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Meo Sunset (Chapter 42) - Mon 29 Jul 2019

This is so hilarious I got a hard time containing my laugh during work hours!! Thank god nobody asked or I'll be that girl who died laughing at shiet jokes. Seriously you're amazing. I got sleepless nights reading all your stories. Please be active!

Kelly (Chapter 111) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

And everyone just springs up out of the grass!  Well done!  I know I will be reading this story again and again.  Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Kelly (Chapter 108) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

Gah!  So cute!  So sweet!  So perfect!

Kelly (Chapter 103) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Bringing in some of the Band of Seven was the icing on the cake.

Kelly (Chapter 100) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

You are my new favorite humor writer.  

 “Inuyasha, tell daddy right now.  What does big brother keep hidden in his underwear drawer?!”

This whole story has been pure gold.

Kelly (Chapter 93) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

The thought of Sesshoumaru panicking because the love of his life hugged while wearing a bathrobe, and he pushed her away really tickled me.  I'm going to go back and read it again.  ^_^

Kelly (Chapter 91) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

This chapter was great, too!  You let Kikyo call her out for faking it.  LOL!  I am so loving Sesshoumaru's father.

Kelly (Chapter 90) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

Amnesia!  LOL! Brilliant!

Kelly (Chapter 83) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

Kouga meeting Rin was hilarious!  She does not mince words.  Or drawings.

Kelly (Chapter 72) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

Ah!  Such a sweetly satoisfying chapter as Sesshoumaru tells her of his intentions in a charming fashion.  Love it!

Kelly (Chapter 71) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

You are absolutely killing me now with Sesshoumaru remembering all of the missed opportunities he had.  You really have laid this story out brilliantly.

Kelly (Chapter 58) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

This chapter was absolutely perfect.

Kelly (Chapter 42) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

The hideous Raggedy Ann costume was a stroke of genius.  Her fight with Inuyasha at his party had me in stitches.  Love this!

Kelly (Chapter 36) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

I nearly laughed til I cried when Sesshoumaru's father proposed!  She is definitely the Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues in this.  Too, too funny!

Kelly (Chapter 24) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

Teaming Sesshopumaru up with Naraku as his best friend makes me smile.  Naraku's antics are certainly worthy of his canon self.  And now he's met Kagome's daughter and told her that Inuyasha was the name of her Mommy's future boyfriend.  Looks like he got it wrong.  LOL!

Kelly (Chapter 5) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

This is such a unique plot!  

AuroraDarlene (Chapter 111) - Sat 06 Jul 2019

The ending was just so them... I hope they both grow in patience and understanding...especially, Sesshomaru. I hope that he learns to express his feelings to Kagome and cherish her.

Thank you for this wonderful story.

Natalia (Chapter 111) - Thu 04 Jul 2019

Ah so adorable, beautiful and just perfect!

Thanks for the ride! 

An amazing fic as all of your own are. I love it! Thx for writing and sharing and most importantly for finishing it!

A deep how towards your talent! 

nicole (Chapter 107) - Sun 30 Jun 2019

Will you marry me ????????????????:-):-):-):-);-);-);-);-)

Angela (Chapter 1) - Wed 09 Jan 2019

Omgggggg i've fallen totally in love with this whole series hahaha it really amazes me how you've managed to fit all k-drama/j-drama cliches into this it's amaziiiiiing!!!! i love all your stories!! your writing is just so wow, like i can't put into words how much i love reading your stuff haha hope you'll update this one soon! i'm living for this fluff read atm :) <3 

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