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marisel (Chapter 9) - Fri 31 Aug 2018

It is supper good. Are they all humans in b this story L.  Don't stop writing  the plot is good.  I be waiting for more 

SammyJams (Chapter 9) - Fri 31 Aug 2018

Awesome update!

Shayla (Chapter 9) - Thu 30 Aug 2018

Wow grabbing involved huh? Can't wait for her to meet the others. I feel like it's gonna be funny.

Toni (Chapter 9) - Thu 30 Aug 2018

this story keeps getting better and better  can't wait for more

Anna Grey (Chapter 9) - Thu 30 Aug 2018

one of the best story I've ever read!! Love your writing so muchhhhh

I check your updates every single day, EVERY SINGLE DAY I repeat. 

Love your NEET neighbor too, hilarious, brilliant

Can't wait to read more of your awesome story, love you!!


Orotami (Chapter 9) - Thu 30 Aug 2018

Sword play first thing in the morning... be still my heart! Can't wait for the next chapter

maru'sningenluvr19 (Chapter 9) - Thu 30 Aug 2018

i beg of you, PLEASE let this have a lot of chapters. unless is a drabble of 100 words a chapter. i think this is going to turn out to be another one of your great stories. i like reading your work b/c you have a way of bringing your readers into the plot and making them think they are apart of it too. that's why you're on my faves list here and keep up the great writing and c'ya'

KShadeslady (Chapter 9) - Thu 30 Aug 2018

Most excellent update! Love that tattoo on his back. I like Inuyasha in this story too. Welcome to the family Kagome. Cheers!

Peach (Chapter 9) - Wed 29 Aug 2018

Really liking the story so far. Looking forward to the next update!

Lea (Chapter 9) - Wed 29 Aug 2018

SO GLAD you decided to extend this one-shot cause i would've died trying to figure out what happened between these two! 

Cheyanna (Chapter 9) - Wed 29 Aug 2018

That tattoo sounds like an incredible work of art! I can just imagine it. Thanks for the update and I can’t wait to read more!!!;)

Sessygurl (Chapter 9) - Wed 29 Aug 2018

Love this much. I like that the noise was home in the dojo shirtless...swoons. Inuyasha brash as always too.I cannot wait for the next chapter


Skylar (Chapter 9) - Wed 29 Aug 2018

Loving this new story!

mimi (Chapter 9) - Wed 29 Aug 2018

I love this story so so much!!! Please update!

Ruth Gustafson (Chapter 8) - Tue 28 Aug 2018

Oh please. PLEASE! Give us some lemonade to go with some lemon chicken ending with a nice lemon meringue pie! Because that cliff hanger has left this fan girl hungry!

Lea (Chapter 8) - Mon 27 Aug 2018

Wowowowoowowww okayy it’s getting steamy in here! yes honeyyy

maru'sningenluvr19 (Chapter 8) - Mon 27 Aug 2018

next chapter please and let it be full of lemon-y goodness. c'ya'

Shayla (Chapter 8) - Sun 26 Aug 2018

Ooof is there a lemon coming up I see???


Orotami (Chapter 8) - Sun 26 Aug 2018

.... ...... ........


I just feel off a cliff without someone to save me. I REALLY deplore cliffhangers. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 8) - Sun 26 Aug 2018

Started Sweet and ended Steamy! How nice. Yep, you are taken now! Wonderful update. Thanks!

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