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KouseiJL (Chapter 1) - Mon 18 Sep 2017

Erhu's do exist! They are a Chinese instrument though, but they do have a beautiful sound. :) My University had an exchange with Chinese musicians (our jazz musicians visited them!) and an Erhu player came to our campus. Kokyu is a similarly stringed/bow instrument from Japan... but I am unsure how long ago they were introduced. I know there is music for the instrument from the 17th century, but I don't know about earlier. Thank you for including music and instruments in your story!!

KShadeslady (Chapter 7) - Thu 14 Sep 2017

The story is progressing nicely. I do have a seem to try and use too many words to get an idea across and that only makes it difficult to read. Here is one...What does he think of me? I am clever more than you think I am thank you very much. That should read "I am more clever than you think I am... There are several of these instances where the words are simply in the wrong place in the sentence. I'm not sure if you use a beta or not. A good way to check yourself is to read each sentence out loud to yourself. Hear how it sounds. I'm enjoying this different take on their story, I'll look forward to the next chapter. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 4) - Wed 13 Sep 2017

Still interesting, if a little hard to follow whose POV we are following. Still seeing a few grammar errors and misused words. You made your point when she was in the library and then repeated it again in the next paragraph. You could combine those two paragraphs and still get your thoughts across. Writing is hard work, please don't get discouraged by my review. So how long has she been back in the Feudal Era? She still has a functioning phone? Is she still going back to her own time or has the well closed? 

KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Wed 13 Sep 2017

Wow. Very different. And interesting. Looking forward to seeing where you take this. 

Ryo chan (Chapter 8) - Thu 07 Sep 2017

This is very interesting im curious to see where this goes, I really hope you dont drop the story 

Zeelian (Chapter 5) - Thu 07 Sep 2017

The story idea is interesting, but the presentation needs a lot of work.

As it is now it comes across as a jumbled mess.

You need to be clearer on the PoW, not jump around without warning, half the time I as a reader have no idea or clue as to who is doing/thinking what.

InuKami-Sama (Chapter 8) - Wed 06 Sep 2017

I got so excited when I saw an update hit my email...and now I'm sad :'(....ill be waiting 

Blommie8 (Chapter 7) - Mon 04 Sep 2017
i hope he fall to kagome soon

Natalia (Chapter 6) - Thu 24 Aug 2017

Dammit this autocorrector! I meant kagome's pov 

Natalia (Chapter 6) - Thu 24 Aug 2017

So sorry for not reviewing sooner I was busy. And thx for the shootout it's appreciated!

I get it that it's more than meets the eye. His every action is under scrutiny.  I bet he wants to clean house,  maybe even for rin's safety.

The flashback was a nice one but one question observation,  it was from kagome's poverty? If so she couldn't see or hear his inner thinking since you show what she remembers. That is my only concern in rest a good chapter! Eagerly waiting for more, and if you need advice or help tell me I will gladly lend my eyes lol. 

Take care! 

Melissa (Chapter 1) - Wed 23 Aug 2017

The erhu is a real instrument

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 6) - Wed 23 Aug 2017

Very intriguing chapter. Sesshomaru does nothing or be OOC unless he has good reason. Kagome has to remember that she is in a castle full of demons with the exception of Sana and herself. 

Sessho may have been acting more kinder when he was in Edo but now he is back at his home with a lot of treacherus demons constantly watching his every movement and listening to the words coming out of his mouth. So with him being scrutinized, he would have to appear uncaring and ruthless, hence him acting the way Kagome is seeing him for the time being. Maybe Sessho is trying to ferret out a traitor or a bunch of traitors in his home and or among his counselors. Maybe Sessho killed Kazihiko. As large as he had been and her being a miko would she had used her powers and turned into a pile of ash and what would a small pocket knife do to a big demon such as Kazihiko?

Another thing, when Kagome was doing some flashbacks, I guess Kagome did not notice the sudden change in Sessho's attitude when she called him "big brother." Maybe he thought she and Inuyasha had mated/married and he may have had a moment of jealousy or hurt? Just a thought.

Looking forward to more updates soon.


