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Dark Reflections by GothRiotGrrl

Chapter 1

A/N: I've always enjoyed the many stories where, for some reason or another,  Sesshomaru kidnaps and mates Kagome. While these are stories are written about dark fantasy characters,  they portray a certain realism to the way a modern girl would feel being forced to marry a feudal lord and the reaction he and his subordinates would have to her. My love of these stories has always made me wonder how the characters from the official canon would react to seeing versions of themselves in such a situation. So I present my take on it. I hope you enjoy it. Disclaimer: Rumiko Takahashi owns Inuyasha and all the characters from the manga and anime.






Sesshomaru stood in front of the mirror, a look of disdain on his normally neutral face. A gift from one the Lords on the continent, it was offensively opulent. Large, almost as tall as the Demon Lord himself (and nearly four times as wide) it was laid in a silver frame that was molded into blooming vines, small blue sapphires were set in the center of every blossom. It was from the far west, and had been acquired through trade with the Mongol routes from a place called Venice. The lord had insisted it was made to be both decorative and practical, though the need for such a large mirror seemed hardly practical, and how a mirror could be decorative was beyond Sesshomaru’s understanding. He might be proud and even a little vain, but to have such a large reflection of himself in constant view seemed excessive.

Still, the lesser demon had insisted Sesshomaru except it, and since it was a gift to show gratitude to the Western Lord for his hospitality during a visit to the island, it could not be turned away. It was not as if Sesshomaru truly worried about insulting the Lord, he merely did not want to deal with the obnoxious tittering of others who would call him ungrateful.

Sesshomaru had questioned the Lord about this land of Venice it had come from, but the Lord had no real information, other than he thought it was in a country called Spain. To ensure he was not receiving anything dangerous, he had summoned his brother's mate to his castle. The woman knew much about other countries and could, hopefully, provide some insight on the country this odd mirror came from. Also, if there was some kind of magic or curse on it, she could sense, and purify it.

Sesshomaru had not sensed anything from it, but he could not always sense such things. At least, not to the extent of the Shikon Miko. He hated admitting a human woman might be able to do what he could not, however, he reminded himself there were many more things he could do that she could not, which satisfied his ego.

He continued to inspect the piece, running his hand over the metal frame, testing it for  compartments where a talisman might be hidden. Not particularly worried about something affecting a powerful creature as himself, but preferring to avoid the accidental purification of one his maids should they come across something of the like while cleaning it. Finding no such danger, he moved on to studying the glass. Staring intently at his reflection, he noticed it seemed to waver, like the moving surface of water and for few seconds, it was as if there were a younger Inu demon staring back at him. Little more than a pup, he appeared to be a young adolescent, no more than thirteen. Like Sesshomaru, he had a crescent moon on his forehead, red stripes on his face, and long silver hair, unlike Sesshomaru, his eyes were such a dark blue they appeared almost black. The image quickly dissolved and Sesshomaru was once again staring at himself. Wondering if it was merely a trick of the light, he leaned in and back, then walked back and forth in front of it, testing the angles to see if any of them caused the same illusion.

“You so fucking full of yourself, you have to strut in front of a mirror like a prize cock?”

Sesshomaru glowered as his younger brother’s vulgarity polluted the air. Turning around, he saw the half-breed saunter into the hall, his mate walking behind him.

“This Sesshomaru does not recall inviting you to his home.” he said, his voice dripping with disdain.

“Feh, like I’d let my mate travel alone and unprotected!” InuYasha snapped, “You want Kagome’s help, you’ll have to deal with me.”

Sesshomaru fought the urge to throw his brother into the mirror and remove both the reason for his visit and the offensive gift in one fell swoop, but decided against it. The glass might cut the half-breed and Sesshomaru didn’t want the offensive odor of InuYasha’s blood permeating his home.

“Lord Sesshomaru.” Kagome said, bowing respectively. “Is this the mirror?”

“It is,” he answered, pleased the Miko was showing him proper respect. “It was a gift to this Sesshomaru from a lesser Lord on the continent. He said it comes from Venice, a city in a place called Spain.”

“Spain?” Kagome said trying not to laugh. “No, Venice is in Italy. It’s a beautiful city, I visited it on a European tour for school in the three years I was away. It’s spread over dozens of islands and connected with bridges, in addition to having normal roads, there are also waterways you take boats through. At night, on a full moon, the stars and moon reflect on the water as you ride the boat; it’s breathtaking.”

Sesshomaru listened intently to the Miko’s rambling description of the supposed city of water and ill-planning. She seemed to get quite animated as she spoke of this “European tour”, drawing his attention to her features. It had been twenty years since he had met her while attempting to acquire his father’s famous sword, and ten since his half-brother had marked her as his mate. Under most circumstances, he would consider a human woman, physically, of twenty-five past her prime, but as in most things, the miko proved the exception.

