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Unsteady by Beautifully Wicked



                In the beginning, it was danger, exhilaration, and fear that gave way to friendship. Soon after love blossomed, but Kagome put that aside until Inu-Yasha could come to terms with Kikyō and himself. Naraku was defeated and all was well, but then Kagome was sent home. Inu-Yasha raged for days.

The others were scared and refused to go near him until his rage quieted and he was not foaming at the mouth. Shippō was beside himself with grief as was Sango and Miroku all wishing for their favorite miko to reappear.

                It took three long years, but she returned and it seemed as though all was well again. It took another two for Kagome to learn all she could and take over for Kaede. She still hadn’t mastered control over herself or the jewel, but she was getting better every day. She kept the jewel's presence a secret, even from Inu-Yasha. The only people who knew were Miroku and Kaede. Everyone else thought that the jewel had disappeared, but it had merely gone back to the place it had hidden: inside Kagome. Where it stayed until she was fifteen and her adventure began. Now finally everything was falling into place for her.

Kagome was getting her happily ever after! Inu-Yasha and Kagome were to be wed. Kagome was nervous. She knew she wouldn’t, couldn’t, compare to Kikyō in Inu-Yasha’s eyes, but that was fine with her. She was content so long as she didn’t have to share him with anyone else.

                Kagome smiled at her assistant Aiko who was helping Kagome with getting herbs and listing off the ones she knew. They had already had such a busy day of archery and healing injuries. Aiko was not as powerful as Kagome and could not heal for very long, but she still was making wonderful progress. If only the girl would open up to Kagome more! “Good job, Aiko-chan! We have to lay the herbs to dry and then we can store them so they can be ready to use at our leisure,” Kagome instructed and smiled brightly at her little protégé. They began their trek back to the village with their herbs in their baskets. Kagome was very happy with Aiko. She was a sweet girl and didn’t mind Inu-Yasha’s brutish ways, or his loud mouth.  Kagome suspected a crush was had on Aiko’s part, but she kept her distance from the hanyō and Kagome knew that she could trust her. After all, the girl was only sixteen!

                A sudden thought occurred to Kagome, “Did we ever find those missing herbs?” Aiko shook her head no and replied, “I wish we had Kagome-sama, but I have not found any trace of them.” Kagome’s face creased in thought and shrugged, “They will be found when they want to I guess,” Kagome laughed. Aiko shrugged as well and a slow, sly smile lit her lips as Kagome looked over down towards the village. Her face cleared of the smile as Kagome turned back towards Aiko, her eyes lit with excitement and a wide, sweet smile played on Kagome’s lips. Aiko stared at Kagome and clenched her fists, but smiled back.

                Aiko remembered when Kagome first arrived at the village how everyone was scared of her, at first, but then, it was little by little, they fell in love with her. Kagome played with the children, helped the villagers with minor injuries, and would listen with open ears and an open heart to every whim, plea, and secret the village had. She saw how Inu-Yasha went from being hated to being revered for his power to, albeit slowly, becoming the protector of the villagers. The other two, Miroku and Sango, the lovers that were outsiders had quickly made this village their home. Miroku with his calm demeanor, lecherous hands, and wisdom was quick to help anyone. Sango would help with the elderly and weaponry as well as protect the village alongside Inu-Yasha.

 The littlest of their group was the tiny kitsune youkai, Shippō, who would get all the kids together and bombard the inu hanyō in a game he liked to call, “Ears”. Where the children would all try and get Inu-Yasha’s ears without being hurt. The children would jump and climb, more than one at a time, to touch the fuzzy triangles that sat atop his head and he would be brought down after the eleventh or twelfth child had pounced on him in eagerness to touch what was forbidden. The game only ended when Kagome would come to the rescue. Shooing the children away and leading a dazed and angry Inu-Yasha away from a smiling Shippō.  

Aiko looked at Kagome and saw how happy she was. Knew her to be a good and true person, but Aiko, she was envious of Kagome. Aiko could not understand what made Kagome so special. What did Kagome have that let people in and showed them they were all great and wonderful? People were not great or wonderful. Humanity was not nice it was all a farce. Youkai were not great but terrible and everyone should be scared of them. Miko should hunt them, should keep them in check, but not Kagome.

