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Waves by Coastin

Chapter 1

Word Count:294

Kagome's vision shifted in and out of focus, arms shaking as she held herself up, violently dry heaving into the sand below her as hot tears spilled down her cheeks.  

She vaguely registered someone gripping her arm, supporting her as she continued to gag. 

While she couldn't claim to be one-hundred percent cognizant, her logic suddenly kicked in and she realized it was the paramedics she had called for. Which reminded her, “The girl, take the girl first.” The words felt solid when they left Kagome's lips, but she really couldn’t be sure they came out louder than a whisper given her current condition. Her arms gave out for a second, “Fuck.”

Hopefully that one did come out as a whisper. 

Who would have predicted that such a promising day would fall to this degree of shit?

She had been kayaking all morning like she did most Saturdays. Unfortunately the waters had suddenly become rough, and her stomach was beginning to head in the same direction. She was making her way back down the coast when it happened. She had no idea how she even noticed the girl. It could have been her bright yellow goggles, or the splashing right before she began her descent or maybe just the fact that the kid was alone…somehow, she just knew. Kagome watched for a second, paddling closer as she waited for the younger girl to come back up, ready to scold her about being alone this far out, but when a few minutes passed and there was no sign of the diver, she took out her phone. 

“119 Operator, What is your emergency,”

“This is Kagome Higurashi-“ she let the emergency operator know her location incase something went wrong, left the woman on speaker and then jumped in.


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