Inudemoness (Chapter 5) - Tue 22 Aug 2017

I don't understand why Kagome felt so hurt, like she should have expected that kind of reaction from the demons and Sesshomaru considereing their prior reactions! I will be waiting for your next update :)

chevonne knowles (Chapter 5) - Tue 22 Aug 2017

I read your story and I think that some of the ideas are interesting

I think Kagome going in arrows blazing to save damsels in distress is cool. I think that Inuyasha and her being on good terms is wonderful. I really wanted them to terrify those good-for-nothing individuals for what they were happily willing to let happen. I like Kagome being the intermediary between two racist human and Yokai. 

The first thing  that's completely wrong is sesshomarus character. Sesshomaru has way too much honor to disrespect an  comrade-in-arms. I could see him asking her what right does she have to speak in court. That would make sense. But his outright disrespect and humiliation is not something he would do Post defeat of Naraku. Another thing that I highly disagree with is Sesshomaru allowing anyone to rape someone. there's just no excuse for it. His advisors wouldn't dare try to push him around and demand it be done either. Realistically there's no way kagome sesshomaru could be together after something like that because Kagome is modern sensibilities would be completely disgusted at his allowance of said Behavior. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are certainly on better terms then what you portray in the story.  now I could understand if it was before everything but after they fought together and learn how to rely on each other it's just out of place.

InuKami-Sama (Chapter 5) - Mon 21 Aug 2017

I really loving the story so far because it different it's not the same old same old ....keep it up ...update fast and maybe a bit longer chapters? :)

Crimson Rose (Chapter 5) - Mon 21 Aug 2017

I'm confused with this story. I'm not sure I like it because of the parts that don't make sense with the flow of way you're going with this story. But then here I am reading each chapter you post. Using the proper words would help as well. I really like the idea of this story.

Natalia (Chapter 5) - Mon 21 Aug 2017

Hm i am still confused with the time line, so Sana took one week to come here but kagome let her go at night alone cause she will find her way easy and soon would be home. How soon? Not sure kagome will leave her alone after that attempt. Not very convincing sorry!

How you depict it, it sounds like those old geezers are in charge and can do whatever they want, sesshoumaru is even constrained to watch them have their fun, is he not a strong leader and only being manipulated by the farts? Cause it seems this way. There should be a reason he went back in his character growth since at the end of the manga he was a little different. Here it's like he went back and forgot all his lessons and experience he had and became a bully again so no I see no character growth here at all! If we go by old society type his would be democracy and not monarchy or tyranny like it was typical in those times. I feel like everyone there can do whatever they want and sesshoumaru won't bat an eyelash. He is not in charge.

The society still confused me and I am not sure it's believable, they hate humans so much at the point to be sick while seeing one then they rape them? It's like raping an animal, since they consider them so,  so sorry I am not convinced. It seems shallow, like they exist in another dimension or something. Enclosed or behind a veil. If so they would not permit human settlements next to them at all. I am sorry for being such a nag but I really like the idea and try to see the plot from different angles!

Please explain the situation with Sana, the timeline and why she went there cause her grandmother knew where she was going. And why not send a male? Or a grown up female? If knowing it's dangerous?

I was so glad there were two more chapters to read! Thx for updating! It only teased my curiosity more! Hopefully you will update soon thx!


Mutnodjmet (Chapter 4) - Mon 21 Aug 2017

Sorry about the word English part...that was a mistake. lol

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 4) - Mon 21 Aug 2017

This chapter was nicely done. It answered some questions.

I believe that there is some kind of youkai ritual or law that would have allowed for Sana to be treated the way she was treated and Sessho standing there to condone such behaviour even though he did not actively participate. Regardless of his disdain and dislike of humans, some how I cannot believe that he liked what was happening to the girl regardless of her humanity. 

Kagome will get her answers one way or another, I am sure. Hopefully Sana does not become pregnant...I think they had herbal remedies back then to prevent such things from happening if a woman was raped. It is sad how her virginity was ripped away from her by a bunch of old ass barbarians.

Sessho was very clever standing outside the door of his study waiting to see who will come out. He did sense that there was someone in there.

Keep it are doing quite well and your English is so good.


Mona (Chapter 4) - Mon 21 Aug 2017

I still don't like Sesshoumaru and still hope this will not be a romantic pairing for him and Kagome.  

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