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A Sweet Romance by scottishfae

Chapter 1

Kagome sat on her porch, an apple in hand, munching away at it as she watched her cat try, unsuccessfully, to catch a squirrel. The sun was setting over her backyard fence, highlighting the city below in hues of oranges and pinks. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the peace.

Her neighbor’s door opened and Kagome automatically looked over. Townhouse living was nice, but afforded the residents little privacy. She smiled at the man who came out; he nodded at her. Sesshomaru was a considerate neighbor, his brother and roommate, not as much, but they all got along well enough.

“Ready for the weekend?” she asked as he walked about readying his grill.

“More so than most weeks,” he answered. “Do you have plans for the week’s end?”

“Yup,” Kagome said stretching languidly in her lounger. “I’m going to be as lazy as I possibly can and enjoy two days of no stress.”

“So you aspire to be my brother?”

They both laughed at the other man’s expense. As if being summoned, Inuyasha poked his head out at hearing both voices. “Hey Kagome,” he greeted, coming fully outside at the sight of the young woman.

“Hey Inuyasha,” she threw back.

He was fresh from the shower it seemed. His hair was wet and clung to his back, while he hadn’t bothered to throw on anything but a loose pair of gym shorts. As much as she tried not to look at his well-toned form, he was blatantly checking her out. Sesshomaru took the opportunity to push him off the porch.

“What was that for jerk?”

“I need a reason?”

Kagome laughed at the two of them. Buyo, her cat, had given up trying to be a hunter - he was just too fat - and instead made his way back on the porch to sit by the door. He cried loudly to be let in - and possibly for more food. Kagome heard the cries and stood up. She wished them a good evening and slid the door open for the cat.

“You don’t want to join us?” Sesshomaru asked, though it was obvious Inuyasha was about to do the same. “We have plenty of food.”

“No thanks. I think I’m going to order pizza.”

“You could have that tomorrow night though,” Inuyasha whined. “Eat with us tonight. We’re having steaks.”

“Just steaks?”

“No,” Sesshomaru answered.

“No hint on what though?”

Sesshomaru smiled at her. He didn’t do it often, but when he did, it was beautiful; his whole face softened. “You have to eat with us to find out.”

Kagome groaned. The elder of the two brothers was a magnificent cook. She looked in her house where she had already pulled down her takeout menus onto a counter. “Fine,” she conceded. “But one of these days you’re going to have to let me make this up to you. You’re always feeding me.”


“Let me go change at least.”

“You’re fine in what you’re in.”

Kagome gave him a skeptical look. The first thing she did every day, when returning from work, was strip out of her ‘day’ clothes and toss on her ‘night’ outfit. It usually consisted of pajama pants and a t-shirt, though it was hot enough now that gym shorts had substituted the pants. “I’m going to go change,” she reassured.

It also consisted of no bra, and she wasn’t entirely comfortable going ‘free’ around the two men. Letting Buyo in, she closed and locked it, before moving to the kitchen. She put away her menus, gave a treat to crying feline, then bolted upstairs to her bedroom.

It was a three bedroom, two and a half bathroom townhouse. A lot more space than Kagome could ever use on a regular basis. One bedroom she kept as a permanent guest accommodations. The door usually remained closed so Buyo couldn’t get in there in case she had guests who were allergic. The third bedroom, only designated that by the inclusion of a closet, was an odd room under the staircase. She kept it as a little office and as a more permanent cat-area. Her bedroom, however, was fairly magnificent. It and the accompanying bathroom took up most of the back of the second-story. Large picture windows let in a lot of light, which was beautiful with the setting sun, without too much fear of lost privacy.

Her casual work attire, white slacks and a green button up, were half in the hamper from earlier. Kagome stripped out of her shorts and tee and threw them on her bed for later. Locating another bra, she put that on first before grabbing jeans and blouse out of her closet. They were both fairly casual, not a huge improvement from what she changed from, but knowing the meal she was about to eat, she felt better not looking like a bum doing it.