Her body had matured, from a girl into a woman's; her breasts had grown larger while her hips had widened, giving her a shapely appeal. Time had been just as kind to her lovely face as it had thinned, making her high cheekbones significantly more prominent and drew focus to her blue-black eyes. Not restricted to just the physical, she had matured mentally over the years, a sense of refinement apparent in her words and mannerisms.

“Are there many demons in this Italy?” Sesshomaru inquired, tearing his eyes from the expanse of her hips.

Kagome blinked at the question, unsure of how to proceed. She had never told Sesshomaru that she had only run into a few lesser demons in the future, and most of them had been accidently unsealed. If such a powerful demon knew of his species future endangerment, it could change her time.

'I could even cease to exist!' She thought, frightened at the prospect of fading away.'But, if I ceased to exist, then I wouldn't tell him, so he wouldn't find out and change anything, but then I would exist, which means I would tell him…'

Sesshomaru looked at the miko as a look of confusion crossed his face.

“Is the question so difficult to answer?” he asked, sarcasm leaking into his usual monotone.

“I didn’t come across any.” she finally answered, being pulled out of her mental loop.

How could she tell him no without risking him knowing of the lack of supernatural creatures in the future?

“But, with Vatican City being in Italy as well, I’m not surprised. There’s a very influential holy man, and his followers, in Vatican City, so I can’t imagine demons would want to risk being near humans like that.”

'Please let him buy that, it's not technically a lie.'

Sesshomaru nodded, understanding the practicality of avoiding such a situation.

“Miko, this Sesshomaru also noticed something odd while peering into it.” He said, “another Inu demon appeared.”

InuYasha snorted.

“You sure?” his younger brother snarked. “Maybe you’re just not as perfect as you think you are and didn’t recognize yourself.”

“InuYasha,” Kagome warned. “Don’t be so disrespectful to someone in their home. Sesshomaru was always polite and respectful in OUR home during his visits with Rin.”

Sesshomaru smirked at the way the miko put the half-breed in his place. During the few years between the elder miko's death and Rin marrying the demon slayer, his ward had lived with them under Kagome's tutelage; and while his attitude had been disdainful, the demon lord had ensured his actions and manners were extremely respectful. If for no other reason than to hold it over Inuyasha’s head at a later date. As luck would have it, Sesshomaru didn't need too as his sister-in-law did it for him.

InuYasha glowered at his older brother's smug look, but decided to ignore it; the last thing he wanted was his mate angry with him just before her heat cycle. While Kagome had insisted on waiting to have children until after someone named Nobunaga had died, they still, carefully, indulged; especially during her cycle. The next few nights would be filled with Kagome bedridden and needing him to relieve her cramping body. She was always so submissive and pliant, so desperate to find relief she would practically beg him to ride her numerous times a day; and as a half-demon, his stamina was well above that of a human male.

“InuYasha,” Sesshomaru said, deciding to further attempt to goad his sibling into catastrophe.  “You would do well to listen to your mate. Unless you disagree with her?”

InuYasha bit his tongue, refusing to be baited and risk the next few nights of intense pleasure.

“The reflection was not this Sesshomaru’s,” he continued when he realized the half-breed would not be swayed. “it was of one barely more than a pup.”

“A pup?” Kagome said, thinking for a moment. “Did it look like you?”

“It resembled this Sesshomaru, except for the eyes, they were not golden.”



Kagome thought for a moment, she didn't have a lot of experience with western magics, especially mirrors. All she could think of was a green face telling Sesshomaru he was the fairest of them all. Trying to stifle a giggle, she thought of the folktales she had heard in school and her trip to Europe.

“Maybe it shows glimpses of the future!” she exclaimed, remembering a few stories of a mirrors that reflected visions of the future when the moon reflected in them. “There are legends of mirrors that show people their future. Maybe it’s your pup!”

Sesshomaru’s eyebrow raised slightly at that suggestion; he hadn’t thought of that. The pup had looked remarkably like him, perhaps this was his future heir.

“I can try sensing the energy of the mirror,” she offered. “to see if there’s any spells on it.”

Sesshomaru nodded and stepped aside. Kagome’s hands started to glow pink as she reached forward and touched the mirror. She gasped, as soon as she made contact, the glass reacted as it had to Sesshomaru, becoming like water beneath her fingertips. She tried to pull away, unsure of what might happen, when a hand shot through the mirror and grabbed her wrist.

