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Puneeti bhomia (Chapter 1) - Thu 22 Feb 2018

Plz do update a new chapter in this very special story

Puneeti bhomia (Chapter 1) - Thu 22 Feb 2018

Plz do update a new chapter in this very special story

Bianca Abreau (Chapter 1) - Sat 06 Jan 2018

Absolutely loved the story and really want to read more. It would be wonderful if it was made into a chapter story! But enjoyed the read, it made my day. 

Typicalyssa (Chapter 1) - Sun 15 Oct 2017

Nice shot!

You did a great description of the drawing. I could imagine it all before even seeing the drawing.

Would you write a sequel? It's such a good plot! XD 

Dlat (Chapter 1) - Fri 22 Sep 2017

Hey, I really like the setup you have going here. It's a cute story so far, I hope you're planning on continuing it as the ending feels rather abrupt, but otherwise I really enjoyed it!

Eryn (Chapter 1) - Thu 14 Sep 2017

I really wish this story would continue 

Zinhle (Chapter 1) - Wed 06 Sep 2017

I loved this piece, would you consider extending it into chapters? It was a lovely piece to read thanks.

Zaac (Chapter 1) - Sun 03 Sep 2017

This had to be one of the best stories I've read! When I finished, I was like, I can't wait for the next chapter! Then I saw  it  was a one shot and wanted to cry! Lol, I love your writing and storytelling. 


Thank you so much for writing this! 

Eryn (Chapter 1) - Sat 02 Sep 2017

I really wish this would continue, but it is a super cute one shot!

Angelica Anthony (Chapter 1) - Fri 01 Sep 2017

you have to make this into a short story!!

im in love! pleaseeeee ^_^!!!

Saiya (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Aug 2017

That was So Cute Loved the Picture with it

InuKami-Sama (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Aug 2017

Awe you should make this to a short chapter story 

Annie (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Aug 2017

I wish you would continue with your oneshot. I want to know more about what happens the next day when they have their date.

Pretty please.

Nicole (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Aug 2017

Haha! I was just browsing Sakimi-chan's art this afternoon and recognized it as the inspiration halfway through the story! Nicely done! I particularly enjoyed how Kagome is saved by Rin :)

Ruth Gustafson (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Aug 2017

As I was reading I kept think I g of the picture thru out. Now you need to do a second chapter with the nsfw pic and inspiration. I can tell you that there are to and one is him in traditional Japanese undies.

KagomeTashio (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Aug 2017

Dam, will sh you had written more chapter.  i can dream of you doing more.


seen the pic, SEX on a Stick 

Anna Grey (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Aug 2017

OMG, I was in love with that picture a long time ago and now I love your story even more. When I read it, the first thing that popped in my head was that picture too, so I guess you nail it!!!! oh pls give me more... 

Miss C (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Aug 2017

Darn it! It's Over!! One more chapter please!!!

Snowwolf13 (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Aug 2017

So good! Please continue! You truly have a gift!

Natalia (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Aug 2017

aw squeal! so awesome! and i know that picture! its perfect for it thx for posting! you are an inspiration for me and while reading your work i push myself harder to get better! thx for sharing!

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