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Katrina Kee (Chapter 5) - Wed 19 Sep 2018

Wow Kagome’s got several hunky hunks after her and she doesn’t even know lol!!! My my I cannot wait to read about the battle and what Naraku plans to do. I am going to hazard a guess that, from the way he is attacking villages in his path on his way to meet up with the Inugang, he might  be making Kagura use her dance of the dead power to create an undead army, so to speak. It would be a good way to tire out your enemy while not actually losing any living soldiers he has.

(Chapter 1) - Wed 12 Sep 2018

Thank you for the reviews, they always keep me on the right track. 

@VS: I understand the confusion, and I am truly sorry about that. My plan was for Kagome to talk to Sango about her time at the castle as they travel. I didn't want to do an info dump all at once at the beginning of the story, also mention the fact that it took Kagome a month to get there, but the Southern Lord did not receive the missive to join the others until she had already been gone for 3 weeks, I suppose I should have put it there. At times I forget that everyone cannot read my mind. Don't worry though, things will be explained as I go. Sesshomaru will have to work for his prize of course. 

@Mutnodjmet: I am working on the battle scene now, and it has changed a little bit. It will be revealed what she really is, but in a different way from the original. I have the plot laid out, and as you know as you write, sometimes things tend to get moved around and changed. 

@ Lauren: Thank you for your input with the first version of the story. It really helped me a lot. I do not have a beta reader so it is difficult at times. I appreciate your honesty. 

@Everyone: Thank you for the reviews, they mean the world to me. As a writer trying to hone their craft it is most helpful. Writers tend to be very hard on themselves thinking that their work is crap, and not even worth reading. If you don't like something or find it confusing, please let me know. If anyone is interested in being a beta please send me a PM. 

Looking forward to your thoughts. 



Mutnodjmet (Chapter 5) - Tue 11 Sep 2018

Great story, but I did like your first version of it.  I see where you left out quite a bit of information from the first.  I thought you were doing a wonderful job on why did you change it?  

I liked the battle scene from the first and I hope you didn't change to much of that.  I also hope you did not change the version of what Kagome really is and her destiny...I actually thought that was kind of cool.  I was looking and waiting for the update of where you left off at after the final battle but I can understand if you got writer's block or something of the like.  I think it was heading in the right direction, I mean it seem to be consistant with Sesshomaru's plans for her and he was protecting her.  The only thing that was a bit confusing was the way all of the demons started weirding out, including Inuyasha, toward Kagome after the battle, hence the reason for Sesshomaru taking her away.

All in all, I thought it was good.  This version is good too, but a little more backstory could have suffice in regards to Kagome's life in capitivity.  You did touch on that in the first version, if remember correctly.

Keep up the great work and looking forward to future updates soon, I hope...loving this story. :)

VS (Chapter 5) - Tue 11 Sep 2018


honestly I'm kind of surprised. After reading chapter 1 I was prepared to read the awful things Kagome experienced in the South as a slave, and in chapter 2 you mentioned that Kagome has lost her naivety and finally gained her freedom ... but then you write about how she is a part of the Southern family and that she loves them ... things don't match 100% up.

I think you could make it more believable if you - for example -  write about some experience she made in her first days/weeks in the castle, bevor the Lady of the house took a liking to Kagome.  Because it is just impossible, that Kagome - a slave, an offering - was treated from the so called "perverts" from the beginning with respect. And the Lady can only take a liking to her, after she spent at least some time with Kagome... Just a thought. I mean she doesn't have to be tortured or raped or something like that, but there had to be something...

There is one other thing, that kind of "bothers" me. The Southern family knows, that Kagome is the Shikon Miko and they also now, that she left to help the group against Naraku. At the same time the Southern Lord get invited to the camp to fight with the other Cardinals against Naraku, but he is surprised when he meets Kagome there? That's inconsistent. And why didn't they travel together, after all they had the same destination? 

Kikyo got what she deserved. And I love the way you portray the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome! They are and will always be best friends. Sesshoumaru will have to learn to share Kagome :)

Hopefully Kagome and the Southern Lord will make it not so easy for Sesshoumaru with the mating. He should work a bit for his prize ;)

I'm really curious to see where you will be going with this story! There are after all a few secrets you haven't told us yet. For example WHAT is Kagome? And why is the Southern heir so bothered by Sesshoumaru's intention? Maybe he is interested in her the same way?


I'm looking forward to your next update!


LoveAndFaith (Chapter 5) - Fri 07 Sep 2018

Great story, please update the next chapter quickly!

Pamelamoores (Chapter 5) - Fri 07 Sep 2018

Enjoying this storyline a lot!! Hope you update often!

SammyJams (Chapter 5) - Fri 07 Sep 2018

Another amazing chapter! 

Orotami (Chapter 4) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

Naughty Sesshoumaru! He's going to cause poor kagome some issues when others smell him all over her LOL Can't wait for the next chapter!

SammyJams (Chapter 4) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

So excited to see more! Loving this story!

Kim (Chapter 1) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

Glad to see you put this story back up.  Always happy to have a story start off a little different from others!  Please be sure to update, I will be watching for a new chapter.  I look forward to see how this story progresses, you are off to a great start!

Nilee1 (Chapter 4) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

Great chapter, great story— love it !

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 4) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

Yesss! Go get your woman !

teresa daniel (Chapter 4) - Wed 05 Sep 2018


Lauren (Chapter 4) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

Sessho is being possessive and sneaky. No doubt the Southern Lord and his son will notice and Inuyasha will freak out about what he's done. Looking forward to that conversation. Though maybe they will delay it since they have to go into battle soon... Hopefully that won't cause any undue tensions  

Lauren (Chapter 3) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

Wonder what happened to Inuyasha in order to make his transformation permanent... 

Lauren (Chapter 1) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

You revised the story and republished it. ???? This chapter gives so much more information and let's us empathize with Kagome's plight.

How despicable of Kikyo to jealously steal Kagome away like that. I do love that the demon who bought her only wanted to protect his village/family. That kind of makes what Kikyo did unintentionally honorable. And, of course, Sesshomaru's cousins warmed up to the miko. Can't wait to read more.


Kawaii Girl

trinity3000 (Chapter 4) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

I find it kind of annoying that Kagome told them how she was given to a demon family where she was property and how she finds the thought of owning someone to be disgusting, but all Sesshomaru can think about is claiming her.  He seems very selfish.  I hope she realizes the sneaky things he is doing to make them seem like a couple and busts him..I like the 2 of them as a couple usually, but not when Kagome is being tricked.  Looking forward to the next chapter.

Euphemia Lancaster (Chapter 3) - Tue 04 Sep 2018
thank you for this wonderful story i hope you can update regularly

Orotami (Chapter 3) - Tue 04 Sep 2018

Oh man! Sesshoumaru is going to have a fit of jealously. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Jamie (Chapter 3) - Tue 04 Sep 2018

Oh my.... this is gonna be good!  Looking forward to your next update!

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