well, it's official I want the other Sesshomaru to die. The fact that he looks back on the days when he raped his mate with fond memories makes me sick. Glad you got over your writers' block cause this is an awesome read. 

SammyJams (Chapter 8) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

Omg so happy to see an update in my favorite story! So excited to see some action! Can’t wait for more!

candy (Chapter 8) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

Oh boy keep it going I want to know what happens next. 

Toni (Chapter 8) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

Omg. Cant believe he did that  poor kagame. I would have purified inuyashas ass

LibraCourt (Chapter 8) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

What a twist. Wonder how all this will turn out now. Keep writing I reallywant to know how this ends

Namirah (Chapter 8) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

Im very anxious to see what happens next please update soon ????????????

Vicky (Chapter 8) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

Omg. Poor Kagome. This chapter was intense. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Please update soon

Ryo chan (Chapter 8) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

Im so glad your back so excited that chapter was crazy i cant evdn imagine all the emotion and feeling sesshomaru mist have been going through, also i wondee what will happen between inuyasha and kagome now. Im dying to know cant wait! 

sesskag493 (Chapter 8) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

Wow, that was crazy. Now,  Sesshomaru has felt what O. S. has experienced what will happen.? UPDATE SOON PLEASE 

Koi (Chapter 8) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

Oh my goodness!! What a read!!! Fantastic chapter And welcome back!! I hope you enjoyed your holidays. I can’t get over that Sesshomaru dry humped Kagome. *lol* No lie the way you ended the chapter was FANTASTIC! Inuyasha fucking Kagome in front of Sesshomaru. I wonder if he’ll partake. *wiggles eyebrows* Even though I just really want Inuyasha dead, I want him out the way and I want my sesshomaru to be the ruler of Kagome’s freakiness. Fantastic chapter, I can’t wait until the next chapter!! 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 8) - Mon 07 Jan 2019

Oh my goodness.  Chapters 4 through 7 were very insightful but this chapter 8 was the BOMB!!!

The other Sesshomaru is so devious and manipulative, especially overpowering Sesshomaru and making him lose his instinctual control to go after Kagome.  Trying to override her mating mark for his own but ending up getting a hand job from her.  That was a brilliant idea of Kagome to bring him back under control.

Inuyasha losing his instinctual control and basically 'raping' Kagome getting her to show submissiveness in front of Sesshomaru.  I think that is what the other Sesshomaru was going for to get both brothers to fight over Kagome thinking that Sesshomaru will end up killing Inuyasha and mating and marking Kagome, hence fullfilling the other Sesshomaru's agenda.

Can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens next.  Will Sesshomaru lose it after watching Inuyasha reclaiming Kagome?

Great story with an intriguing plot.

Excellent writing skills!


Geisha Tactics (Chapter 8) - Mon 07 Jan 2019

Omg!! That was the most brutal chapter ever. Kagome can't catch a break!! I'm really loving this story, can't wait for more!

Sessygurl (Chapter 8) - Mon 07 Jan 2019

Wow...just wow. Is all I have to say. Thanks for the update. 

Ryo chan (Chapter 7) - Thu 27 Dec 2018

Hope everything's okay, and finals went well can't wait for the next chapter ???? also happy holidays!! 

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