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The Model by Nelly

The Model

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UPDATE~ I have changed the first chapter so that Sesshomaru has more character and so it makes it easier for me to add a few more chapters or turn it into a chapter story, since I got requests for more. I know the first version was rushed and Sesshomaru seemed sort of lifeless and not really interested in Kagome, so I tried to make it a bit better. If you have already read the first version the changes start where Sesshomaru comes in so you can skip down to there. The next chapter should be up soon since i’m writing it now.

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They gave her scraps of cloth for a swimsuit. Kagome gulps as she looks down at the small thing she had to wear for the photo shoot and couldn't help wondering if this was payback for her refusing to do any nude shots. She pinches the top between her fingers as she looks at it disdainfully, her lip curling in disgust. How she despised the wardrobe people, always choosing the skimpiest clothing they could get their hands on for her to wear.

It wasn't fair really. She never asked to be a model, it was always her mother's dream and when her mother was never able to reach that dream she decided Kagome would make the perfect model. Now Kagome was usually a independent woman, not letting others tell her what to do. However when her mother told her the story of how a modeling agency turned her down flat when she was young, Kagome just didn't have the heart to say no to her mother when she entered pictures of Kagome to a modeling agency.

She had not expected to get an answer, but they did a week later.  And once again as her mother cried with joy and danced around the kitchen exclaiming how ‘their’ dreams were finally coming true Kagome couldn't get the words out of how she got accepted into a writer's school. The acceptance letter still sat in her desk drawer, the date for admittance already passed.

Two years later Kagome now realized her mother had guilt tripped her into becoming a model, as her mother slowly became greedier and greedier, making Kagome give half of her earnings from modeling to her, since she was the reason Kagome was where she was today.  Bragging to the press about how she was the only support her daughter had, and her daughter had no business sense and had to have her mother help as her manager. Yelling at Kagome in the privacy of their home about how she should be grateful that she had her as a mother so she could get her pretty face, and that she should be grateful to her for ‘getting’ her where she was today.

‘Oh yes mother I’m so glad that I get to prance around in front of a camera with close to nothing on.’ Kagome thinks bitterly as she pulls her white tank top over her head.

Her bra covered more than the bathing suit did! She sighs and slips it on before tying the strings around her neck. She turns and grabs the equally skimpy bottoms before bending over and dragging her jogging shorts down her toned legs, bringing her underwear with them.

“Thank gods they always use new and washed bathing suits,” Kagome mutters as she ties the little strings on the bottoms in little bows.

She turns to the full body mirror and can't help but blush. The deep blue bikini was even smaller on! How was she supposed to be expected to accurately do her job when she was blushing like a virgin the whole time!?

Kagome snickers despite her distress,” Oh but Kagome, you are a virgin”  she laughs to herself.

When a knock sounds at the door and a voice calls through saying the set was ready, Kagome slips on her robe, trying to preserve her dignity for as long as possible. She steps out of her dressing room and smiles when she sees her personal makeup assistant, Jakotsu. He was a very feminine guy, His hair was pulled back in a loop of some sort, that could only be achieved with maximum hairspray (his exact words). His red painted lips grin at her and she can't help but smile back, despite her mood.

“Kagome darling, you look absolutely gorgeous! Whoever did your makeup?” He asks with a sly grin as they make their way towards the set.

“Oh only the best makeup assistant in the universe” Kagome says with a grin.

“Oh you flatter me darling,” Jakotsu says with a wave of his hand before bumping shoulders with her, “so how bad is it?”

Kagome groans, “The top is so small if I move to much my nipples will pop out, and the bottoms are half a centimeter from being a thong!”

Jakotsu grins, “Oooh! Sounds sexy! Can I have a peek?”

“Jakotsu!” Kagome laughs.

“Oh please darling, if I wasn't gayer than gay, I would have jumped you ages ago.” He says with a wink as they reach the set, which was surprisingly empty.

“Where is everyone?”

“It seems the director today is going to be taking the pictures as well, and he doesn't want the ‘annoying racket’, as he called it, of the other crew members disturbing the shoot,” Jakotsu mutters, before waving a hand near his face, “But oh my is he fine. Im quite jealous you get to be alone with him.”

