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S4toonee (Chapter 1) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

I love what I have read so far.  I like the alternate setting.  Look forward to more updates.

CookieAsylum (Chapter 7) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

Oh no! Sess!Mom is concocting plans, and Sesshoumaru is on the fence whether to go along with them! And poor Kagome is caught in the middle. She's got that "caged bird" look going.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this fic, Chie! Definitely looking forward to the next installment!

KShadeslady (Chapter 7) - Mon 13 Aug 2018

Lovely update. Thanks so much 

Natalia (Chapter 7) - Mon 13 Aug 2018

Oho someone is already smitten ! 

And I adore Lady mother  her idea, which I believe I know what is, is amazing  

Thx for updating  

Koree (Chapter 6) - Wed 01 Aug 2018

Good story 

Natalia (Chapter 6) - Tue 12 Jun 2018

Sesshomaru's new image as a war Lord shogun and human nobility is something that I never thought would catch my attention, but you did the impossible. In the anime he is more er apathetic? Ignoring the passing of time but here his presence is commanding and more intense. All action and testosterone in a way... Uhhh I so love it already.

Thx for updating. Glad to see Rin his real daughter and not adopted.

Keep posting and spoiling us. 


Lorena (Chapter 6) - Sun 10 Jun 2018

Snap~ I'm loving all this "catching Kagome off gaurd" business going on this chapter,  I get a kick out her honest reactions and it'll maybe get everyone closer to their goals. I wonder what Sesshomaru will do, was he always in the gardens or did he see them and follow? 

Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 6) - Sat 09 Jun 2018

I felt my heart stop beating when their eyes met again,does something had spark?  I have been waiting for this moment for them to meet again. 

Sessygurl (Chapter 6) - Sat 09 Jun 2018

Aww man. I wanted it to continue. Lovely story. Thanks for the update.

VS (Chapter 6) - Sat 09 Jun 2018


it happened...Kagome faltered in her decision to leave the clan as soon as possible because of little Rin. The girl is just adorable no one can resist her - and that's sure a power of its own ^^

Even though Sesshoumaru is human he has still the ability to move undetected and be somehow everywhere seeing everything ... it' somewhat creepy :D Kagome has to watch out now...mother and son are rather observant!!!

I don't remember if you had mentioned something about Kaede in the chapters before? Is she a priestess too? So maybe she knows something about Kagome and her secret? That would be interesting ^^

Nice chapter!!! Let's see what Sesshoumaru has to say!

I look forward to your next update!

KShadeslady (Chapter 6) - Sat 09 Jun 2018

Nicechapter. I’ve been reading one of your earlier stories, Tables Turned. You have really come a long way with your story telling gifts. While that story is good, there were a lot of errors. This is put together very nicely and you get your point across without a lot of extra embellishments. Thanks for updating, this is one of my current favorites. 

Nicole (Chapter 5) - Mon 28 May 2018

Ha! I had a feeling that's where the Lady might be headed. The last couple of chapters also make me dreadfully curious as to Kagome's own backgroud - since it is becoming more obvious that she is not a typical miko...

I look forward to your next update!

Nicole (Chapter 4) - Mon 28 May 2018

Ah ah ah! Kagome has revealed herself to be exceptionally literate for the time! What will the Lady conclude? :D

Nicole (Chapter 3) - Mon 28 May 2018

Ahhh, now that Life After Loss is finished, I'm going into Chie-withdrawl. Fortunately, I need to catch back up with this story. :)

I'm curious as to why Sesshomaru's parents would need a warning about a miko being about for the night - or why they might have a strange reaction to her presence. Would that have been a common reaction at the time? Or is there some other reason for it?

One potential fix: "She stirred a little, when get got off the saddle, but did not wake."

get got - should "get" be a different word? "he" perhaps?

alice (Chapter 1) - Wed 16 May 2018


KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Mon 14 May 2018

Love mom! Already scheming for more grand babies. Wonderful chapter. Thank you so much for a lovely read. 

Natalia (Chapter 5) - Mon 14 May 2018

What a perfect match for the name of the chapter. The lady mother indeed is planting seeds. I wonder how well will they grow?

Thx for updating. Lovely story. I can't wait to find the whole story behind Kagome's education and lige.

Eagerly waiting for More!

Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 5) - Mon 14 May 2018

Hmm..... Indeed the Miko kagome seems peculiar in this story sure it will be very  interesting  to find out what she truly was, you got me curious. And also it seems  to me that Sesshoumaru's mother was acting somewhat  like a " fairy GodMother ". Hmm... mother what are you trying to plant?  
I wonder who's Sesshomaru's wife  and is she still alive? 
Thank you  for a wonderful  updated,  very interesting  story!

VS (Chapter 5) - Mon 14 May 2018


well well well our Lady mother is plotting *evil grin* she will let Kagome start as a teacher for Rin, slowly she will introduce her to the responsibilities of a Lady of this house and will most likely find some excuses to let Sesshoumaru and Kagome spent time...much time together. She will praise Sesshoumaru, when Kagome and her are alone, and she will praise Kagome, when Sesshoumaru and her are alone!!! I see it coming ;D

It was a really nice chapter and I'm curious to see, how Kagome will react to the offer. I hope you will reveal some things about her past!


I look forward to your next update!



Cheyanna (Chapter 5) - Mon 14 May 2018

Can’t wait to read more!!! Thanks for the update!!! ;) Kagome’s not getting away that easily it seems . 

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