Zechariah Prince (Chapter 13) - Tue 13 Mar 2018

Ommmfgggg I loooove gay inu and kouga! This story is amazing, please update more! 

Miss C (Chapter 13) - Mon 12 Mar 2018

I had a feeling something was up with Kouga and Inuyasha! LOL They acted like a couple.

sesshomarusama33 (Chapter 13) - Sun 11 Mar 2018

Oh my gooooood I love this story so much! Such a sweet progression! I can’t wait to see what happens next. Please update soon! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Fri 09 Mar 2018

Love this!! A movie night and a Freudian slip. Sweet. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 1) - Fri 09 Mar 2018

What a fun beginning. Thanks so much. 

Crimson Rose (Chapter 12) - Sat 03 Mar 2018

Just realized I meant to put Inu/Kouga in the last review :D my bad lol. But great update! I hope Shippo heals well with Kagome. He deserves his happiness!

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 12) - Sat 03 Mar 2018

Wow Sessh wanting to get married. Loving this story!! Can't wait for more!!!

FayeMegan (Chapter 12) - Sat 03 Mar 2018

I really like this so far! I hope you update soon.

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 11) - Fri 02 Mar 2018

Woohoo yay I love it!!! 

roberta. (Chapter 10) - Fri 02 Mar 2018

This story had me from the first chapter looking forward to reading more. Very well written.

Selenityhyperion (Chapter 10) - Fri 02 Mar 2018







this story is AMAZING. I absolutely LOVE it. Holy crap it's like perfect. Omg. I can't wait for another update!!!!

Natalia (Chapter 10) - Fri 02 Mar 2018

Good one. I enjoyed it and eagerly wait for more. Thx for posting. I am so gkgl kagome is stable on her feet and a strong willed female. I like your portrayal of them.

Thx for sharing

Mia (Chapter 10) - Fri 02 Mar 2018

My goodness you know how to make me sniffle and my face leak. Someone get me a hanky. Sheesh. ;)

Crimson Rose (Chapter 10) - Fri 02 Mar 2018

I love your story so far! It’s different and a part of me thought that the M/M was going to be Sess/Inu for a bit but it’s probably Inu/Sess lol. Which i think is great too! I can’t wait to read more updates and where you plan on going with this story

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Omg!  Chapter 10 is so sad!  I can't wait to read more, though.  You've put a wonderful amount of details.  Thank you for sharing so far.

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