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amoanime (Chapter 29) - Mon 14 Sep 2020

I thought Sess might make an appearance at the event! How embarrassing for Kagome- professionalism, indeed! Eager for more Sess/Kags interactions and the pace you set is believable. Looking forward to seeing how their relationship develops! 

cakeiton (Chapter 29) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

I am HERE for the slow burn. It's your story and you tell it how you want to.

Young Kagome (Chapter 28) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

Usually I hate surprises but you updating is always a pleasant one! I like seeing Sesshomaru jealous already. I really hope Kagome and Rin become friends in this story. Please update soon! 

SmilingFool (Chapter 29) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

Loved the chapter updates got Sesshomaru in a huffy boy he didn't like Koga one bit....  lol wonder what they will do now?  update when you can.

KShadeslady (Chapter 29) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

Another great chapter. I prefer a slow burn. You get to know the characters better and that makes for a more interesting story. Thanks so much for two lovely updates. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 28) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

Nice chapter! I love the way you switch POVs. Nice to get his reactions too. Thanks for updating. 

Lauren (Chapter 27) - Sat 12 Sep 2020

When you wrote that Souta's coach was there, I thought that's where you placed Kouga. But he's so disruptive, not unlike in this chapter, so it makes a lot more sense that he's a competitor. 


Did Sesshomaru drive down early to be a creepy stalker and happen to see Kouga run of with Kagome and profess his feelings (again)? LOL Such a coincidence

Lauren (Chapter 26) - Sat 12 Sep 2020

It's good to get a more descriptive summary of where Sours and Kagome lived/the story took place. Them living close to Tokyo, where the manga is originally situated didn't make sense, but Chiba makes sense. Thanks for not making Shiori five or super boring. 

Lauren (Chapter 24) - Sat 12 Sep 2020

Love the detail and purely familial tilt of this chapter. It shows how used to they are to working together, but on their own interests. 

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 27) - Sat 12 Sep 2020

This is wonderful! cant wait for the update ! And i wonder what made our Kags freeze 

KShadeslady (Chapter 27) - Thu 10 Sep 2020

Oh I just knew that was Kouga! And I'm betting that Sesshomaru is what is causing her to pause. That he just saw that little display would be humiliating for her. Loved these 3 fun chapters with her brother. 

Young Kagome (Chapter 27) - Thu 10 Sep 2020

Aww I love when Kouga comes in stories to stir things up. Competition can be healthy! And Shiori! I loved her & not a lot of people include her in their stories. No Halloween decorations, I was raised in a strictly Christian home so we never did. Then as I got older I just never got into it. But I do take my kid trick or treating! Don't think I'm going to do that this year though. Anyways great chapters! Please update soon. 

hw (Chapter 27) - Wed 09 Sep 2020

ack, a cliffie! This story is so good, please don't make us wait too long for more. I love how much care you take with all the characters so no one seems like they're just 2 dimensional bit players in the story. It makes for a fun read and every chapter pleasurable even tho I'm antsy in anticipation for more Sess+Kag interactions. 

Lea (Chapter 27) - Wed 09 Sep 2020

Ughhh blessed with more updates! Thank you! Lol Kouga finally makes his appeAran even, but I wonder if he’ll even be considered a “romantic rival”. I’ve always liked him in that comical but not overly pushy role. curious to see who got kagome’s attention this time tho. Maybe it’s finally sessho? Or we getting got again like with shiori lol


cakeiton (Chapter 27) - Wed 09 Sep 2020

Oooo please be Sess staring at her like some water goddess :D

Thanks for the story!

SmilingFool (Chapter 26) - Wed 09 Sep 2020

LOL I can't believe Shiori is also a surfer..  How cool is that....  Anyways Koga's always a blast cooking up some kind of mischief...  lol  Love the story update soon.

Lea (Chapter 25) - Wed 09 Sep 2020

just Got back from a haitus from reading some good ole fanfic and have got to thank you for continuing this story! very compelling and love how you're flushing out their characters! 

Anonymous (Chapter 25) - Sun 06 Sep 2020

Yay Souta!

If Higarashi's are ANYTHING, they are meticulous packers (much practice)


cakeiton (Chapter 23) - Fri 21 Aug 2020

I can't wait to see how this develops, and when she has her Ah-ha moment!

Thanks for the story!

Young Kagome (Chapter 23) - Thu 20 Aug 2020

I probably won't know I caught it until I know what it is then I'll be like oh yea I remember them mentioning that lol great story! Please update soon! 

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