Turning towards her bed once more, she caught a flash of silver in the backyard. It was gone before she could pinpoint who it was, but she had a sneaking suspicion she had been spied on. Frowning, she turned on her bedside lamp, then moved to close the curtains. She couldn’t see anyone on the porches, thanks to the overhead coverings, but she could hear Sesshomaru’s deep rumble as he talked to someone. Pulling the curtains, closed she retraced her steps, but going out the front instead of the back.

Their door was already open for her when she arrived. She followed the familiar layout towards where the most mouth-watering smells were coming from. Inuyasha was fully clothed now, though his hair still wet, and standing in front of the TV. He was a channel surfer on the best days, and it seemed this wasn’t one of those.

“Nothing on?” she asked as she passed him by.

Inuyasha shook his head. He didn’t meet her eyes as she passed, but Kagome got the distinct impression that he was watching as soon as she turned to leave. She shook her head and went to greet and thank Sesshomaru again. He was just finishing up outside.

“I’m glad you could join us.”

“Was Inuyasha trying to spy on me a second ago?”

The elder brother gave a tight smile and walked around Kagome into the kitchen. He stopped to wrap some tinfoil over the plate of meat. “I take it that was a yes. Thanks for stopping him.”

“I can do very little when it comes to him,” Sesshomaru pointed out.

He went for the fridge and offered her a beer. She gladly took it, twisting off the top and taking a swig. Sesshomaru took out one for himself, and another one that he set on the counter. Inuyasha came in a few moments later and picked it up.

“How much longer? I’m starting to get really hungry.”

“You’re always hungry. But it shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes. Please set the table, since we have a guest.”

Inuyasha looked at him skeptically, snorted, then made for the plates. He made a production of grabbing everything as loudly as he could. Sesshomaru winced each time the ceramic plates clacked against each other.

“Where do you two normally eat?” Kagome asked, watching as Inuyasha continued his loud version of table setting.

The younger brother smirked at her from time to time, causing her to shake her head and laugh.

“We usually eat separately; wherever that might be. Inuyasha usually in front of the TV though.”

“You at the counter?” Kagome guessed.

“I don’t look like a lone table eater?”

“Nope, nor an in-bed-eater. So, had to be in the kitchen.”

“You’ll wish we were eating there by the end,” Inuyasha supplied. “The barstools are a lot more comfortable than these posh bitches.”

He poked at one of them, glaring at it as if it’s very existence threatened his own. Again she laughed at the other’s antics. “Don’t encourage him,” Sesshomaru whispered, leaning down as he passed with two platters in hand.

“What else needs to go on the table?”

“You,” Sesshomaru replied, before stopping himself and looking wide-eyed at Kagome.

He looked sheepish, pink tingeing his cheeks. Taking a deep breath, he corrected himself over Inuyasha’s laughter. “I’m sorry, I mean you need to be at the table. I’ll do the remainder. Even the asshole can sit down, if he’d like.”

Sesshomaru shot a glare at Inuyasha as he put down the food he was holding. He walked back into the kitchen stiffly and got the rest of the food as the other two sat down. Glasses of water and a pitcher for refills were the last things added to the, now, crowded table. Kagome watched as Inuyasha watched his brother sit before reaching for the food. He offered Kagome everything first, though she insisted she could help herself last, before offering Sesshomaru next.

This was one aspect of eating at their house that was odd. At times the brothers seemed to fall into muscle memory and act on instinct regardless of how they might have been treating each other moments before. Kagome couldn’t help but wonder if this was one of the things from their childhood that they just couldn’t shake.

Dinner was eaten in silence. The brothers concentrated on devouring their meal, Sesshomaru slightly more sedated and clean about his progress, and ignoring all else. Trying to be a proper host, Sesshomaru would occasional stop and ask Kagome a question or two.

“There’s a three day weekend coming up,” Sesshomaru noted. “Are you going to try to go see your family?”

Kagome shook her head, her mouth full. Once cleared, she responded: “No, my mom and grandpa are going to go visit Sota and that’s too far of a trip for just a few days. I’ll go see them some other time and take vacation for it.”

Sesshomaru nodded at this, turning back to his food.

