Delcena (Chapter 11) - Fri 15 Sep 2017

I'm impressed. I don't usually admit to being. You have created an amazing story that is different from what I typically see. Can't wait for you to update!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 7) - Sun 27 Aug 2017

I find this story very intriguing and interesting. It is very, very confusing. I read your author's notes and I am trying very hard to make some sense out of it. I know you said things will fall into place later but a little background history on Kagome and Sesshomaru would be nice also a little meaning to some of the words used would be nice too.

Other than that the story is nicely written and I will continue to read to get a better understanding. Looking forward to updates on this unsual tale.

Couldntbekeener3 (Chapter 7) - Fri 25 Aug 2017

Very very interesting....

Crimson Rose (Chapter 7) - Thu 24 Aug 2017

This story is intriguing but confusing. 

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