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cassandra (Chapter 8) - Thu 27 Apr 2017

Wow, he's gone totally bonkers! I just hope sesshomaru gets to kagome before he does. I can't wait to see what happens next! 

Ree-san (Chapter 8) - Thu 27 Apr 2017

I hope she beats his ass when he tries to grab her!  So glad that she's realizing that this courtship things was doomed from the beginning.  Really enjoying your story!

Eva (Chapter 4) - Tue 25 Apr 2017

Hi I quite like your story I think it is very well written. What I don't understand though is why Inuyashas personality has to be changed so drastically without any explanation at all. To me it seems just a little bit too much, I hope you will be willing to explain your reasonning for it.

Kjinuyasha (Chapter 1) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Just going over some of the reviews and seeing a lot of people are mad at your portrayl of Kagome... ignore them lol. I think in any abusive relationship outsiders are easily able to offer advice and say that's stupid, leave, but the person in the situation has their feelinigs invested and it takes time for them to make the decision. Even if the right choice is obvious. Stay true to the process like you're doing. I have several friends to give guys chances because they were in love... insecure... immature and not fully developed mentally. Since Kagome is 18 in your story I totally think you're doing well. Giving her a chance to develop into the adult she will become. You can see the growth already with regard to her decision to test the waters and see what else is out there rather than blindly following her heart. I'd be more pissed if she just jumped into mating Sesshoumaru having never explored her feelings. I'm enjoying the fact that you're allowing her to fall in love rather than just having her magically BE in love.

Kjinuyasha (Chapter 7) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Can't wait for the next update! Please hurry.

TekoloKuautli (Chapter 7) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

I found Inuyasha's approach and Kagome's leniency very creepy, I mean, I know she still loves him but to even let him near and touch her? even let him try to kill her again via a courting? Is his courting the human kind? I dunno, that was disturbing. And I feel for Sesshomaru, he really ought to be near her because her decision was almost suicidal. A great chapter overall, the problem is very palpable and it feels real and threatening. 

MythMagykFae (Chapter 7) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Go Sess, Mr. Self Control. (: InuYasha kind of sucks at courting... Sesshomaru is so sweet and thoughtful though! Nice update. (:

Miss C (Chapter 7) - Wed 19 Apr 2017

I want to strangle Kagome, please don't make her indecisive. This is a direction I hope the story wasn't going.

NellyWhirl (Chapter 7) - Wed 19 Apr 2017

Kagome wants to believe that Inuyasha will be different and because she is doing things differentlY. But things  can still have the same outcome regardless of the path taken. Hopefully she get rid of those feelings and recognize Inuyasha for what he is. Her friends on the other hand. They need a lesson in modern relationships or something. Quite unfortunate their line of thinking for her relationship in the previous timeline with a inuyasha. 

Shawna Merritt (Chapter 6) - Fri 14 Apr 2017


Leahchan13 (Chapter 6) - Fri 14 Apr 2017

Lovely update! I can't wait to see how everyone reacts to this!

Lorena (Chapter 6) - Fri 14 Apr 2017

My heart was breaking at the thought of Sesshomaru letting himself die,  so I was pleasantly surprised to read that Midoriko gave him a gift as well! I just can't get over the what ifs regarding Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango- with all the information given I'm not too excited to read their parts

teresa daniel (Chapter 6) - Thu 13 Apr 2017

 Hi , Ilove the fanfic ....can't wait for next update.....please update soon...............................tdaniel

Jean (Chapter 6) - Thu 13 Apr 2017

Can't wait to see how Inuyasha will react, and I am happy they will be courting! I am wondering what happened to Sesshomaru's past self though, is he just gone?

LadyFugue (Chapter 6) - Thu 13 Apr 2017

I am loving this story... Please more! 

MythMagykFae (Chapter 6) - Wed 12 Apr 2017

YAY! Wonderful chapter, (:

TekoloKuautli (Chapter 6) - Wed 12 Apr 2017

Yaaay!! New chapter~ I'm glad they finally re-met and are now on the same page haha 

Uhh the tension of the next chapter will e great :)

MythMagykFae (Chapter 5) - Thu 06 Apr 2017

OMG YES! That is such an awesome idea!!!!! Not what I was expecting, I'm super excited to read thier encounter in the past!

333Tenshi (Chapter 5) - Wed 05 Apr 2017

I have enjoyed reading this and I look forward to reading more.

natalia (Chapter 5) - Wed 05 Apr 2017

Now things are starting to get interesting! It was a nice twist to send him back too!! I just can't wait for more! The me t chapter should be amazing! Thx a lot for updating! It was a pleasure reading! Glad midoriko gave him this gift! Take care!


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