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candace peaches (Chapter 11) - Sat 14 Apr 2018

LOVED IT! it was full of lemon-y goodness with a little angst thrown in as well. i'm glad it had a happy ending and the brothers were getting along for the sake of the pack. kagome having yasha's and maru's pups was the best ending ever. i think you could've gotten a couple more chapters out of it, but you're the author. keep up the great writing. c'ya'

WesternInu91 (Chapter 10) - Fri 20 Jan 2017

Heheheehhh...good story!!! ???? I loved it. Really liked that ending. Hopefully  you'll be kind and expand on the smut by making a sequel? ???????? lol anyways, just thought I'd tell you, you're a lovely author, and you're very good at painting a picture  in the reader's mind. Lovely smash bang job (haha funny pun), had lots of laughs in the appropriate  places, and overall really enjoyed this story, even though by my standards 10 chapters is short. (I LOOOOOOVE reading heinously LONG chapter stories) BUT this is one of the few exceptions  I'll make, because this story was Awesomeness!!! Keep up the good worl, I hope you make many more wonderfully smutty stories lol, (and also just amazing stories too)

Sarah (Chapter 11) - Thu 01 Dec 2016

OK that story was just wow...I mean yes inuyasha got pup and so did sesshy I loved it.

Sarah (Chapter 9) - Thu 01 Dec 2016

Yes, yes, yes..... 

*dose a happy dance* 

I just knew the old hag couldn't keep my Inuyasha and of my god I so want to be Kagome and...and... Your the best for this I am now a loyal follower and will always be, your the best.

Sarah (Chapter 7) - Thu 01 Dec 2016

OK here I go again...... Oh so hot and steamy right at first and I mean god I love this story but really that old hag better get her hands off my Inuyasha and for that matter I clam Sesshomaru and Inupapa too so there. There all mine doggy's :p

Sarah (Chapter 6) - Thu 01 Dec 2016

No not her, I forbid it, that old hag can't have puppy eared Inu....Well crap I really have no say but still....old hag, heartless bitch..... OK I feel better now.

Sarah (Chapter 4) - Thu 01 Dec 2016



*Sobs and whimpers* 


I thought.... But he.....and then....then....then....Why oh why.


*Brakes down in tears*


I so thought it was going to be a brothers learn to share kind of story, now I don't know what is going to happen.

Sarah (Chapter 2) - Thu 01 Dec 2016

Oh my....I'm just....No words.......


*Walk's away and starts to jump up and down in excitement...Walks back and take's a deep breath.*


Oh my god!!! Oh my god!!! Oh my god!!! Your a goddesse to gift the world with this story and this is me only after two chapter's. Oh my god!!!

Sabrina (Chapter 11) - Sun 27 Mar 2016

Please put a warning: love triangle or something! 0_0' Some readers are strictly Sesshoumaru-Kagome.

Your writing has room for improvement but it's good. Keep up the good work!


Desiree Nickels (Chapter 11) - Fri 25 Mar 2016

I would love to see a sequel to this story please.

DeathDagger (Chapter 11) - Mon 15 Feb 2016

I am so confused on this story. I don't know if I wish I read it or not. I don't mind the polygamy angle but Sess's mom screwing Inu especially after Kagome killed it for me. Definitely ewww

DeathDagger (Chapter 10) - Mon 15 Feb 2016

Ewwww!!!! Majorly ewwww! I am all for sharing but not with his mom!!!

SlayerofQueens09 (Chapter 11) - Sun 10 Jan 2016

That was just amazing!!! I think you should continue with it a bit longer, but none the less great story!!!!!

Seluna Maru (Chapter 11) - Tue 05 Jan 2016

Idk if I regret reading this story or not. Put a warning lol. I liked it but I have mixed feelings. There is no doubt that it was good, you are a great writer but damn if it were really Sessh he wouldn't share period! Lmao. I think I just like to think Kags wouldn't go having 2 baby daddies. BUT I wish society would let women keep two men.

Seluna Maru (Chapter 9) - Tue 05 Jan 2016

Oooooooo YOU LIED!! Lol you are so BAD. I read earlier that you said you wouldn't make them shar but now this. I like it but I was suprised lmao since u said u wouldn't


LoveAndFaith (Chapter 11) - Sat 02 Jan 2016

That was just so wrong, Happy New Year!

Nicole (Chapter 11) - Tue 29 Dec 2015

I enjoyed reading this! And, hehe, I also love the note you ended on :)

Saiya (Chapter 11) - Mon 28 Dec 2015

Whaat!!!! His Child Such a Cliffhanging Ending.

MythMagykFae (Chapter 11) - Sun 27 Dec 2015

WHAAAAAAAATTTTTTT! anyway lol cool epilouge!

Redleopord (Chapter 11) - Sun 27 Dec 2015

Well done!!:^)

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