Kagome brought everyone inside herself, youkai, human, hanyō; all were loved by Kagome. She was the nurturer. She cared and loved and cried for them. Kagome was so powerful but she hardly used those powers for herself. Always giving never taking that’s what Kagome did. Aiko hated her! Kagome should know suffering, should know not everyone would love her!

Kagome was thinking of tomorrow and the festivities of how she would finally, finally, have Inu-Yasha as hers. After years of pinning and waiting and being ridiculously in love with him, she was going to have him all to herself! Sure, she knew she couldn’t compete with Kikyō’s memory, but if the only person she had to share Inu-Yasha with was dead then everything would be fine.  She reasoned with herself. She could share him with a memory. Although, she was happy she kept thinking of tomorrow there was also a sense things were going to go terribly wrong, but she hoped it was her nerves. Looking up she noticed the sky turning colors of the evening.

Kagome looked at Aiko and wondered why they hadn’t become friends yet, Aiko maintained a strictly business relationship with her. She was never late and hardly ever sick but never would talk about personal things. Not once had she tried to congratulate Kagome on her upcoming nuptials.  Kagome thought it weird she had seen the potential in Aiko when she had first arrived in the village only eleven and scared of everyone in their ragtag group, but she had opened up, at least Kagome thought she had.

“Kagome-sama, is any of Inu-Yasha’s family coming to celebrate your union?” Aiko asked suddenly, and Kagome flushed thinking of the elder half-brother, the terrible Lord Sesshoumaru. She knew an invite had been sent, but there was no response. She figured he was far too busy running the Western Lands. “His half-brother never sent a response. We weren’t thinking he would come as he and Inu-Yasha have rarely been able to get along peacefully,” Kagome responded and Aiko was quite surprised. She had no knowledge of Inu-Yasha having a brother, but knew he must have a mother or father somewhere.  “He and Inu-Yasha-sama do not get along favorably then? What of you and this brother?” Aiko asked smiling when Kagome flushed red from the roots of her hair and down her neck disappearing below the navy haori Kagome wore. “His brother and I are not unfriendly, but also not very friendly. He is… dangerous, but in control. I would consider us allies if another enemy like Naraku came upon us and we needed his help, but pleasantries are not his strong suit. He would need the incentive to help. He is just as stubborn as Inu-Yasha, in my opinion, but, then again, I do not know him very well,” Kagome ended thoughtfully still flushed slightly. He is quite beautiful as well the thought drifted through Kagome’s mind and she laughed at the thought.

Though Sesshoumaru is beautiful he was definitely forbidden. When they had been traveling together he let everyone know that he would not be noted upon as such a beautiful creature, but he liked to be known as a terrifying one. And was he terrifying! Sesshoumaru was even gloriously gorgeous in his rage.  He had a shimmering gold aura around him when his power was unleashed and he was precise in his accuracy when felling a foe. Kagome and Sango had both had horrible wet dreams about the terrifyingly attractive Dai-Youkai. Though they never admitted it to anyone else, the dreams were nice but both knew nothing would ever come to fruition he was too dangerous, too impervious and too youkai. Sesshoumaru was not one for human women and both were positive if he had found out about their dreams both of them would be dead now.

Kagome shrugged from this thinking. Though she and Sesshoumaru were not very close she knew if Inu-Yasha, she, or her friends needed his help he would be inclined to help if not to hold it over Inu-Yasha’s head for the rest of his life. Taunting and gleeful that his half-breed brother couldn’t fulfill his necessary protection Sesshoumaru would probably snub Inu-Yasha if he asked for help, but hopefully not her.

These were things to think of at a later time. Right now her attention should be on getting ready for tomorrow. “When we get back to Kaede’s hut, feel free to take the evening off. Sango and I are doing something. She has a surprise that she won’t tell me about and Miroku and Inu-Yasha are going to be with the village men celebrating his last day as a free man,” Kagome laughed and Aiko nodded in agreement. It would be easier to carry out her plans this way. Miroku would keep the men out late with his tales of mischief and lechery before his marriage to Sango. “Thank you, Kagome-sama,” Aiko said as she saw Kaede’s hut coming upon them.

Before they reached their destination a tumbling ball of red hurled towards Kagome the ball opened up and Shippō appeared on Kagome’s shoulder. No hurt had befallen her and Shippō was rubbing his cheek against Kagome’s and making his rumbling noise. “Good evening my kit,” Kagome said as she reached towards Shippō and pat his hair and then gently rubbed his ears. The rumble turned into a purr and Kagome giggled and Shippō hugged her lovingly. “Kagome, I missed you! Did you have a good time?” Shippō questioned and Kagome nodded. “Aiko-chan is excelling at everything I teach her and I am happy to be here with everyone, Shippō,” Kagome told him as she continued to rub his ears. 

