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My Highschool Life is Full of Cliches by NovemberDoll

The Bishounen Prince

A/N: I needed a break from Transcendency. Long chapters, very wordy, extremely plot heavy. It's not for everyone, *smirk* But I LOVE THOSE KINDS OF STORIES so I DONT CARE. Please read if that's your thing. But THIS... This. Is. Full. Of. Cliches. You have been warned. I will change the rating to MA for later, because this story will eventually be touching a very sensitive topic in the near future. just a touch. and no lemons! maybe lime but no lemons. It doesn't suit the atmosphere.

 *you have been warned*

The Bishounen Prince


Captain of the Kendo Club. School Council President. Athletic, versatile at any sport. Top 1 in academics. And heir to Taisho Conglomerate. Second Year student at Takahashi High, of course, a school for the well-to-do, Sesshomaru Taisho.

Stoic, ruthless, and a rakish smirk that no single student in school could possibly be immune to. He would have been content at ignoring the swooning girls. Even with his locker overflowing with love letters. Even having a loud fan club cheering him on, their screeches like chalk on a blackboard in his ears whenever he would join a sporting event. Even if random girls would slip in the occasional love potion to his drinks (the last one ended badly, he landed in a freaking hospital for three days.)

He could endure that. As long as he placed that stoic mask of his. As long as they see he didn't care. Because he really didn't care. But there was this one student that he couldn't just ignore.

His brother, Inuyasha Taisho.


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