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Victoria (Chapter 16) - Fri 28 Apr 2017

This is really good, glad I stumbled upon it. The summary caught my attention. Though I was confused on what behoove meant and looked it up, still a really weird word. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for more chapters and where you'll take the story line and characters as well. Added story to favorites. Keep up the good work. ^.^

Tajera Deane (Chapter 1) - Tue 25 Apr 2017

Great story! I look forward to reading more, so glad I stumbled upon it

stephanie (Chapter 16) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

Really Really good!! <3

Alashia (Chapter 16) - Sat 22 Apr 2017

Great story! Can't wait for the next update!

alexis (Chapter 1) - Sat 22 Apr 2017

I love her you're taking the story you're doing a great job well like an amazing job

Annie (Chapter 16) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Good. I am glad that he had listened to her. I hope they both figure out what to do next.

Violla (Chapter 16) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Bellissimo this Capitolo mi pche forse più lunghi. 

Taimaru (Chapter 1) - Wed 19 Apr 2017

Very interesting so far, I'm enjoying your story! 

333Tenshi (Chapter 15) - Sun 16 Apr 2017

I'm cinfused. How can a ruling human Lord live and rule for over a hundred years?

InuKami-Sama (Chapter 15) - Sun 16 Apr 2017

Can you please make your chapters longer? 

Shiro_ryuu (Chapter 15) - Sat 15 Apr 2017

Whoop there it is. Gotta love Kagome's "fuck it" attitude there. 

Annie (Chapter 15) - Sat 15 Apr 2017

I am so glad that Sesshomaru stopped being arrogant and decided to listen to Kagome.  Kagome does have a great heart because she did not have to go back to the feudal area and warn Sesshomaru what is going to transpire in the future.  Good chapter. 

Nicole (Chapter 15) - Sat 15 Apr 2017

Great story!! Can't wait to read the next chapter!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 14) - Fri 14 Apr 2017

Well, this IS rather entertaining the asshole gaurds were right about that at least! XD

Great work on this chapter, I can't wait for the next!

Shiro_ryuu (Chapter 14) - Fri 14 Apr 2017

Oh, I definitely can't wait to see Sesshomaru's reaction to the bomb she just dropped. L O L

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 14) - Fri 14 Apr 2017

I'm just going to reiterate here how much I really enjoyed reading this up to this point. :D

Violla (Chapter 14) - Fri 14 Apr 2017

Molto  bella aggiorna presto. 

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 14) - Fri 14 Apr 2017

Ahhh I wood very much enjoy reading more. That being said lol, I am not one to talk about on hiatus stories. Sigh. But I would love to read more lol. It's great.

MythMagykFae (Chapter 13) - Fri 14 Apr 2017

Ah so he remebers her then (: I cant wait for the next chapter!

Annie (Chapter 13) - Fri 14 Apr 2017

Yay they finally meet. I cannot wait for the next chapter. I hope Sesshomaru takes her seriously about what is going to happen in the future.

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