“Are you excited for tomorrow Kagome?” Shippō asked pleased that Kagome was going to finally be happy. After two years of stumbling, and arguments, and misunderstandings the courtship between Kagome and Inu-Yasha was finally being completed. He would have a family again, even if it was with Inu-baka. He looked at Aiko and huffed. He didn’t like her. There was something off, something unpleasant in her aura towards his adopted mother. Though Kagome assured him she was still feeling the loss of her father and she would warm up soon, Shippō still had his doubts. The way she looked at Kagome sometimes… He didn’t like it.

He saw her stare at Inu-Yasha as well; the fleeting looks of attraction towards the Inu hanyō made Shippō’s hair stand on end. He would protect his mother at all costs. Her heart was fragile and had been broken many times, but Kagome had always, always, always, put that behind her and stood beside Inu-Yasha. If anything were to happen to Kagome’s heart in the next few hours or the following day he would blame Aiko. Shippō’s wrath would be a terrible thing indeed.

They had finally made their way to Kaede’s hut and Aiko went inside put her herbs in the correct order. Kagome followed suit, with Shippō’s help, and took Aiko’s matching herbs and tied them neatly to be dried until they could use them. Aiko soon left once Kagome started her task with a quietly muttered, “Good evening and good night, Kagome.” Kagome continued this until the pairs of the herbs that they gathered were all strung together. Once that was done Kagome put them away with the other herbs that were drying and wondered idly where Kaede had gone too.

“Shippō where is Kaede?”

“She is with Sango getting everything ready for your surprise.”

“Do you know what it is?”

“Of course!”

“And you’re not going to tell me!”

“Trust me, Kagome, you’re not gonna want to ruin this surprise!” Kagome looked skeptical, ever since Sango and Miroku had been married Sango had become just as devious as her husband. Three children and currently pregnant again, Sango had been giving Miroku a run for his money lately. That’s probably why he kept her pregnant she was so easily persuaded to his lust filled intentions towards her. “Fine, but I’ll remember this,” Kagome promised and Shippō grinned showing his fangs.

At that moment someone could be heard yelling for Kagome. “Kagome-sama! Kagome-sama! Risu-chan’s waters have broken!” an older woman yelled as she entered the hut. “Oh Bara-san everything will be fine, of course, I will assist. Go get the hot water started at her hut and let me get everything I need. I’ve had supplies tucked away for this very occasion she was due over a week ago!” Kagome smiled as she tried to comfort the woman. Shippō dashed off to find Kaede and Sango and tell them the plans were off. A baby was coming and that took precedence over a party.

Kagome reached for a basket that had been put to the side in Kaede’s hut but had everything that Kagome would need to deliver this baby. It was going to be a long night, indeed. No fun for Kagome tonight.


Inu-Yasha sat beside Miroku in front of them a blazing fire and a huge boar was roasting as men around the village sat chatting with the others. “Are you ready, my friend, to be married to a most wonderful woman?” Miroku asked as he poured some sake for Inu-Yasha. He had gone to visit Mushin to procure some from his stash. Mushin always had good alcohol on hand.

“Keh,” Inu-Yasha responded as a blush colored his features. To be honest he was done with all this ceremony he wanted it over already. Kagome wanted to be married he’d give it to her. She deserved that much. Her life was a blink for him. She would begin to fade soon. Life here was nothing compared to what she gave up, but it was her decision and it brought her back to him. She was still important to him and if he were honest with himself, he owed this one thing to Kagome. Spending the rest of her life with him was her decision and it wasn’t like he was going to let her go anytime soon.

“Oh don’t be shy Inu-Yasha we all know what happens when men marry, the wedding night,” Inu-Yasha blushed and Miroku snickered before continuing, “And the children that follow will be a blessing.” Inu-Yasha hadn’t thought about the possibility of having children with Kagome. Of course, she would want a little one of her own. Could he let her have one of his children? A littler version of himself wouldn’t be so terrible, or, maybe, a miniature version of Kagome running around? He liked the thought of a smaller version of Kagome running around his feet. That would probably please him. Kagome would be thrilled with a little girl to call her own.  It was definitely something to think on. “Keh, Shippō is enough for now. I wouldn’t be able to deal with as many as you have, monk,” he told Miroku and Miroku smiled. “You once said Kagome is a hellcat when riled with certain intent towards you,” Miroku continued, and Inu-Yasha stood to his feet the blush from earlier came back full force and spread down his neck. “You promised you wouldn’t ever bring that up again!”

