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Created On: 03/14/2017 23:58:21

Lol yup! Had it planned from the beginning pretty much. He died too easily. I'm glad you enjoyed the moments with the kids! Thanks for your review!


Created On: 02/20/2017 23:45:33

Hello again!

Just stopping by to say thanks for your comments on Kindred Spirits! It's about a month late, but I hope you don't mind. I am happy, however, about the points you brought up in Chapter 7. I always hope I don't overdo it with descriptions during those ramblings of mine. But with S/K together, I've found that those two never want to stop talking lol. Hence the multiple goodbyes and the number of subjects they blow through. Kagome, I can understand, but who knew that Sesshoumaru had it in him? At least he's been mostly civil.
Feedback from MythMagykFae: Hahaha, naw I get it, the characters like to run the show sometimes despite the author's plans XD
Don't worry about timing either, RL is busy and takes precedence always. If you're busy we will wait and enjoy when you get time to post (: Great story!


Created On: 02/13/2017 23:28:55

Thank you so much for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Created On: 02/08/2017 11:14:41

Thank you for your review of Seasons. I love mythology, but relationships between the mortal and supernatural world very rarely are not presented as tragedies. I wanted to give a little hope to the natural track of Sesshoumaru and Kagome's lives.


Created On: 01/07/2017 00:11:32


Thanks for your recent review on Kindred Spirits! I'm glad you enjoyed S/K's bout of silliness. It certainly makes their dynamic somewhat... interesting haha. Anyway, I hope you look forward to the future chapters!
Feedback from MythMagykFae: I do, I can't wait to read more, have fun writing!


Created On: 01/06/2017 20:07:49

Thank you thank you for your review! I'm super glad your enjoying the story and oc's! Your review really get my writing juices flowing! Lol!
Feedback from MythMagykFae: I'm glad! You bring your characters to life so well, and take care to flesh them out even if they are minor or side characters. Its something I appreciate and love reading! Happy writing! (:


Created On: 10/21/2016 02:04:11

Thank you so much for your review! I'm glad you liked the newest chapter! I was worried people wouldnt like it because it's about my oc's instead of the Inuyasha group. Thank you so much!
Feedback from MythMagykFae: Of course, it was fun to read. You did a good job of creating engaging characters, so of course anyone would be glad to read more about them!


Created On: 10/13/2016 19:04:29

Thanks for your review on Inevitability! I hope you enjoy the newest chapter
Feedback from MythMagykFae: I'm excited to read it, and am sure it'll be great!


Created On: 07/04/2016 19:29:47

Thank you for reading the latest chapter of Inevitability, and thank you for the well wishes on my trip. It was wonderful to spend the week at home
Feedback from MythMagykFae: That's wonderful, glad you had a nice time! The chapter was great too, I always look forward to reading more. (:


Created On: 04/14/2016 08:05:15

Thank you so much for your review on Support for Limbo! Hope you like the rest as it continues. I'll hopefully be able to post another chapter by the end of the week.
Feedback from MythMagykFae: That's great, and I'm sure I will! (:

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