Kagome rolls her eyes before smiling at him, “well i'm just relieved only one person is going to be looking at my near nakedness, itll help me preserve my last crumb of dignity.” She jokes.

Jakotsu laughs before sighing, “well I guess i'm going to go to the coffee shop down the street while you do your thing,” He leans in and hugs her whispering in her ear, “try not to do anything I wouldn't do!”

Kagome scoffs, “please, I just want to get this over with!” She waves as he walks towards the exit.

“Oh believe me darling when you see him, you'll want to do unspeakable things,” Jakotsu calls with a laugh and a wave before disappearing through the exit.

Kagome chuckles before turning and walking towards the set, her mood a bit better, as she looks at the tropical themed set. Sand spread across the floor with palm trees and exotic flowers making up the background, a navy blue chaise lounge sitting in the center, a silk blue blanket arranged to spill off onto the sand. A golden bowl was sitting in front of the lounge with various fruits in it. Kagome decided after this she was taking a break for a week or two, and go to someplace that looked like this.

 She glances over towards the camera only to find it blocked by a wide back as the being changes the lenses. Kagome stares at the beautiful white silver hair that was braided down to his waist, swaying gently as he moved checking something on the camera. Her breath catches in her throat when he turns around and she immediately understood what Jakotsu had meant by when she saw him she would want to do unspeakable things. He was gorgeous.

His face looked like it was carved out of marble, in both color and looks. He had a strong jaw, and full lips that looked so kissable. His nose was strong and his eyes were a beautiful golden color with magenta stripes on each eyelid. But if that wasn't enough, he had a Dark blue crescent moon on his forehead and twin maroon stripes on each cheek, which immediately told her he was part of one of the royal demon families. And if her memory served correctly it was the last Inu family that had a crescent moon as their mark. Kagome would admit it, she had a thing for demons, who didn’t? Almost all of them were sinfully sexy. But what Kagome never told anyone, was that she really had a thing for markings, in her opinion anyone who had them, whether they were tattoos or natural markings, they made a person way sexier.

And this demon in front of her? Kagome was sure she was going to melt with his honeyed stare on her. Her cheeks burn bright red when she felt heat gather in her stomach and instantly tried to calm down knowing that demons had superior smell. Judging by the small smirk on his face though he already smelled it.

“Miss Higurashi, I will be taking your photos today, I am Sesshomaru Taisho but you may call me Sesshomaru,”  His voice, was a deep rumble that brought together the whole package, “Remove your robe and lay on the lounge and we’ll begin.”

Kagome took a deep breath trying not to die of embarrassment as she dropped her robe, exposing her near nudity to the handsome male. She walked as quickly and elegantly as she could to the lounge praying to every god out there that she wouldn't fall, because in this outfit everything would fall out, along with the scrap of dignity she clutched desperately. She tried to ignore the intense stare she could feel on her back as she reached the chair, she turned to him when she realized she didn't know how he wanted her to pose.

As she opened her mouth to ask he turned from the camera, his eyes skating up and down her form. A gleam of appreciation glowed in their golden depths for a moment, before he began striding towards her. Kagome could have sworn his eyes were outlined in red for a moment, but he blinked and it was gone. She jumps when he grabs her shoulders lightly and pushes her to sit on the chair, Bringing her eye level with his, erm, male parts, which she tried extremely hard not to look at, lest she die of embarrassment if he happened to see her looking.

A noise that sounded suspiciously like a growl, rumbled quietly from him before she felt his hands delve into her hair and begin pulling it into a messy bun on the top of her head, a few loose strands gently brushing her neck and cheek. A shiver traveled up her spine at the feel of his claws lightly scraping her scalp before he pulled away and moved her to lay on her side, his fingertips briefly brushing against her hip, causing goosebumps to bloom up her arms. He moves her other arm to hold her head up slightly, before stepping back and looking at her and nodding. While he walked back to the camera Kagome couldn't help it when her eyes drifted to his backside, marveling at how biteable it looked.