“Oh, my friend now is not the time for shyness. Let us party, I only said it in jest. If you really thought to deny Kagome anything she wanted she would be able to convince you otherwise,” Miroku placated and Inu-Yasha sat beside him again. “As if I could tell Kagome no, hand me more of that sake,” Inu-Yasha took the jug Miroku offered him and began to down it. This was his party and he wasn’t getting married until tomorrow evening. His youkai blood and with Kagome’s help nursing him back to his regular self before the ceremony tomorrow. “That’s the spirit, Inu-Yasha!” Miroku encouraged and he too drank from his own jug.

“Kagome is going to kill you, Inu-Yasha if you get sick from all this drinking,” Shippō said as he appeared on Inu-Yasha’s shoulder. “It’s my party! What are you doing here runt, thought you were supposed to be helping Sango?”  Inu-Yasha picked Shippō off his shoulder and placed him beside him instead. “Risu-chan’s waters broke,” he replied as he watched the fire. “Oh, Sango must be so upset! She was having such a hard time keeping everything from Kagome!” Miroku moaned.

 His poor Sango, all her good intentions ruined by a laboring woman! “Sango was understanding, but angry, saying they could give Kagome her present later, but the event they had prepared was awesome. Sango even managed to talk Koga into helping!”

Miroku choked and laughed. While it had been his suggestion that the wolf yōkai make an appearance he sure didn’t think she would take him seriously! “What do you mean that wolf was showing up! He has a whole litter to take care of and-” Shippō laughed and interrupted, “I knew you would hate it so I told Sango to go ahead and go with the suggestion Miroku made.” Miroku paled and looked at Inu-Yasha, “I said it as a joke! I didn’t think she would take me seriously!” Miroku defended, but Inu-Yasha was already feeling the effects of the sake and merely grumbled, “Keh,” and continued to drink. Shippō smirked and eyed Miroku’s unattended jug of sake. “Don’t even think about it, Kagome would kill me,” Inu-Yasha told him and Shippō shrugged he’d steal a taste later.


Kagome and Kaede were having a hell of a time with this birth. Risu was doing well but with four hours until sunrise and they were no farther with getting this baby out Kagome was about to lose it. Kaede had known this was going to be a troubling birth and took it upon herself to help since Aiko wasn’t very fond of women laboring and had only assisted in a few births when Kagome had deemed her not ready to help. Kaede was quick to agree, but an extra pair of hand might be nice in this instance. “Kagome should I go get Aiko her assistance would be a great help,” Kaede asked as Kagome wiped the sweat from Risu’s face.

“No she would just complain the whole time and then Risu would be more stressed and I do not want another woman to be angry with us for having her assist. Remember what happened last time,” Kagome replied as Risu stiffened and a painful wail came from her lips, signaling another contraction.  Kaede remembered how Aiko grumbled and mumbled under her breath about inconvenience after inconvenience. The last woman who they had helped had been furious for weeks. “Well then let us continue, the pains are coming sooner and harsher this baby will come soon,” Kaede replied, and heard Kagome mumbled under her breath, “I hope so.”


Inu-Yasha stumbled towards his hut his vision blurry as he smelled the coming dawn. It would soon be twilight and he drank more than even Miroku. Shaking his head to get his blurred vision to clear, but it was no use. Kagome was so going to kill him. He was going to be drunk all day at this rate, or at least most of the day. Gods he hoped he wasn’t still stumbling while at the wedding ceremony. She would surely have his balls then, and not in the pleasing way when she was sucking him off. Oh, he liked when she did that, but no, it was not the time to be thinking of these things he had to get to bed before Kagome found him, or worse Sango. Oh, Sango would flay him alive.

