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Inuyaoi (Chapter 4) - Fri 28 Sep 2018

 "Signs of double penetration,"

I'm just, wow. I really don't know what to say about this other than you're going all in on dark. 

Nile (Chapter 4) - Fri 28 Sep 2018

I'm definitely have been thrown for a loop. Always keeping us on our toes, right?

merrrcurius (Chapter 3) - Fri 28 Sep 2018

i thought it couldn't get any darker than the first chapter. boy, was i in for a surprise! you are an interesting writer. i like the darkness.

kyoandyuya (Chapter 1) - Wed 26 Sep 2018

This is so sickening. I understand the fury behind Taisho, but this is just simply a demonstration why rape victims have a hard time speaking up. They get blamed and labelled as sluts despite animals forcing themselves on them. It's somehow their fault they get raped. As a story, I'm dumbfounded by this turn of events but unless Taisho's condition doesn't get rectified or Kagome given justice in one way or another, I'm dropping it. Looking at it in realistic setting, this is accurate it's so disturbing.

Doug (Chapter 3) - Tue 25 Sep 2018

Mr. Taisho excuses Inuyasha the rapist and blames Kagome for everything that befell Rin. So he will punish Kagome, a rape victim, by having her gang raped again. 


Why doesn't he just rape, torture and kill her himself? He is already committing a crime by setting her up to make this choice.


Has Mr. Taisho punished all of Rin's rapists? Did he track them down? Did he have them gang-raped? Why is he focusing on Kagome? Seems very odd and disturbing. Did Inuyasha learn how to mistreat and devalue women from him?


I know you write fics that teeter between dark and insane, but this is beyond disturbing. I agree with a couple of the readers, I'm dropping this fic too. 



SammyJams (Chapter 3) - Mon 24 Sep 2018

Original idea! I love it! Can’t wait to read more!

Kitsune (Chapter 3) - Mon 24 Sep 2018

I’m with roo on this one. I’m confused if the Taisho family is supposed to be the real villain here. Because he seems to completely dismiss the fact that it was the son he raised that thought raping his girlfriend and adopted sister was ok. His son did this horrible thing by his own free will and his response is to not only blame one of his sons victims for being too scared to come forward sooner. But also plans to have her gangraped a second time? Even if we assume that he doesn’t know she was raped first, they all honestly just think that the right thing to do would be to let herself get raped? That when faced with a pack of men planning to rape her, who force her to make a terrible choice, that somehow she is the one who betrayed Rin? Nevermind that all of this only came about because inuyasha willingly took Rin there to be raped by himself and his friends. Kagome was only there to try and stop them in the first place? I get Kagome blaming herself. As a victim of rape myself I know the tendency to blame yourself for what happened. But I can’t get my head around the idea that the very first person they blame is Kagome while dismissing Inuyasha as just a moron as if that makes what he did ok. 


i really like your stories. But I’m not sure I can keep reading this one. 

Sesskagaddict89 (Chapter 3) - Mon 24 Sep 2018

It never really stated if she wrote about her own rape.

zenfluence (Chapter 3) - Mon 24 Sep 2018

I know you like the dark stuff but I kinda hope that sess and father will realize what happened to her prior and get some comeuppance rectally speaking ;)

sugar0o (Chapter 3) - Mon 24 Sep 2018

I dont know if i can finish this one walter, b/c it's down right evil. I dunno i can usually read a lot of yours fics, b/c this one is a bit raw. He's going to do that to her, like it obiouvly happened to his daughter, but that's not going to bring Rin back, and he's going to become those men for Kagome like they were for Rin.

I can't really get behind that. I want to see what happens, b/c it feels like a train wreck but at the same time i can't read something that's going to be so really horrible for one of my favorite characters with possible no redemtion for her. 

Fics like this are always hard for me to read. I read one on AO3 that just left me so angry a few weeks ago b/c it was not the same as this, but left the character weak, helpless, and pitiful. I hate all those things when it coems to Kagome. The only way i could be okay with this is if she purifies the FUCK out of Taisou after this is sad and done, but I don't think i can wade through this to get to that point. :\


I've always been a fan, and I'm not saying change your work, but i think this might be a bit far even for me.  :\

Nile (Chapter 3) - Sun 23 Sep 2018

Damn. I'm surprised at his punishment... that he'd put that type of punishment together, regardless. Rape is horrible to deal with and Kagome's already a rape victim who has been agonizing over both hers and Rin's for years. I'm still interested on where this is going.

cassandra (Chapter 3) - Sun 23 Sep 2018

Wow I never would have dreamed he would make this be her punishment.  While I understand his anger and grief  that's harsh.  I wonder if she'll tell anyone about this. I can't wait to find out! 

Cheyanna (Chapter 3) - Sun 23 Sep 2018

Oh my god no.... I am crying waterfalls right now. I look forward to more to be honest. I can’t help myself at all. 

Couldntbekeener3 (Chapter 3) - Sun 23 Sep 2018

Wow this is dark...and yet I'm intrigued.

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