‘Woah! Where did that come from!? What is wrong with me?!’ Kagome mentally screams a blush spreading across her cheeks. Thank god they could cover up blushing because it was hard to make a tomato look desirable.

Sesshomaru grabbed the camera off its stand before walking about two feet from her and crouching down. He held the camera in front of his face before giving instructions on what expression to make, Kagome calming down slightly as she slipped into business mode. After an hour of different poses and expressions, Leaning over to reach for fruit, Holding a cluster of grapes above her mouth, a hand on her hip and one dragging down her face.

“You're very photogenic, Miss Higurashi,” He murmurs in the deep voice of his.

“Thank you, but it's probably that you are just good at pictures,” Kagome says, slightly embarrassed by the compliment, but then again, what didn't embarrass her with this male around?

“You are very photogenic,” he continues, dropping the camera from his face to look at her with amber eyes, “however you can't seem to get the seductive look. Whenever I ask you to look seductive, you look more like a schoolgirl with a crush.” He states, not trying to gentle his blow to her pride.

Kagome closes her eyes and tries to calm the voice in the back of her mind yelling about stupid rude males. She needed to think about this from a business perspective, and she was the model and he was the photographer. He told her what to do and how to do it. She just had never been told before that she was making the wrong face or pose before, so it was quite an unexpected blow. But her pride would not get the best of her, she wouldn't let it.

As she opened her mouth to ask what he suggested she do to make herself look more seductive he continued in his degrading of her, “This is extremely unprofessional Miss Higurashi, allowing your feelings to affect the shoot,” he drawls lifting a silver eyebrow, at the way color flooded her cheeks.

The only difference was that this color was from anger.

“How dare you call me unprofessional! I've been nothing but professional this whole time! Excuse me if my seductive look doesn't fit into your category of what seductive looks like! Not everyone has your tastes Mr. High and Mighty!” Kagome seethes pushing herself into a sitting position.

A sharp glare was enough to silence her and squash her anger.

‘Oh Gods, why did I do that? I’m going to be fired and mother is going to scream at me, great.’

“As I was saying, it is unprofessional, however you aren't a completely lost cause. You simply need some,” a smirk slides across his features as his eyes darken, “Encouragement.”

Kagome's brow furrows slightly as she looks at him in confusion, “Encouragement?”

He stalks towards her and gently runs his fingers along her cheek before hooking two of them under her chin and guiding her to look up at him.

“Yes, encouragement.” He purrs, causing a shiver to dance down Kagome's spine.

He couldn't possibly be suggesting what she thought he was suggesting… could he? No, not two minutes ago he was scolding her for being ‘unprofessional’, there was no way he would do something like that.

With her mind made up she smiles gratefully up at the demon, “Thanks I could use some help.”

“Roll over onto your stomach.” He orders, stepping back and releasing her chin.

Kagome, though slightly confused, does as he says. Ignoring the fact he was getting an eyeful of her backside, well trying to ignore it. Her breath catches in her throat when he swings a leg over to the other side of the chair, sitting on the top of her thighs, holding his weight so it didn't hurt her. She glances over her shoulder ready to question him, but quickly decides against it when she sees the hungry look in his eyes.

‘Don't want him to make him mad enough that he will take a bite out of me’ she thinks, mistaking his ‘hunger’ for actual hunger.

Sesshomaru smirks at the girls back, marveling at how innocent one of her age could be. He had worked with millions of models, each one more spoiled and cocky than the last, every last one had attempted to seduce him. Brushing against him at every chance, ‘accidentally’ falling into his lap, jutting their bodies out trying to gain his attention, a few even had the nerve to wait for him in his office naked afterwards. Lets just say they weren't happy when they found themselves shoved outside with their clothes clutched in their hands.

This girl however was different. Her desire for him was obvious in her scent and the way she flushed constantly, however she made no move to seduce him. It actually seemed as if she would rather do anything than touch him. At first his ego was bruised and he felt like he needed to prove something. So he had began giving her smoldering looks, trying to unnerve her. Little growls and purrs here and there. But as he did that and the perfume of her arousal began to waft through the room her found he actually wanted to seduce the girl. It was no longer proving to himself and his beast he was still the desirable male all the girls threw themselves at, but trying to see how far he could go with the woman, how far she would let him go.