A scent came to him and smelled of water lilies and fresh rain, and the spice of cinnamon. Cinnamon… that wasn’t right, or was it? Kagome smelled of water lilies and rain and a brewing storm, but cinnamon? “Inu-Yasha… oh, Inu-Yasha I need you…” A fuzzy Kagome latched onto him and began rubbing his ears just the way he liked. She began whispering naughty things into his neck as she burned kisses against the skin there. “But I thought you said nothing until after the wedding…” he mumbled but was more than happy to go along with her sensual plans. She had cut him off for a month saying it would be better once they waited until after the wedding, but his balls had been blue for weeks and he had wanted.  He grabbed hold and began kissing her. She tasted like miso and sleep and herbs. Something wasn’t right that wasn’t what Kagome tasted like, but it was Kagome. Well, two Kagome’s or was it three? “Inu-Yasha I’ve waited too long I have to have you. I was silly for insisting that we wait,” she breathed across his lips, and grabbed his hand and began leading him to her hut.

Dragging him towards her hut Aiko grinned. Her plan had worked. Who knew the herbs she stole would really drug his senses into thinking she was Kagome. She was going to take everything from Kagome. She would be Inu-Yasha’s mate, she would get the recognition of the miko that belonged to the hanyō who saved Japan from Naraku. She would have all the glory that came with being with Inu-Yasha. Kagome would get nothing!


Sesshōmaru sat in his study going through his never ending pile of parchments containing who knows what. Some were border summaries and some were silly infractions and disputes between villages that needed his hand. The one he currently read was over two neighboring human villages in his lands that were arguing over crops. Humans, so frivolous, he thought I need a human adviser on staff to take care of these humans and their bickering for me. Hm… He thought for a moment and an image of a woman with hair obsidian hair and eyes as blue as the ocean swam into his mind as he thought of a human advisor. She would be an asset, but the hanyō would never agree. He thought more on it, the monk would do as well, but the miko would be better. The monk was both devious and full of falsehoods he would be better suited to court life. Hm…

He placed the parchment to the side to be taken care of at a later time and reached for another. His eyebrows rose in surprise. I’m getting married come if you want, Bastard. Full moon, end of Spring. Bring the kid too, if you show your sorry ass. Kagome says that I should be nice, but I didn’t want to invite you at all. Inu-Yasha. So like Inu-Yasha to boast how none can command him, but does what the miko wants. He was so easily manipulated. “Kendo, fetch Jaken and have him scribe a letter to the council saying Inu-Yasha is to be married to the miko. Have him scribe a response to this letter. I have no time for human ceremonies, especially ones that include the hanyo,” Sesshōmaru ordered the new servant attending him tonight. How unfortunate for the miko, Kagome. Inu-Yasha will ruin her.


Kagome and Kaede finally managed to finish the birth of a healthy little girl to Risu-chan. She only had an hour until dawn, and sleep would only be two or three hours at the most, but today would be great.  Why do I have a horrible feeling that today is going to go horribly wrong, she thought. Kagome had always been able to trust her gut feeling. Her feelings were always right, but Kagome was hoping that today wasn’t so horrible, and the horrible feeling would last past the wedding. Everything feels wrong.


Right as midmorning came around Inu-Yasha woke tangled in hair and confused with a pounding headache. The last thing he remembered was sitting in front of the fire while Miroku and some of the other men danced and began telling stories. Miroku had been telling a story about Mushin and Hachi fighting about… something. Cinnamon filtered through his senses and he scrunched up his nose. That was not Kagome’s scent. Jumping up from the futon he looked at the woman he had been lying next to. Finally filtering all the scents going through his nose, he knew who the woman was beside him now. He came to two conclusions with the information his nose was telling him. He had fucked Aiko and the second was there was no going back from this. Kagome was definitely going to kill him if Sango didn’t first.

He saw Aiko move to get more comfortable on the futon and her hair moved proving even what Inu-Yasha refused to believe. There on her neck was a mating mark. He had mated Aiko. He was so fucked. Bile rose in Inu-Yasha’s throat and he hurried out of the hut so the contents of his now emptying stomach wouldn’t get everywhere. As he vomited beside the hut he groaned as his vision blurred once more and his head began to pound harder. There was no way this day could get any worse.


Sango was officially in freak-out mode. Inu-Yasha was not in his hut, not in the Goshinboku, or near the well. Miroku hadn’t found him in Kagome’s hut and Sango didn’t want to tell Kagome that Inu-Yasha was missing. She had already screamed at Miroku for his thoughtlessness for getting Inu-Yasha drunk.

