Reviews for Troublemaker by Alon

hana sora (Chapter 1) - Sun 22 Nov 2015

I really want to know the next!! But thats okay if this is complete

halfpastfive (Chapter 1) - Sat 21 Nov 2015

omg i think that song is so fun! loved it! 1 more chapter? :D

Saraf Anjum (Chapter 1) - Sat 21 Nov 2015

You r an amazing writer ^_^ I LOVE ur stories. Will there be no future chapter to this one? I would REALLY love to know what happens next. Please keep on writing more fics :)

Kessa (Chapter 1) - Sat 21 Nov 2015

Will there be a second chapter??  I'd love to see Sesshomaru convince Kagome to go on a date!

roberta. (Chapter 1) - Sat 21 Nov 2015

That was fun

Kristina (Chapter 1) - Fri 20 Nov 2015

I love this. Poor Kagome, she has the worst luck. I hope at some time you put up another part to explain why she said no to Sesshomaru. Thank you for your stories, I love all of them. Keep on writing please it makes me smile, sometimes sigh, sometimes get angry but always pulls me into the story!!

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