Sesshomaru was attracted to the female yes, but he didn't force himself on women. Well he had never been faced with a situation where he would have to force himself, most forced themselves on him. His gaze travels down her slender back, his eyes zeroing in on the dimples on the small of her back. A low growl escaped him as his beast struggled to take control, snarling something about mounting the female, his eyes flickering between red and gold as he shoved the beast back to its cage. If his beast had escaped now, nothing would have stopped him from mounting the female. If her barely covered ass had been raised, he would have already been inside her.

Forcing his thoughts away from that topic he brings his mind to the one at hand. He rubs his hands together slightly before pressing them against her back, kneading the flesh causing a groan to escape Kagome, her back arching softly. He lets his mind slip into concentration as his hands roam her soft back, pressing and massaging in tense places, intending to bring her to total relaxation before he began his seduction. After ten minutes. Kagome was practically a puddle underneath him. His eyes flash in excitement, the golden irises rimmed in red, a feral grin coming to his mouth. Oh he was going to enjoy this.

Kagome was in heaven. His hands were strong and warm, always seeming to  know just where to press to release an ache in her back. She had no idea how turning her into  a puddle of contentedness was supposed to help her make a seductive face, but at the moment she couldn't care less. Her eyelids droop as her chin rests on her folded arms a small hum coming out of her throat as his hands glide down her back. The hum quickly turned into a yelp when she felt his hands on the top of her ass.

She pushed up as much as she could with Sesshomaru resting on her legs. She ended up in a position similar to the cobra pose her head twisted to look accusingly at him.

“That's a little too low for a back massage” she snaps, her eyes narrowed on his calm face.

“The position you are in now, does it not strain right here?” Sesshomaru questions running his hands along her lower back and the top of her butt.

Kagome blinked, feeling the slight strain in that area as she looks at him questioningly as he continues, “This is a pose I will ask you to do when the massage is over, if you are in pain you will not be able to make a completely seductive face or any face for that matter other than a pained one.” He finishes, pressing his thumbs against her dimples.

Kagome considers it for a moment before nodding slowly, “Ok… That makes sense I guess,” She mutters before laying back down, relaxing once more. Not hearing the nearly silent chuckle.

His hands continue their haven on her body, focusing more on her lower back, pulling Kagome once again into a peaceful state. When his hands slide lower she tries to ignore it and not jump to conclusions like last time, not wanting to accuse him of anything indecent again. He leans over her back and breathes softly on the back of her neck, her skin tingling with awareness. Kagome blinked as her mind became clouded with want, her rational part fading as a needy part of Kagome took control. She tried to clear her head not wanting to accidentally encourage anything. She hears him murmur something but she was too distracted by his hands to even begin to guess what it was. She hums in answer to what he had said not realising what she had just given him permission to do.

Sesshomaru smirks at the obviously aroused woman before leaning down and running his nose along her neck, purring at the delicious smell of vanilla and cherry blossoms. Kagome gasps and opens her mouth to question him but he had already pulled back, his hands massaging the sides of her neck gently. She grumbles and closes her eyes, both relieved and disappointed he had pulled away. She didn't know what kami she had pleased for them to have blessed her with the attention of this male, but she was going to enjoy it while it lasted.

He decided he had waited long enough and that it was time to move into the second phase, she was as relaxed as she was going to be.

Sesshomaru stands up before ordering her to roll onto her back. When she was positioned correctly he rests back on the top of her thighs. His hands slide to her shoulders, massaging deeply, his thumbs sliding across her collarbone. Kagome sighs her eyes slipping closed, only to snap back open when his hands glide to her breasts.

“W-w-what are you doing!” She gasps her back arching unconsciously to the kneading.

“Massaging you pectorals, they get just as sore sometimes,” he murmurs flicking his thumbs over the nipples slightly.

“B-but!” Kagome squeezes her eyes shut at the unfamiliar feelings coursing through her.

