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Nicole (Chapter 2) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

I'm glad you decided to continue this. If it ends here, this is still more satisfying than the end of the first chapter. I do hope you choose to continue it again, though. 

snow (Chapter 2) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

damn so shes basicly fucked because of sesshoumaru she has to do what that youkai says or she will die and leave her son alone damn that sucks.

Roseanna (Chapter 2) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

I am really glad a second chapter was posted for this story.  I didn't review the first chapter, and I'll explain why.

After reading the first chapter and seeing it was a one-shot, I went "Bleh!"  I suppose the main factor was that Sesshomaru got -most- of what he wanted (his son) and Kagome had to "give in" to their demands to remain with the child.  I just found that to be completely irritating, though I was glad that Sesshomaru seemed to hold some kind of remorse for Kagome's plight.  I just didn't want to review as it was a one-shot with one chapter, and I was ambiguous about the entire thing.  I tend to not like the "Sesshomaru gets what he wants" stories so much, as it's too redundant and prevalent throughout Sess/Kag fanfic.

Now, reading chapter two -- boy, did I jump up and down.  While the story still leaves a lot of questions unanswered, I had to do a fist-pumping motion when Sesshomaru realized he might have truly lost what he really wanted -- Kagome.  Now, with the revelation of Kagome's situation and agreement, that doesn't preclude something happening overall in the end.  And the entire scenario of Kagome and her agreement is a very strong and "willing to do nearly anything" character motivation to be with her son.  I find it uplifting, personally, that she would sacrifice years (or maybe decades) of her life and even her health to ensure she's around for her son.  It gave a very "I'm not going to just sit around and let things happen to me" impression in my mind, and not allow others (especially Sesshomaru or another male in the story) to solve her problems.  Very pro-active in her decisions to fix her issues.

Now, I hope that this does turn into a chapter story, for it is really different from nearly all other stories I've read so far.  The relationship between Sesshomaru and Kagome, their respective relationship to their son, and the outside characters that also factor into the plot... just so different that I'm really interested to see where things lead. 

So please consider continuing the story! :)

P.S.  You have a fantastic writing style.  Keep it up!

Holly (Chapter 1) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

Wow, amazing story!!! I really really really wish for more. Especially since Sesshomaru is finally starting to see and understand the consequences of his idiotic decision all those years ago. If he had truly cared then he would have told her why. Especially after having unprotected sex with her. After all, if he hadn't left the way he did then neither he nor she woulsh be having to live with such pain.

Inudemoness (Chapter 2) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

Okay this feels even more incomplete then before!! In the first chapter even if you left it incomplete there was a chance of the two reconciling, but this just leaves us at a dead end! And you say this is it?! It isn't even a sad ending that we need to console ourselves with, this simply isn't an end! But the story has a lot of potential!! please write more T_T

Cinno (Chapter 1) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

Love this story please update soon

Leaora (Chapter 2) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

I don't know where this is going, but please continue!!!! The suspence is titillating.

Toni (Chapter 2) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

I really hope you find it in you to continue this story even though you marked it complete  it's really good

jk (Chapter 2) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

Are you freaking kidding me. It feels like you are dangling a carrot in front of us. Still doesn't feel finished, i even pictured sesshomaru kneeling and begging for forgiveness. Please continue its something different for a change.How one persons choice can lead to so many different choices and path. please Please continue, would love  to read what solution the uncle will come up for this situation and sesshomaru finally acknowledging that he loves her and lost her.

Alashia (Chapter 1) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

Awww. .  . you should continue with this story.

KeikoTakataxx12 (Chapter 2) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

You should definitely make another chapter! I absolutely loved this

Natalia (Chapter 2) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

For me this ruined it even more. Sorry about that but i regret reading... Your ideas are amazing and i adore your fics but you ruined this for me even worse... Sorry!!! It's just so.... It leaves such a bad taste in my mouth... I regret reading.. it's not the fic it's me, my fault. It's just not my cup of tea. It doesn't necessarily need a happily ever after but an understanding end should be nice and the way you made kagome agree to ten kids... It made me sick to my stomach but it's only my opinion! Take care and thx for writing!

Desiree Nickels (Chapter 1) - Sat 04 Mar 2017

Please update soon

lonny (Chapter 1) - Fri 20 Jan 2017

It's really good !! Perfectly written I'd say.  Unfortunately it's a one shot.  (ToT)


beachvilla (Chapter 1) - Wed 04 Jan 2017

great story, even if I am sad it is a one shot. :)

DeathDagger (Chapter 1) - Mon 02 Jan 2017

This is beyond cruel!

[silent.shadow] (Chapter 1) - Tue 27 Dec 2016

What a jerkface. I'm glad that they don't just fall into his arms. Poor Kagome.

Cheryl (Chapter 1) - Tue 27 Dec 2016

i can't believe this is a one shot~~!! this is so good, the flow, the character portrayal, the feels in this is going so well! please please do continue this if you can, i was really getting into this and just like that its finished :( 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 1) - Sun 25 Dec 2016

This story was great, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Future Perkins (Chapter 1) - Sun 25 Dec 2016

This is very well written, you have a lot of talent and shouldn't let it go to waste. Keep going, this fanfiction is worth the wait. The story is flowing nicely, and your characters while borrowed are portrayed better than any I've seen yet. You've really captured what Sesshomaru and Kagome would be like in modern times. Congrats on your success! Please do continue this story, I'm very interested in what lies ahead. Til next time friend 

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