Drunk Inu-Yasha wandered until he couldn’t walk, see, or smell. There had been many times where they found him outside the village in different scenarios. Once he was trying to pick a fight with a bear! Another time he had been screaming at a waterfall to stop splashing him with water and fucking fight him already. The latest was where the fuck are you Inu-Yasha?!

Sango was not going to deliver bad news to her best friend on the day of her wedding. Kagome was lucky she even got Inu-Yasha to agree in the first place. “Sango!” she ran towards the doorway at the sound of her husband calling from outside sounding frightened. Sango ran outside to greet her husband. “Have you found him?” Miroku was white as a sheet and sweating, “Yes, but it’s not good and Kagome… I just don’t know what Kagome’s going to think or do. Sango it’s worse than we could have imagined,” Miroku explained and Sango paused. Her heart stopped and clogged in her throat, “How bad?” she whispered. “Something that even I couldn’t imagine, there will be no wedding today,” Miroku shuddered at the pain Kagome was going to feel once she found out.

“On a scale of one to Kikyō, how bad is it? It can’t be a Kikyō she’s gone,” Sango asked and Miroku flinched. They hadn’t used this system for years, but it was worse than a Kikyō. The only thing worse than a Kikyō was a Naraku, but there might need to be a better scale. “It’s Kikyō-esque,” Miroku said slowly waiting for Sango to come to come to conclusions on her own. Sango’s scowl slowly turned to horror. “No! With who?! He wouldn’t! He- he- he just couldn’t do this to Kagome again!” Sango screamed and began pacing as her thoughts whirled around her head. Who in the village would want to hurt Kagome? “Who did he- who was it?” Sango asked. A beating was going to take place today. Sango would make sure Inu-Yasha would regret toying with Kagome this time. “Aiko,” Miroku said and Sango’s hands curled into fists.

Miroku knew what was going to come next as Sango began to storm off towards Aiko’s hut and quickly tried to stop his wife. “You have to be the one to tell Kagome. If she finds out from anyone else it’ll destroy her,” Miroku instructed as he jumped in front of Sango. He watched his wife’s face fall, “I can’t,” she said in a small hurt voice. “I can’t tell her, Miroku. Not after everything that’s happened, I can’t be the bearer of bad news. You remember how bad it was; Kagome won’t be able to pick up the pieces this time. The only reason she was able to forgive him last time was Kikyō was gone, forever. There was no more threat. Kagome has contended herself being second place to Kikyō, but this… I can’t.”  He watched Sango war with herself.

“I will have to do it,” he said. Kagome and he had always been close. He knew more secrets than even Sango. He just didn’t know what Kagome’s next move was going to be. Would she cry? Would she try and get vengeance? There was no future to run to so there was no option of her going to the well, but would she leave?

Sango looked at her husband and nodded, “Take Kirara, she will comfort her and make sure Shippō is close,” Sango instructed as she went off to beat a hanyō. “Sango, don’t kill him,” Miroku pleaded. Sango nodded that she heard him, but did not agree. This would make all of them break ways from Inu-Yasha. He had truly disgraced himself this time.

“Kirara, come,” he commanded as he went towards Kaede’s hut. No doubt Kagome would be there, either sleeping or preparing for a wedding that was not to come. Poor Kagome. Sango was absolutely right. He felt Kirara land on his shoulder and began to rub herself all over Miroku’s neck and cheeks purring to try and calm his nerves. “Will you help me comfort Kagome, Kirara?” he asked as he scratched between her ears. A small mew greeted his ears, and he knew that was Kirara’s way of say yes. He sighed, this was not going to be easy at all. He began to walk faster as he saw Kaede standing in front of her hut.

“Miroku, I thought I was going to fight Inu-Yasha from entering not you,” she joked but paused as she saw his stern features and sadness in his eyes. “What is it?” she asked. “Come inside, it is very bad news,” Kaede’s heart sank to her stomach, and followed Miroku inside. “Kagome, can you please come out,” Miroku called. He went up to the room Kagome usually slept in after a hard night of attending births. “Miroku what are you doing here?” Kagome asked as she walked out in her wedding Uchikake and Miroku stopped breathing. Kagome made a stunning bride. This was going to be very hard.

