Natalia (Chapter 1) - Sun 03 Jun 2018

Oh I just reread this and find it as amazing as the first time. Sincerely hope you will return to it and update soon. I am so curious what you have planned for this!

Thx for the attention! 

Good luck!

Leahchan13 (Chapter 2) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

I cannot stop laughing at the part when Kagome came out if the bushes! XD I love this!

FayeMegan (Chapter 2) - Fri 27 Oct 2017

Ahh! You are such a wonderful writer! Please update soon!!!

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A wonderfully written story thus far. I'm sure I am going to like this one. I love your development of the story and of some of the characters.

Hmm, I wonder how Akio thinks by mating Inuyasha will ingratiate herself with the villagers and anyone else that knows Kagome. All she did was ruin her own life and Inuyasha's because now he is persona non grata within demon society and she will only be a pathetic little unknown village wannabe miko.  Sure she may have hurt Kagome for now but it won't last long because unknowingly, Kagome has moved on to a bigger and better life. Won't Akio be surprised!!! lol

One can only hope for the negative outcome Akio and Inuyasha's lives...hehehe!

I love how you are developing InuKimi and her little deviousness, but I bet her and Kagome end up becoming good friends and hopefully she won't make it a big issue if Sessho decides to take her as a mate.

Loving where I think you may taking this story. Looking forward to future updates.

Natalia (Chapter 2) - Mon 23 Oct 2017

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And I thought I recognized the light touch of kb! She is amazing!

I know kagome will find out what the apprentice did with the herbs that disappeared!

I just hope the council will find out and she will get punished too! This time. Inuyasha really was tricked!

Can't wait to see what happens next!

And I love your portrayal of inukimi! I can only hope to write her so well!

Thx for updating!

Good luck!

Mona (Chapter 2) - Mon 23 Oct 2017

I hope to read more soo.

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Blommie8 (Chapter 1) - Thu 15 Sep 2016

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I love it already! Though I feel Aiko needs to be put on the spot for what she did.

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And then make Inuyasha suffer

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AHHHHHHHH!!! OMG i love this already hope Aiko gets a crash course in reality with what being the mate to an soon to be unstable Inuyasha lol and watches as Kagome becomes Lady of the West lol I so cant wait to see how this plays out

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