“What about you two? Any plans?”

The brothers paused, regarded each other, and shook their heads. “Not at the moment, though I’m sure we’ll have some.”

“Hell no, I won’t,” Inuyasha protested. “You can go play perfect son all you want, but they know I’m not and don’t care to be. I’ll take my days off as actual days off.”

Kagome looked between the two, confused, and slightly upset that she had caused them to fight. She apologized, but both men shook their heads. “Not your fault,” Inuyasha mumbled, stabbing at his food and stuffing his mouth.

Sesshomaru kept his eyes on his brother, mouth downturned. There was a clear expression on his face that the last of that conversation was definitely not over. Kagome sighed and looked down at her plate. The meal was just as delicious, but the mood had definitely soured. After more awkward silence, Sesshomaru eventually let out a deep sigh before issuing an apology. “I’m sorry, Kagome. We didn’t mean to drag you into our family issues.”

Inuyasha echoed the sentiment. “Can I make it up to you?” he added. “Sesshomaru did all the cooking for dinner. Let me take you for ice cream?”

Sesshomaru’s lips pursed a bit but he didn’t say anything. He finished up his meal and offered to take Kagome’s plate, if she was done. “Yes, I am. Thank you so much, it was really delicious.”

“Better than a night of pizza?”

“Definitely. Though, it seems sacreligious to hate on a good pizza and movie night.”

Sesshomaru laughed and Inuyasha joined in. Though he seemed to also be waiting for her answer to his suggestion of desserts. “Ice cream?” he said again, a boyish look on his face that made Kagome laugh. “We can go grab some for the three of us and then maybe a movie night when we get back?”

Kagome screwed up her face in thought. “With one caveat?”

“Name it.”

“Movies at my place.”

They both looked at her. She came over often to their place, anytime they managed to hound her enough to convince her to join them for dinner. But the times she’d invited them into her own home was few and far between.”

“That’s fine,” Sesshomaru said from the kitchen. “But I promise we do have movies we can watch here too.”

“Perhaps. But my collection is supreme. Plus, I enjoy bad movies more than any others. Tonight was going to be Indiana Jones Crystal Skulls - so bad, but famous actors and fantastic director bad. Plus, I have snacks already stocked up for those mid-movie munchies.”

Her grin was bright and filled with mirth and the others joined in with her laughter.

“Your place it is,” Inuyasha said. “Give me a second and let me grab my shoes and keys and we can head out.”

“Please don’t kill her while you’re out. Drive like you have a brain for once.”

Inuyasha flicked him off as he left the room. Sesshomaru’s eyes followed him until he was out of the room then immediately snapped back to Kagome. “What’s the real reason?”

“That was the real reason…mostly.”

Sesshomaru’s brow raised in question, waiting for her to continue. Kagome stood with a sigh. She lowered a voice. “Kouga has a tendency to show up at your house, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“I always notice. He usually brings several of his ‘bros’ and it drives me crazy.”

“Yeah, I know. They’re nice and all, but I don’t really feel like rebuffing his flirting tonight. I just want to relax and enjoy some movies - with some good people that were kind enough to feed me.”

“Who knew you were so easy to please,” he commented with a wink.

“Okay, ready to go Kagome?” Inuyasha said, coming back into the room.

“Yup. What flavor do you want, Sesshomaru?”

“Are you two going to the grocery store or the ice cream stand down the way?”

“Ice cream stand,” Inuyasha answered.

“Just french vanilla then. In a cup, if you will.”

“Aw, no cone? Don’t like to get a little dirty while you eat?” Kagome teased.

“I’ll leave that to you.”

Kagome laughed and turned from him. “I need to get my wallet,” she told Inuyasha as they headed to the door.

“Nope, my treat. You’re giving me an excuse to enjoy something sweet and I’m so grateful for that.”

“That’s not really fair. I already mooched your dinner for free. I should at least pay for ice cream.”

“Nah. I’ll just mooch some of those snacks you mentioned during the movie and we’ll be kosher.”

Kagome laughed as they walked out of the townhouse and towards his red, sporty hatchback.


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