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Sketchbook by natasha


Chapter One

There was a cold chill in the air as a raven haired girl sat on a rough rock along the edge of a shallow riverbank. She was wearing a royal blue sweater with a dark pair of jeans, feet covered in moccasins that were fur lined to keep her feet warm yet quiet as she walked on the forest floor.

She had a sketchbook out drawing a figure that has been stuck in her mind for awhile now. The only noise besides a faint breeze was the scratching of a pencil on paper.

Only the fox kit new of her drawing skills since no other was allowed to see what she would draw. Said fox kit was currently on her shoulder watching her sketch out the face a man.

Her pencil stopped when a mans voice started screaming for her to get a move on it the group was leaving.

"Inuyasha will you shut up already I am coming!"

"What did you say wench!"

Kagome put her sketch book in her now brown back pack. She decided her yellow stuck out to much ad went now for a more blending in color. What she did not realize as she ran to catch up to the group was her sketch book had fallen out.

On the cold ground near the river bank the book sat without it's owner. The owner would not learn of it's absence until hours later, but by that time it would be to late.

!*&^%(* #$%^%$#

A tall regal demon stood by a river banks edge. The air was crisp from the fall's cooling tempters. Soon it would be wise to return to the palace, his ward would be needing new clothing for the change in weather.

He lifted his head to the air, his nostrils flared a little taking in the scents in his land. His mouth tightened in a distasteful manner. His half brother was near, that would not do well. His wards clothing was just going to have to wait.

The man turned on his heal and started walking up river to the area he scented his idiotic half brother.

His retainer and ward quickly set in line behind him. He had not the need to tell them to follow or that he was leaving. They new there place, he should not have to request for them to do what was to be expected of them.

Suddenly stopping by a larger rock that was near the bank the large demon put his had back to scent the air again.

So his half brother had started to move again. This was going to be a hassle he would rather had avoided, why did that wreched existence have to be in the west?

"Lord sesshomaru look what I found!"

The excited sound of his wards voice had him turning before he new it. She held a weird looking book in her hands.

She opened the book and her mouth opened in shock. There in the book were drawings of her lord, the drawings almost look real. Below each drawing there was writing, she could not yet read so she went to hand the book to her Lord for him to read to her.

He reached for the rather large book in her hands. Once in his possession he opened the book to see what the girl was so in awe for. The contents of the book indeed shocked him, his eyes widened as did his mouth only a hair but both the girl and toad demon noticed.

Sesshomaru was shocked to see very well drawn out pictures of himself. There had to be at least a handful of them, the last seemed to be unfinished. At the bottom of each drawing there was writing, it was a bit different then what he uses but was readable none the less.

"Kagome Higarashi."

He read the name out loud, he couldn't figure out why the name sounded familiar, thats when his ward screeched in happiness.

"Kagome oni-chan drew those!"

"Rin quit your screaming you are disturbing our Lord!"

Thats right, this Kagome was Inuyasha's wench, why she thought she had the right to draw impressively well drawing's of him he had no clue. But none the less he was going to put an end to it.

"Kagome is such a good drawer!"

"Artist Rin."

Came the correcting words from the regal Lord.

"Oh, Artist."

Rin beemed up at her Lord as the three set off to find Inuyasha and his group. More importantly now the Miko who thought she had a right to draw himself.

#$%%$# #

It was well pest noon and the group of shard hunters had yet to stop for lunch. Kagome could hear Shippo's stomach growl in her ear.

"Inuyasha you slave driver can we stop for lunch! Us humans need time to eat and take a break from walking!"

"Key! You guys always hold me up!"

Inuyasha was so rude, Kagome couldn't help but glare at his back as he chose a location for them to stop. He found an abandoned hut by the road so the group took shelter for lunch and some warmth.

Shippo retrieved some wood from the forest near by while Kagome got out some cans of soup and tea.

Once the fire was to a good blaze Kagome started eating up lunch, but as she went back in her bag to grab her sketch book to finish her drawing while cooking lunch, it was not there.

"Inuyasha we have to go back!"


He fumed, why the hell did the group need to turn around.

"I lost my sketch book."

"Good maybe now you will concentrate more on finding shards then that damned thing."

Before Kagome could respond she noticed Inuyasha's eyes widen. He sniffed the air while Kirara transformed.

"What it is Inuyasha" Sango asked worriedly.



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