Kagome had done things like this to herself before, she would be lying if she said she didn't. But the immense difference between touching herself and feeling another's hands on her was insane. Her brain was fuzzy, the only thing clear in her mind was that she wanted, no needed release. Had her mind been clear she would have been horrified at how she was acting, she never let a guy even kiss her on the first date, let alone letting her photographer play with her nipples while on set. She squeaks in shock when he leans over and nips lightly at her shoulder, a purr rumbling in his chest.

‘I didn't know dog demons purred’ Kagome thought dazedly, not noticing him shifting so that he could slide a knee between her legs.

Sesshomaru growls in pleasure at the startled mewl she gives, looking hungrily at her parted pink lips just begging to be nibbled on. Never having been one to not take what he wanted, Sesshomaru swooped down and nibbled at her bottom lip, drawing it into his mouth to suck softly.  He moves his knee in a slow but firm circle on her womanhood, his fingers still getting acquainted with the berries of her breasts. He releases her lip before securing her mouth in a searing kiss.

Kagome was lost in the pleasure, her mind focused on nothing but the feel of the dominating male above her. She was so close, she could practically feel herself being thrown over the edge of pleasure already. She gasps when he tangles tongues with her, his short growls egging her on. When he suddenly pushes his knee against her and tugged her nipples at the same time she breaks the kiss to cry out in rapture. Her eyes squeezed shut as her release washes over her, barely noticing the males sudden absence. Her chest heaves as her eyes slide open, her mouth parted as she pants, her body in total bliss.

The snapping of a camera ruined that bliss however.

Her eyes snap towards Sesshomaru to find him standing a few feet away pulling the camera down from his face, a smirk dancing across his lips.

That Miss. Higurashi was a very seductive face.” He says waving the camera mockingly.

Kagome blinked slowly, her mind trying to comprehend what had just happened as Sesshomaru turns and begins putting the camera and its stand away. She gasps and sits up, covering her face with her hands, groaning in despair.

‘Why did I just let that happen!? What is wrong with me! Oh gods!’

“Kagome, I trust you will keep my helping you today between us, wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea now would we?”

Kagome lifts her face and shoots him a scathing glare, “How dare you! What the hell kind of helping was that! And you dared to call me unprofessional earlier!” She spits,” If I reported you you wouldn't find work anywhere!”

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow, his voice dropping to chilling levels,” First of all, You could have told me to stop at any given time and I would have immediately, however you were to busy crying out and urging me on, second, go ahead and report me every single model I have worked with has thrown herself at me so if I were to be reported you would just look like another model with a hurt ego because I did not return your affections. Do not try to play that game with me onna, because I assure you, you would not win.”

Kagome flushed in anger before spitting out, “Cocky dog!” And storming off to her dressing room.

Sesshomaru allows a genuine laugh to escape him as she stalked out of sight. He would have to see about keeping this one. She was endlessly amusing to him, having the strangest things to say.

‘As if I would be offended by being called a dog’ He thinks with a smirk.

He would contact her agency tomorrow and set up another appointment to… woo her to his side. What fun it was going to be to tame the wild she cat. He smirked as he grabbed the suitcase with the camera in it and left the building, to start setting his plans into motion.


Kagome was practically spitting fire as she slammed the door to her dressing room open.

‘The nerve of that guy! I never asked for him to do those, those… things to me!’

She all but ripped the bikini off, quickly pulling on her clothes just in case Sesshomaru decided to follow her into the dressing room. When her body was safely covered and she was sure Sesshomaru wouldn't be barging in she flopped onto the leather couch with a sigh, the events of the past hour and a half whirring through her mind. How had it even happened? How could she have let it happen? Kagome was not a loose woman by any means but she just didn't know what had come over her. One second she was enjoying a massage sent from heaven, the next she was moaning and arching like a cat in heat.

It just wasn't like her and it made Kagome loathe herself the tiniest bit. But she squashed the lathing as soon as it appeared. She wasn't going to hate herself over this, she wouldn't let him have that power over her. She would just leave it at it was a moment where she lost sanity and enjoyed the pleasure another could give her. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.

With that firm resolve in mind she stood up and grabbed her purse, flipping the light switch out before closing the door softly behind her.


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