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Heat by M-Angel 05

The Beginning

His mouth trailed up over her neck, suckling it at the sensitive spot. She moaned his name softly. His ears twitched at the soft tone of her voice.

"Inuyasha." She moaned as she tangled her hands into the silky strands of his silver hair.

He groaned as those tiny fingers of her found his hanyou ears. "Wench." He groaned out as he ground his hips against hers, his erection straining against his hakama pants. She gave a soft whimper. He gasped as her hands ran down his sensitive skin on chest.

He wanted more...and so he took more. He tore her school top from her body. His mouth latching onto her breast as his hand trailed up her thigh. Grasping her ass he found it was covered. He pulled her panties down and threw them behind him, not caring where they landed. He then pulled her school skirt down and then finally saw her in all her glory.

She suddenly sat up, her pale skin glistened in the moonlight. Her breast moved with each breath she took. His eyes met hers and he smiled. "Beautiful." He whispered. He about to lean forward to kiss her when she spoke.


"Huh?" He asked as he looked at her in her eyes.

"Inuyasha." She spoke again when suddenly she vanished and he found himself on the ground by himself in the darkness.


He turned only to see an explosion of light. As the light faded his eyes slowly adjusted to the brightness of the light. Suddenly his sight was filled with a small Kitsune kits face.

"Inuyasha!" Shippo yelled his friends name. The happy boy suddenly noticed the upset look on the hanyou's face. "You okay Inuyasha?"

"Oi, get away ya brat!" He snarled as he realized that once again he'd fallen asleep and had another dream of him and Kagome-

His train of thought was cut short as Shippo began sniffing him. "Hey Inuyasha, you smell different. Why?"

Inuyasha snarled. "Get away from me brat!" He yelled as he jumped away from Shippo and into a tree. Looking down at the stain on the front of his pants his ears fell flat against his head. Great now I have that to deal with. He felt a pleasurable shiver run up his spine. The stain grew. "Shit." He whispered before running off to find a cold river to soak in.

He hated this time of year. Especially since Kagome started coming to the feudal era. All he could think about was finding her, throwing her over his shoulder, finding some cave somewhere and fucking her until they both passed out from exhaustion.

His feet pushed him off of another tree and jumped down onto the ground. Running full speed into the rushing river he jumped into the water. The resulting splash could've been heard all the way back to the camp. Coming up for a breath Inuyasha swam over to a rock and sat on it until he was certain he wasn't going to run off to find Kagome and possibly scare her to the point of him never seeing her again. He couldn't lose her. She was his best friend and he cared for her deeply, but was afraid of losing her to tell her the truth.

Unknown to Inuyasha that he wasn't the only one having problems at that moment. In the same moment across Japan in the western lands a certain Daiyoukai was having similar problems.


Shippo shrugged as he watched his friend and role model run off like he'd caught fire or something. He was so bored! Looking over to Kagome he watched her sleep when a thought came to mind. His two friends had t been fighting lately, which was a plus. Kagome always liked pretty smelling things and there weren't any youkai nearby and he could smell a meadow just over the hill. Taking a deep breath and sending out his youki to ensure that only Inuyasha was nearby he took off in a flash towards the meadow with a big grin on his face. 

Once arriving at the meadow he found himself in a girls paradise. Rin would love this place! He thought as he began to look over all the yellow, pink and purple flowers. He could already his Mama cooing over these flowers And knew right then that he'd made the right choice at coming to this meadow. 


AN: This is going to be a short lemony story. Possibly only 10 chapters long. Haven't truly decided. So tell me what you guys think!

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