Screaming, Kagome tried to pull away, but the clawed hand was too strong; she was being pulled into the mirror. InuYasha grabbed her waist but whatever was pulling her was stronger than him, and he was being dragged in as well.

“Sesshomaru!” he snapped, holding out his arm as the other gripped Kagome’s waist refusing to let go.

Sesshomaru quickly grabbed his younger brother’s hand, attempting to pull them both out, but was greeted with a strength he was not expecting. With one large tug, all three of them were pulled into the mirror.

A moment later, they were lying on the floor of the exact same hall, in front of the exact same mirror, the young Inu Demon Sesshomaru had seen earlier was holding Kagome’s wrist; five demon guards holding each others waist were connected to him, as if playing tug of war.

“It worked!” the young Inu demon exclaimed, looking happily at Kagome. “We’ve finally brought you here!”

“Brought us where? Explain yourself!” Sesshomaru demanded, refusing to allow the situation to disorient him.

The pup looked warily at the angry demon lord, terror in his eyes. Sesshomaru had never met the boy, yet his expression, while one of fear, also seemed to have a familiarity; it was as if the boy was not only afraid of him, but also knew why he should cower even though they were strangers.

“My apologies for the intrusion Lord Sesshomaru,” he said, bowing for a moment, before helping Kagome to her feet. “but I require the Miko’s aid.”

“Me?” Kagome squeaked. “Why?”

“I need you to heal someone only you can heal.” the demon said, pulling her towards a small door off the side of the hall. “Now, the spell would've given off a lot energy, we must leave the hall and get behind the wards quickly before he senses-”

“SOICHIRO!” a familiar voice bellowed as a powerful aura surrounded them. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?”

What little color was in the boys face drained out as the largest set of doors across the hall were thrown open and, a very tall, very powerful, very angry Inu demon stormed in. His face was gaunt, causing his already sculpted cheekbones to jut out like blades. There were dark circles under his eyes, made all the more prevalent by his alabaster skin. His dress was unkempt, yukata hanging half open revealing his chest, and his long silver hair was tousled and knotted.

They couldn’t believe it, storming into the hall was another, much more powerful Sesshomaru. His aura radiated off the walls,engulfing the small group in both his power and anger. Instinctively, both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha rested their hands on the hilts of Tessaiga and Bakusaiga, respectively; knowing they needed to be ready. The other Sesshomaru stopped and stared at the trio that had been pulled through the mirror, too stunned to speak. He didn't seem interested in the two males though, instead staring longingly at Kagome.

“Mate?” he finally said, looking at her as his anger faded and his face became hopeful.  “You are well again? You are yourself?”

“Hey!” InuYasha snapped. “She ain't your mate, she's mine!”

The other Sesshomaru looked at InuYasha and then to Sesshomaru. Stunned at the much prouder, and better groomed version of himself; the way he had been before his mating. As he walked towards them he noticed the mirror his son had spent the past year obsessed with, and quickly put everything together. In anger, he stalked towards the group.

“Father, please,” Soichiro started. “I have-”

The other Sesshomaru let out a low growl and bared his fangs, Soichiro eyes went blank as his instincts took over. He lowered his head and bore his neck to his pack alpha. Walking past the now submissive pup, he went to Kagome, a haunted look in his eyes. Reaching up, he ran a clawed finger down her cheek, Kagome stood frozen to the spot, not sure what to do.

“Soichiro,” he said while continuing to stare at Kagome. “Why must you taunt your sire with what he has lost?”

“Lost? What do you mean?” Kagome demanded, taking in the odd scene. “What have you lost?”

“Nothing,” Soichiro said, finally finding the strength to push back at his alpha. “You can’t lose what you never had, can you Father?”

The other Sesshomaru turned and glowered at his son, eyes starting to bleed red.

“She is MINE!” he declared. “I claimed her!”

“Yes Father,” Soichiro agreed, bitterly. “You ‘claimed’ her, but Mother never truly belonged to you.”

“Mother?” Kagome gasped.

“Yes.” Soichiro said, looking at Kagome with eyes filled with sorrow. “In this world the Shikon Miko and the Lord of the West are mated, but, she is… unwell. I have been waiting for another version of you to activate the spell in the mirror so that I might bring you here to heal her.”

“Preposterous.” Sesshomaru said, unable to believe any version of himself would mate a human. “If they were mates, the pups would be hanyous, yet the one that brought us here is of full blooded descent. How is such a thing possible?”

“Yes, how is that possible, little brother?” the other Sesshomaru inquired, turning to Inuyasha. “In your world, were you not possessed by Magatsuhi? Did he not tell you how else he cursed her?”

“What?” Kagome gasped, staring at her mate. “Inuyasha, what is he talking about?”

