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KShadeslady (Chapter 30) - Thu 13 Sep 2018

Too cute! Rin is just too adorable! Kagome is going to feel bad about being jealous. 

VS (Chapter 27) - Mon 10 Sep 2018

Oh my god, I love Rin, she is just so straight forward!!! :D

KShadeslady (Chapter 29) - Thu 06 Sep 2018

Squeee...just one more sweet read before I head to sleep! C’mon Kagome, he’s a major nerd! Give him a break! Love this fic!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 28) - Thu 30 Aug 2018

LOL someones jelly...

KShadeslady (Chapter 28) - Thu 30 Aug 2018

Very funny! I can’t wait to see her response when she finds out Rin is his sister. Thanks for the fun update! 

Sessygurl (Chapter 28) - Wed 29 Aug 2018

*she likes him* sings. Thanks for the update.

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 27) - Mon 27 Aug 2018

Sesshomaru-chan? Oh boy! That was cute. Kagome giiiiiiirl, are you jealous? 

KShadeslady (Chapter 27) - Sun 26 Aug 2018

LOLOLOL! Way too funny! He’ll never be able to handle that madness! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 26) - Sun 26 Aug 2018

Yeah Tin! Is she a Neet too? Guess we’ll find out. 

Karichan (Chapter 27) - Sun 26 Aug 2018

That tomato was so young! It came from a good farm, the greenest vines! It had such a bright future~~ let's bow our heads for a moment of silence for that young tomato.

Karichan (Chapter 26) - Thu 23 Aug 2018

Yo, things just got interesting ~ where's mah popcorn??

Blythe (Chapter 25) - Wed 22 Aug 2018

Aahhh! Yes! I have been in dire need of a good crack fic and this is one of the best I've seen! Ahaha! I cannot wait to see more!

Cheyanna (Chapter 25) - Wed 22 Aug 2018

Lol I can imagine Sesshomaru walking around and Sango and Kagome stalking him, talking about his food choices and snickering when he passed the sanitary napkins aisle. Thanks for the update and I can’t wait to read more!!!;) 

Karichan (Chapter 25) - Tue 21 Aug 2018

The suffix- DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN at the end of the chappie was lost in translation~ lol

Lol I knew he would show; wonder what kind of food he shols for, more importantly, will Sesshomaru run if he see's Kagome agan???

RubyJeweler (Chapter 1) - Mon 20 Aug 2018

I have not laughed this much in a long while! Lol. This drabble series portraying Sess as a hentai neet is awesome. It's so funny how he kept getting nosebleeds with oblivious Kagome. I would love to read more.

Makuro767 (Chapter 25) - Mon 20 Aug 2018


KShadeslady (Chapter 24) - Fri 17 Aug 2018

Cause he’s adorable! LOL! I just love this sweet silly fun story! Thanks for updating! 

Alashia (Chapter 24) - Thu 16 Aug 2018

This story is so cute. I hope they will come together and have something blossom.

Cheyanna (Chapter 24) - Thu 16 Aug 2018

Yes Kagome just why was he there? Hmm... can’t wait to read more and thanks for the update!!!;)

Karichan (Chapter 24) - Thu 16 Aug 2018

Thats right Sango! Get her to admit her feelings for the HOT OUTAKU!!

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