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Typicalyssa (Chapter 9) - Mon 16 Oct 2017

Great story! Interesting plot. Loved every chapter! :) 

Seluna Maru (Chapter 6) - Tue 11 Jul 2017

This is the 6th chp out of 9 it could have been used better esp since we're getting so close to the end. It kinda feels like a waste

Seluna Maru (Chapter 6) - Tue 11 Jul 2017

Alot of this is rather redundant we read her vision already and we read her times with Sesshomaru. If you needed to put his pov then rewriting things we already knew was not necessary. Just give the readers the point where he had thoughts but get detailed from his point not everything we already saw in the past chapters. And there was no need to have us relive the whole dream trip Kags took either. Just point out if she purposely oeft out certain things and if she had questions for him. Otherwise this is a fairly intriguing tale. Sorry for any typos im in my phone and rushing

Ree-san (Chapter 9) - Tue 27 Jun 2017

I think you do a great job with Sesshomaru. Balanced his nature with loving side he would show her very well. Inuyasha's end was inventive and deserved. So happy that Kagome didn't do the naive no killing thing but was smart and realistic instead. He wouldn't have stopped and it didn't take someone getting hurt to see that. Weirdly enough, I'm happy that her decision making and the last chapter wasn't spread out over numerous chapters. Her error filled beliefs and behavior about Inuyasha had run long enough and Sesshomaru deserved better. Awesome job with it, especially with such a difficult and layered plot. 

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 9) - Mon 26 Jun 2017

Such a shame Inuyasha had to die. Hopefully, he's with Kikyou in the afterlife. Obssession with your first love can be bad for your health. In this case, it resulted in death. 

MythMagykFae (Chapter 9) - Sun 25 Jun 2017

Thats beautiful! Just the kind of world I can see her striving to make. (:

AndesCat (Chapter 8) - Wed 10 May 2017

Love this story and I hope Kagome will defend herself should inu try to steal her away. That last section of the latest chapter left me on a bit of a cliffhanger with worry for our favorite character's future.

watashi_dm (Chapter 8) - Sat 29 Apr 2017

Wow, this story is intense. I love it. Wonderful job! :)

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 8) - Sat 29 Apr 2017

This is such an interesting story. Love how crazy Inu is :D

Zinhle (Chapter 8) - Fri 28 Apr 2017

Demented inuyasha is interesting. Thanks

Kagaku-sha (Chapter 8) - Fri 28 Apr 2017

Dang... Inuyasha is going crazy. shoot! lol

Lorena (Chapter 8) - Fri 28 Apr 2017

Oh man, it seems like the future they wanted to will no only arrive, but quicker than expected! 

snow (Chapter 8) - Fri 28 Apr 2017

inuyasha has become down right creepy and needs to be locked up. sango and miroku some friends they turn out to be pff -.-

Leahchan13 (Chapter 8) - Fri 28 Apr 2017

Oh gosh Inuyasha has gone crazy! This won't end well!

TekoloKuautli (Chapter 8) - Fri 28 Apr 2017

Wow that explains a lot, clinically insane he can do a lot of the stuff mentioned. I hope Kagome told Sesshou about his little brother's imaginary friend because she is really in trouble haha Funny how us modern people take these mental illnesses as alarming. I can't wait till the next part.

MythMagykFae (Chapter 8) - Thu 27 Apr 2017

He's gone utterly bonkers! Kagome and the kids may wanna move to Sesshomaru's place... far from Inuyasha.

Wonderful chapter! Go Kagome with the good decision making!

cassandra (Chapter 8) - Thu 27 Apr 2017

Wow, he's gone totally bonkers! I just hope sesshomaru gets to kagome before he does. I can't wait to see what happens next! 

Ree-san (Chapter 8) - Thu 27 Apr 2017

I hope she beats his ass when he tries to grab her!  So glad that she's realizing that this courtship things was doomed from the beginning.  Really enjoying your story!

Eva (Chapter 4) - Tue 25 Apr 2017

Hi I quite like your story I think it is very well written. What I don't understand though is why Inuyashas personality has to be changed so drastically without any explanation at all. To me it seems just a little bit too much, I hope you will be willing to explain your reasonning for it.

Kagaku-sha (Chapter 1) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Just going over some of the reviews and seeing a lot of people are mad at your portrayl of Kagome... ignore them lol. I think in any abusive relationship outsiders are easily able to offer advice and say that's stupid, leave, but the person in the situation has their feelinigs invested and it takes time for them to make the decision. Even if the right choice is obvious. Stay true to the process like you're doing. I have several friends to give guys chances because they were in love... insecure... immature and not fully developed mentally. Since Kagome is 18 in your story I totally think you're doing well. Giving her a chance to develop into the adult she will become. You can see the growth already with regard to her decision to test the waters and see what else is out there rather than blindly following her heart. I'd be more pissed if she just jumped into mating Sesshoumaru having never explored her feelings. I'm enjoying the fact that you're allowing her to fall in love rather than just having her magically BE in love.

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