Inuyasha glowered at the other Sesshomaru, but remained silent.

“Is that your game, half-breed?” the other Sesshomaru laughed bitterly. “Does she not know Magatsuhi cursed her womb to give birth to demons? Something that would make a Miko, under normal circumstances, a pariah? Did he not tell you that or were you not even worth the trouble?”

Yes, Magatsuhi had told him that during his possession. Trapped in a dark corner of his own mind, he had been taunted with the knowledge of the curse that would alienate him from his pups, should he and Kagome decide to mate. A hanyou father and miko mother with full youkai children; they would have no idea how to raise them, and his entire family would suffer for it. The curse would only become active if Magatsuhi was destroyed, ensuring victory even in defeat.

“I'm cursed to give birth to demons?” Kagome whispered, her hands instinctively going to her abdomen.

“Yes, not only demons, but powerful ones.” the other Sesshomaru said with a smirk.“Our pups developed as full demons while also being immuned to the purifying effects of holy powers. The perfect heirs; in theory.”

“In theory, Father?” Soichiro snapped. “I would hope my loyalty to my Mother, and therefore my pack, would prove my place.”

“The perfect heir would respect his Alpha!” the other Sesshomaru snarled, raising his youkai.

“Prove to me you’re an Alpha worthy of respect!” Soichiro countered as his own youkai rose around him. “Allow your mate to be healed!”

“ENOUGH!” the other Sesshomaru snapped as he released his power and overwhelmed his son. “They are going back through the mirror!”

“They cannot.” Soichiro said, as he struggled to stay standing. “The mirror can only be activated by holy energy from whichever world it is in. She is from another world, she can only activate her own mirror.”

The other Sesshomaru growled in frustration, his son was many things but ill-prepared was not one of them. Soichiro knew his father was far too narcissistic to try and kill any other versions of himself or his mate, and it would take days to locate a Miko willing to help them, and even longer for one to travel to the palace; it gave him the time he needed.

“Pup, you will be punished for this transgression!” he snapped at his son. Turning to the guards, who, until that moment had hoped their lord would not notice their part in Soichiro’s scheme. “As punishment, my heir is to receive one hundred lashes!”

“One hundred lashes!” Kagome gasped, the fear for the boy causing her to ignore the distress over her cursed womb. “He's just a child!”

The other Sesshomaru growled at the miko’s unsolicited opinion.

“As his sire and alpha, it is my duty to ensure he understands the severity of his actions and is held responsible!” he snapped. “Do not seek to coddle the pup!”

“I’m not coddling him!” She countered, refusing to back down. “One hundred lashes is too severe! You're his father, you should show compassion to your son who was just trying to help someone important to him!”

He turned to her, his glowing red eyes burning into hers, meeting her challenge.

“Yes, I am his father! So it stands to reason that not only is his punishment mine to decide but that I would also hold my own son to a higher standard than others!” he snarled, “Do not disrespect me by questioning my actions in front of my own guards!”

InuYasha and Sesshomaru watched the exchange intently, both amazed by not only the oddity of the situation, but also how natural the two were while they argued; as if Kagome and Sesshomaru fighting over the way to rear a pup was something that happened everyday.

“You’re having a child beaten for trying to help his mother, it is not MY questioning that would cost you respect!”

The other Sesshomaru growled low, the insult having pushed his anger over the edge.

“Mate!” he snapped. “You will cease this disrespect to your Alpha and submit or I will have you chained to our bed and acquaint you with a true punishment tonight while I take my pleasures from you!”

Sesshomaru’s eyes widened at the threat the other him made out of, what appeared to be, habit.

'Has this one's path strayed so far in this world?' He thought. 'What cause would there be for one's mate to be so cruelly punished?'

While Sesshomaru studied the situation calmly and tried to decide the best course of action for both safety and reconnaissance, Inuyasha had decided to do the exact opposite.

“She's not your mate!” he snapped, pulling Kagome protectively into his arms. “And you won't be taking any ‘pleasures’ from her!”


“Is that what happened?” Kagome gasped, horror in her eyes. “Is your mate ‘unwell’ because you subjected her to such terrible treatment?”

The other Sesshomaru looked away, unable to meet Kagome's gaze.

“Take them to the guest quarters in the east wing.” he said quietly to his guards. “ And my heir is to have twenty-five lashes. I would not insult my guests by not taking their concerns into consideration.”

The guards nodded as they split into two groups, one leading Soichiro out of the hall and the directing the trio to their quarters. The three of them walked in silence, Inuyasha staring guiltily at his feet as Kagome and Sesshomaru looked at each other in a new light.




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