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I started this story once before, but I took it down. sigh...

I have changed several things in this story, I hope you will enjoy this version. Remember this is a work of fiction, some of the characters will appear OOC due to the events that have happened. 

Feedback is always welcome. 



Kagome wrinkled her nose at the stench that clung to her like a second skin. Letting out a low growl she glared daggers at Inuyasha’s back. It was his fault she was covered in bear youkai guts, to begin with.

“Stop your grumbling.” Inuyasha turned his amber eyes at Kagome. “We are close to making camp…then you can get that stench off you.”

The crinkling at the corner of his eyes fueled her ire. He found this funny. “You didn’t have to use the wind scar on it when I was in the path of destruction.” She grumbled adjusting her bow on her shoulder.

He just chuckled looking forward once again. She stared at his back watching the way his long silver hair swished with his step. Not a damn speck of blood on him. It was totally unfair.

Sango snickered looking over at Kagome. “I am sure he will find a spot with a hot spring nearby to make it up to you.” She said in a low tone trying to cheer her friend up.

“He better.”

Shippo giggled from Miroku’s shoulder. Kagome gave him a sharp look narrowing her eyes slightly. Covering his mouth, he looked the other way. “Sorry, mama.” He said between snickering. Lowering his hand, he looked over at her giving her a wide smile. “Your face was pretty funny though.”

Miroku let out a small laugh covering it up with a light cough afraid of her wrath, but it was true, her face shone pure shock.

Letting out a small snort Kagome shook her head regretting it immediately, she could feel the blood had dried causing her hair to stick to her neck. “I suppose.” She sighed. She was sure it was funny… to the others. She could never stay mad at her kit regardless. She had adopted him a month ago officially in the way of the yokai blood bonding them for life. He would never have to fear being alone again.

An hour later they started to set up camp much to Kagome’s delight, she couldn’t get cleaned up fast enough. Sango dropped her bag at her feet with a small smile. “Thanks, Sango,” Kagome said gratefully because Sango offered to carry her pack.

“Oi, wench,” Inuyasha called from across the small clearing they had decided to camp in. “There is a hot spring not too far from here. Go get cleaned up.” He nodded his head in the direction for her as he stepped through the thicket of trees to gather some wood for the fire.

He did feel slightly guilty for getting her covered with blood and guts but her face was priceless. He had to bite the inside of his cheek to help him not to laugh at her outright. It didn’t help matters that she had been the only one that was splattered, the rest knew to get out of the way.

When he had landed from his attack Kagome stood there with wide eyes looking like she had been shot. He was worried at first that she was been bleeding as well, but that was dismissed when he sniffed the air and didn’t scent her blood in the air.

She still had her weapon poised to take a shot her arms trembling as she tried to process what just happened. That was when the swearing began, something she rarely did, but when she did it was a sight to behold. It took her a good five minutes to wind down before they could gather the belongings they had dropped and set off to make camp.

He was sorry she did get bloody from the bear…sorta. As his best friend he knew what buttons to push with her, it was one of his favorite past times' truth be told. Being dirty was a major button with Kagome. She couldn’t stand it. He was surprised she didn’t sit him into next week. He got off easy.

Running his clawed hand through his silver locks, a chuckle escaped his lips once more picturing her face. ‘She is just too easy to pick on.’

Making his way through the thick foliage he paused his step looking up when something had caught his eye. Kikyo’s soul collectors swirled just above him. She was calling him to meet with her.

Closing his eyes, he shook his head slowly. His relationship with Kikyo was strained at best. He did have some affection for her, but she was just so demanding. Nothing like Kagome. How she could be the original copy of Kagome baffled him.

Others always thought that he was unintelligent, but that was not the case. He was smart in some ways, just not book smart. He knew Kikyo would always try to bring him to Hell with her, and it was something he did not plan on honoring. He never promised her to go to Hell with her, to begin with, she twisted his words as well as twisting him in knots. He felt guilty.

His relationship with Kagome had suffered because of Kikyo’s machinations, something he regretted truthfully. He knew there was no chance for them to be together in a romantic light any longer. It was a bitter pill to swallow. They had finally broken down to talk about it at length. She knew he went to Kikyo, even encouraging it. She told him to follow his heart, and that she would always be his best friend, nothing more, nothing less. He hated it.

He wanted Kagome by his side always. At least as her best friend he could get that wish, just not the way he had completely wanted. It was true at times his heart was confused. The guilt with Kikyo always driving a wedge between the living and the dead, and Kikyo was most certainly dead. He had a difficult time being around her with the scent of graveyard soil, bones as well as magic that surrounded her. Her old natural scent of roses never to be scented again.

Taking a deep breath, he opened his eyes slowly looking up at the soul collectors to follow them. He would meet with her as she requested. He still didn’t trust her completely, but Kagome told him to give her a chance that she knew that perhaps Kikyo regretted working with Naraku and had really changed. He hoped she was right. He thought at times he could scent Naraku on her, but it was always faint making him doubt himself.

Looking over his shoulder as he continued forward he knew he would be a while with Kikyo as usual. He hoped the others didn’t come looking for him in the meantime. He was sure they would eventually figure it out. Nodding to himself satisfied that the others probably also saw the soul collectors he squared his shoulders continuing forward. The sooner he met with her the sooner he could get back to his pack.


Huffing with annoyance Kagome shifted through the contents of her bag gathering her bathing supplies and clean clothes. She was glad that the blood and other things had dried enough where she could handle them without worry of dirtying her clean clothes.

“Want to join me, Sango?” Kagome asked standing to her full height.

“No, I will get dinner started while you are away. Miroku and Shippo are getting some fish for tonight’s meal.”

