Reviews for The Model by Nelly

daapatemysoul (Chapter 1) - Thu 27 Dec 2018

I loved this, but I’m really hoping you continue it at some point. I know this is old, but you said you had the next chapter nearly complete, so I’m hoping there’s still a chance of getting that next chapter. 

Celestial (Chapter 1) - Mon 02 Oct 2017

Can't wait to hear the next chapter. You're a pretty good writer, i bet the story will be great. :3

Leticia (Chapter 1) - Wed 13 Apr 2016

Im liking this one better than the previous one, glad you are adding more chapters, cant wait until the next one

Lorena (Chapter 1) - Thu 07 Apr 2016

Wow~ I like this for sure, it seems like it could go many ways~ I just hope Kagome has more fight in her and Sesshomaru sees her for the gem she is... oooh! May I see a jealous Sesshomaru if you expand this beyond a 2 chapter story?  :)

Blommie8 (Chapter 1) - Tue 05 Apr 2016

sesshomarusama33 (Chapter 1) - Mon 04 Apr 2016

Oooh, that wicked wicked dog! I really hope you continue this! <3

roberta. (Chapter 1) - Mon 04 Apr 2016

Fun little one shot thanks

Miss C (Chapter 1) - Mon 04 Apr 2016

I can definitely see this expanded into contiuous chapters. This story has potential to be expanded.

Tsuki Hime (Chapter 1) - Mon 04 Apr 2016

I wish for this to be a chapter story! It's too good to pass it. <3

hana sora (Chapter 1) - Mon 04 Apr 2016

Kagome is not a cheap woman. . Hmm. . Maybe if sessh give her interest or date her i'll agree with the hot lemon XD

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