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KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

LOL! A geeky Sessh! Loving this already! 

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 4) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

Hahaha, this was brilliant!

Cheyanna (Chapter 4) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

Poor Sesshomaru. Kagome is going to smack him around. I hope the underwear just fell on his head though. That might save him.;)

MythMagykFae (Chapter 4) - Mon 02 Apr 2018


Sessygurl (Chapter 4) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

He might have a matching

Karichan (Chapter 4) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

Instead of working on my stories im here- reading this GOLD! lol

I am so glad that you came up with this, picturing a neet Sesshomaru is the most hilariously adorable thing ever.

I'm hoping i lose a spleen, get some new tear ducts for all the laughing and crying because of this awesome story you have in the making. Keep it up!!

Cheyanna (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Mar 2018

Oh my. I cant wait to read more. Sesshomaru is really socially awkward. 

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Mar 2018

Hahaha, so awkward! But I still love this Sesshomaru nerd.

*Rukiafighter* (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Mar 2018

I am cringing .........but at the same time i want more of this!!!

Keep up the good work of mentally confusing people and writing a good story thus far.

MythMagykFae (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Mar 2018

WTF, this is nutty! (in a good way!) Sesshomaru as an otaku!? Is he crazy? What with hearing the doll talk to him or???

Interesting story so far!

CookieAsylum (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Mar 2018

Sesshoumaru, the raging Otaku. I love it. Haha that he talks to his figurines is hilarious! I can’t wait for Kagome to discover the whole of his Neet/Otaku-ness.

I love this so far. Definitely looking forward to more updates as you progress with this! Keep up the great work!

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 2) - Wed 28 Mar 2018

I definitely love it. I can't wait to read more.

Cheyanna (Chapter 2) - Wed 28 Mar 2018

I just can't get over the crawling lol!!! I can't wait to read more!!!!

Makuro767 (Chapter 2) - Wed 28 Mar 2018

I can picture this because Sesshoumaru's Japanese voice actor sometimes take odd character choices that behaves strangely and mostly comic relief character...

CookieAsylum (Chapter 1) - Tue 27 Mar 2018

Oh geez! Sesshoumaru as a NEET!?! I am here for this! Love it!

This is off to a great start! I’m definitely looking forward to more.

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