Reviews for Sketchbook by natasha

Cheyanna (Chapter 6) - Sun 18 Feb 2018

I love this!!!! I can’t wait to read more!!!!:)


Sessygurl (Chapter 5) - Tue 16 Jan 2018

I love where this story is going it's so good. I cannot wait to see what Sesshomaru has up his sleeve for Kagome. I'm sure he knows how enamoured she is with him and of course if he asked her to commission a portrait who knows what will happen. 

roberta. (Chapter 5) - Mon 15 Jan 2018

This chapter wasn't boring in fact I liked it a lot. I still wonder why inu took off like he did. Glad kagome tried to let him know if she wanted shassy she would have him. Looking forward to seeing more.

Daniella (Chapter 3) - Sat 27 May 2017

Keep posting!!!

cassandra (Chapter 3) - Tue 18 Apr 2017

I wonder who would be stupid enough to pose as sesshomaru and not expect it to get back to him. I wonder why they are doing it? I can't wait to see what happens next! 

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