Looking up a frown painted her lips. Nodding her head, she looked at Sango. “You may want to tell them to get some firewood too.”

Sango followed her gaze hissing under her breath before looking back over at Kagome with a sad smile. “Sorry, Kagome.”

Shrugging her shoulder, she leaned over grabbing her bow shouldering it. “Inuyasha and I are fine now, Sango. We are best friends, and that will never change. I just wish there was some way to make him happy, but if Kikyo does that for him then so be it.” She gave her a light chuckle shaking her head. “I will be back soon, I have my bow with me so don’t worry.” She waved her hand as she stepped through the thicket of trees in the direction Inuyasha had indicated leaving Sango to set up the fire pit.

She thought she had gone too far passing the hot spring when she pushed past some low brushes revealing a small hot spring near a clearing. “Thank Kami.” She groaned.

Leaning her bow on a rock near the hot springs, she dropped her bathing supplies near the edge with her clean clothes beginning the task of removing her clothes clenching her teeth when some stuck to her. ‘I should have sat him to next year.’ She thought as she struggled with her clothes.

She was trying to be more considerate of Inuyasha the past few months not sitting him when his mouth ran away from him. She made the decision to only S-I-T him when his demon side came out causing him to lose control. That was a rare event which she was glad of. She hated to see him struggle with that side of himself. She was never scared of him when he did, just scared he would hurt himself or others.

She knew she was here to make things better, how she was not sure. Her dreams were becoming more persistent that she heed their words. She knew she was different but what her dreams were telling her was beyond insane. She would continue what she had always done while here, lending them her strength so they could know their own, in time she knew all would be revealed to her guiding her to her path.

Tossing the soiled clothing at the edge of the spring so she could wash them after she cleaned up, she eased into the water sinking to her shoulders before dunking her head. She was not even sure she could save her clothes honestly. The dried entrails were stuck to the fabric of her shirt, and shorts, something she didn't even want to think about, not to mention the smell of said clothes. 

Coming up from the water after scrubbing her body until it was raw and hair clean once again, she wiped the water from her eyes feeling the painful tug on her soul indicating that Kikyo was near. ‘What the hell is she doing here? Shouldn’t she be with Inuyasha.’ Deciding to be safe she pushed herself near the edge of the hot spring for her bow.

Before she could grab a bow, something hit her. She struggled to remain conscious hearing a lilting giggle from behind before she slumped forward, the darkness claiming her.


Kikyo chuckled as she knelt next to Kagome’s unconscious form. The spell that she had acquired worked well to knock out her rival. She needed to hurry to meet with the demon who was interested in Kagome. She had made a tidy profit in selling her.

Tugging her out of the hot spring she pulled the robe she packed manipulating her body with ease to dress her for travel. Inuyasha would busy for a short time following her soul collectors until he would give up and return to the camp. If Kagome wasn’t there, she knew he would come looking for her.

Standing to her full height Kagome once Kagome was dressed she plucked a dagger out of her robe glaring down at Kagome. She needed her out of the way permanently. Oh, how she wanted to kill her right here, right now. However, she wanted her to suffer, and suffer she would in the hands of the demons she sold her to.

Lifting Kagome’s wrist with a piece of cloth she ran the dagger across Kagome’s palm moving to drip over her clothes that were sitting next to her. She had a plan. She would tell the others she came across Kagome’s belongings, that the only thing left was her bloody clothes and broken bow.

Shoving her wrist away with revulsion she leaned over taking the bow smashing it against the rock several times. The only thing that it managed to do was crack it slightly. Huffing with annoyance she leaned it back against the rock before picking up her foot bringing it down with force to snap it in two.

Looking around she kicked the clothes around, tossing the bow and arrows as well making it look as if there were a struggle. She would come back to collect them later if the others had not come across this ‘scene’ before then.

Letting out a grunt she heaved Kagome over her shoulder adjusting her burden. “We wouldn’t want to be late now would we.” She chuckled.

Her mind began to wander as she walked through the dense forest. What she had learned about Kagome irked her to no end. She always knew that Kagome was better than her, now she knew why. She hated her for it. She should have been the chosen one.

Coming to a stop she felt the demon she was meeting approaching them at a fast clip. She stood tall and proud as the demon entered the small clearing tightening her grip on Kagome’s thighs. “Demon.” She nodded.

“Is this the one?” His deep baritone voice bounced around the clearing.

Shoving Kagome off her shoulder with force she tossed her at the demon’s feet. Kagome let out a low moan. Kikyo and the demon looked down briefly at Kagome as she shook her head lightly trying to open her eyes.

Meeting the demon’s eyes once again she offered him a polite smile. “Do not worry so, demon. She will not completely wake until tomorrow.”

The demon let out a rumbling chuckle as he hosted Kagome over his shoulder taking a deep breath. Her scent barreled into him making his mouth water. “You say this one is a miko?”

Kikyo scoffed. “She is hardly a miko, she is weak. There is no need to worry she will cause you no harm.” She knew she was lying, but she told the truth, partially. Kagome was no miko.

Pulling out a sack of coins from his haori he tossed it in Kikyo’s direction. “Our deal is done.” Without another word, he turned on his heel flashing away leaving Kikyo standing alone in the small clearing.

It took him some time to make it to the south where he resided. He didn’t stop in fear that the miko he carried would wake, but also keep away from temptation. He needed to offer her as a tribute to the Lord of the South.

The Lord of the South was known to be perverse as well as his heir, and he was sure that the gift of a miko would be enough to grant protection for his lands. “You will be the best tribute anyone has offered, little one.” He rumbled as he landed outside the castle. He was filled with pride as he strode forward knowing that this miko he held over his shoulder was his ticket for protection perhaps for a lifetime.


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