Kagome searched Miroku’s face and knew that everything was ruined, “What did he do?” Kagome’s voice had a harshness to it that hadn’t been present since the hunt for Naraku. “Kagome-” Miroku went to placate her first. “What did he do, Miroku?” she interrupted with her no-nonsense tone. “Kagome this would be a lot easier if you-” Miroku began, but Kagome’s face turned cloudy and she picked up her Uchikake at her hips so it wouldn’t get ruined by being dragged over the ground and began to walk out of the hut. “Kagome please-” Miroku pleaded and tried to stop her, but she whirled around as his fingers grasped her shoulder, “No! Whatever Inu-Yasha has done that is so bad that Sango couldn’t tell me, but you had to come... I want to see what he has done myself!” She yelled. “No, you do not!” Miroku argued, raising his voice. “Kagome I’m begging you as a friend do not go looking for Inu-Yasha, just don’t,” he pleaded with her.

“Miroku, I have to see, I have to know. You telling me, it won’t make a difference but if I didn’t know for myself I could pretend that it didn’t happen. Would you want me to fool myself as I did with Kikyō?” Kagome asked as she searched Miroku’s face. She saw him give in the moment his face scowled in understanding. “Kagome, I wish you wouldn’t take this path, but I do not want you to fool yourself either. What Inu-Yasha has done is unforgivable,” Miroku’s face twisted in anguish as Kagome turned to leave the hut. He turned towards Kaede who had remained quiet through the whole argument. “Kagome knows it is bad, but can it be repaired is the question I want to ask,” Kaede said while looking for confirmation from Miroku.

“I’m sorry to say, but I don’t think this will ever be repaired, Kaede. Kagome has been burned too many times in the past, and Inu-Yasha has never been regretful of his actions when it came to Kikyō. Kagome will not forgive this trespass, and it will kill her to know that Inu-Yasha took another woman, who is not Kikyō, to his bed,” Kaede gasped at the truth that was just uttered. Miroku was right in this instance. Kagome would never forgive Inu-Yasha. Kaede watched as Miroku ran after Kagome.

“I’m going to kill Inu-Yasha!” she heard Shippo scream as he scurried out the door before Kaede could get to him. This was bad. She hadn’t even known Shippo was in her hut! He must have been hiding or sleeping.


Kagome marched towards Sango screaming and Inu-Yasha yelling defensively. All of the skirmishing coming from over where Aiko’s hut was located in the village. Kagome’s heart was racing, but she hurried up. She stopped as she saw Inu-Yasha and Sango fighting in front of the hut, but where was Aiko and why wasn’t she defending her hut.               

“How could you! I can’t believe you would be this dense! After everything, you would do this!” Sango screamed.

“What the fuck! I’m not dense and STOP FUCKING YELLING MY HEAD HURTS!” Inu-Yasha shouted back. Sango snarled and jumped onto Inu-Yasha and began to punch him anywhere her fist could reach.

“You should be begging on your knees for her forgiveness!” Sango screeched as she continued to pummel the hanyō. Kagome side stepped them and went to go inside to see what was going on. “KAGOME NO!” Inu-Yasha roared as he noticed her. He began to flail trying to get Sango off him, but it was too late, Kagome was already inside. Inu-Yasha caught Sango under her arms and yanked her off. He heard Kagome’s breathing stop as he entered the hut.

“Kagome please, I don’t remember. I don’t know, I just-” Inu-Yasha began, but Kagome’s shocked face as she watched Aiko hurrying to get dressed. When Kagome turned towards him her face was painted with pain and betrayal. Kagome squared her shoulders and walked right past him brushing him with her shoulders as she hurried out of the hut. He knew it was over. Nothing was said. No tears, no screaming. He knew, this time, it was over. Kagome and he had always fought when it came to Kikyō. There was nothing from her this time.  Inu-Yasha had never done something that Kagome wouldn’t talk to him about. Even if it was Kikyō related.  Inu-Yasha stood rooted to his spot in front of Aiko before thinking of some way to fix this. He turned away to go back outside. He had to get to Kagome he had to talk to her tell her. Explain everything.                                                                        

Sango and Miroku were talking, but Kagome was off in the distance walking back to Kaede’s hut with Shippo struggling to get out of her hold and Kirara on her shoulder trying to comfort her. “I’m sorry Inu-Yasha, but I have to do this,” Miroku said as he pressed an ofuda to Inu-Yasha’s back and watched as the hanyō fell to the ground. Sango kicked his head effectively making him lose consciousness.


Kagome paced and paced in Kaede’s hut thinking of what she should do. She kept her tears at bay refusing to cry right now. She had to get out of here first. She couldn’t look at Inu-Yasha. What could she do, where could she go? There was no future to go to, but she couldn’t stay here. Not now. She had to go. The urge to flee was strong; it always had been when it came to confronting her feelings. An insane idea came to Kagome, but would she be able to pull it off? Well, she couldn’t stay and the well was closed. She couldn’t go to Kōga Inu-Yasha would just drag her back. Kagome had to go somewhere he would never look for her.

Kagome would take her chance to run as fast and far out of Inu-Yasha’s reach that she could. She looked at the older woman, “Kaede, I can’t- I won’t… I can’t stay here. I have to go. I have to leave. I can’t-” Kagome began, but Kaede went to hold the young girl. “Kagome you do what you feel is right, if you leave, then you leave. If you stay, then you stay,” Kaede said as she held Kagome to her.  Kagome looked at Kaede and Shippo and Kirara. She could feel Miroku and Sango approaching. She would have to make up her mind soon.

Miroku and Sango entered the hut to see Shippo in the corner pinned under Kirara’s larger form.  “Kagome what are you going to do?” Sango asked as she pulled Kagome away from Kaede and into her. “I don’t know. I mean there is only one place I could go where he wouldn’t drag me back, but it’s risky,” Sango pulled away, confused at what Kagome was saying.

“What do you mean to go? You can’t leave!” Sango told her, but Kagome moved out of the embrace and looked Sango in the eyes. “Sango, I have to leave. If I stay I let him get away with this. Aiko and Inu-Yasha- well whatever! But I can’t stay and see that every day! Inu-Yasha has to have consequences! I can’t do this again. I can’t be second best again. I won’t,” Kagome explained. “I have to leave. I can’t stay,” Kagome said while looking at Sango’s tear filled eyes. “Kagome maybe a stay with Kōga’s tribe-” Miroku began. “No, that won’t work either. Inu-Yasha will come, Kōga and he will get into a fight and I’ll end up where I am now,” Kagome interrupted.

 “Then where will you go?” Miroku quickly asked. He drew a sharp breath in as someone came to mind. “No, I won’t let you,” Miroku commanded, but Kagome shook her head. “It’s the only place Inu-Yasha wouldn’t go looking for me,” She explained. Miroku paled and said, “If you offend him he’ll kill you! It will be difficult, he’s too youkai, and you’re too human,” Miroku told Kagome. “I know that, Miroku! But Inu-Yasha would never think I would go to Sesshōmaru. It wouldn’t even cross his mind. I’m too loyal to ask for Sesshōmaru’s help,” Kagome explained and Sango gasped, “Sesshōmaru! But Kagome that’s borderline insane! He would never let you stay,” Sango alleged. “Maybe, maybe not, but it’s worth a shot,” Kagome said with conviction and they all knew nothing else would be said on the matter because when Kagome made up her mind she did what she wanted and was too stubborn to be reasoned with.

Sango hugged Kagome as tight as she could, “Please don’t go,” she whispered into Kagome’s hair and Kagome smiled a watery smile. She sniffed, “Sango, I will miss you. If this works I’ll let you know,” she stated and hugged Sango tighter. “Give your little ones my love, and let me know when you get too far along, I will come no matter the circumstance,” Kagome gave Sango another bone crushing hug. Miroku pulled Sango off and gave Kagome an equally bruising hug. 

Kagome went to the buried kit and asked, “Shippo will you go with me to Sesshōmaru’s?” “Of course, someone has to protect you since he can’t,” Shippo spat wanting to make the half-breed pay for what he had done to Kagome. “Kagome, take Kirara. She can come and go as she pleases,” Sango commented and pet Kirara who mewled in agreement. “It’s decided. I’ll go to Sesshōmaru and I will let you know if I need help,” Kagome agreed and nodded her head.

They were quickly packed and prepared for the journey ahead of them. They headed outside where she climbed onto Kirara. Kagome looked longingly at the village which had held her heart for so long. Thinking of the hanyō who was probably somewhere unconscious made her heart clench. She would not waste any more thoughts on him today. If her plan worked she would hide and come to terms with everything and then, hopefully, be able to move on. Kagome wiped the tears from her eyes as she climbed onto Kirara and just as she got situated they were off into the sky, and headed towards the West.


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