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Troublemaker by Alon


Recommended while reading: based on the song Troublemaker by Olly Murs




You're a troublemaker, troublemaker...
You ain't nothing but a troublemaker, girl

The first time he saw her she was working at a café.

“Is that all, sir?” A charming smile as she took down his order. The silver haired male gave her a curt nod and she turned, finishing jotting down something on paper so she stilled for a moment. Suddenly there was a slap—impact to her rear as the offender who hit her leaned back in his chair with a smirk. It was a middle aged man with a dark complexion and a dirty stare, sitting on the next table. The bloody pervert smacked her ass.

“Get me some water, woman.” He had a smug tone, the offending hand now lifting his empty glass with a shake mid-air. The raven haired woman’s eye twitched, her blood was beginning to boil but she willed herself to try calm down. “Hey! You deaf? Now would be good!” The male that she had served earlier was about to intervene—but there was no need.

She snapped. Easily.

“Water, right?” She said a little too sweetly. There was a jug on the counter and she grabbed it, a renewed force chorusing through her being. Without a word she began pouring into his cup and as it reached the top it overflowed. She didn’t stop. She continued. The water leaked onto the table and then rushed to the edge of the slab, wetting the customer in seconds.

“Oi! You blind—” She flung the rest of the water into his face before he could finish his sentence. Customers around her gasped in shock as some began to take pictures on their phones. The male customer spluttered, choking on the impact.

“Oops?” She said sarcastically, resting the empty jug on the table. She turned and the manager was right in front of her face. His face reddening with an angry scowl.


“He touched my rear!” She shouted in defence.

“I don’t care! You don’t do that to customers!”

“The hell is wrong with you!?” She retorted, ripping off her apron.

“You’re fired—” Kagome threw her apron right into his face, storming out and leaving the café full of whispering people, some laughing behind their hands and others still shocked.

The handsome male raised an amused brow, lips almost twitching in a smile.

Her name echoed in his mind.




Trouble troublemaker, yeah
That's your middle name...
I know you're no good but you're stuck in my brain.

The second time he saw her she was working at a music store.

It was amusing, watching her dance to her own tune. She was wearing headphones while restocking record disks and CDs. He was there to acquire some older classical records, as well as modern ones for his half-brother. He didn’t recognise her immediately, but there was something about her clumsiness that was distinguishing. The raven tressed woman was in her own world before being interrupted by a customer. He was talking on the phone as he watched the scene unfold.

“Oi, Sesshomaru, are you even listening?!” Screeching from a female over his device.


The rest of the conversation fell on deaf ears; the scene in front of him was too amusing.

She was trying to escape, desperately avoiding the queries of the customer just to listen to one more song from her hot pink headphones. “I don’t know where that is! I can’t hear you!” She muttered, “Can’t you just wait while I finish this soundtrack?!” She was almost running in avoidance, but the customer was intent on finding what he wanted. There was a worker’s badge just below her collarbone that seemed to jest at her.

I’m here to help. Ironic.

It was a mini game of cat and mouse, she pulled out random things for him, even soundtracks that she enjoyed—none was what he wanted. Talk about customer service. But she looked like she was having so much fun with the song she was listening to. The surrounding people were almost laughing while some other appalled by her behaviour. Then she twirled and rammed into a rack—spluttering everything everywhere. The handsome male with the phone to his ears almost let a smile convulse onto his face.

It seemed her boss didn’t find it funny at all. The heavy looking man then pulled her to the side, whispering something inaudible, pointing and criticising while the tall male flinched at the screech over his phone.

“Get back right now! There are clients waiting!”

Sesshomaru was forced to leave empty handed and promised himself to visit again the next day. However, by then she was gone.



But damn girl it's like I love the trouble
And I can't even explain why

The handsomely tall male was waiting patiently outside. He promised that he would shop around with his mother but the task became too daunting. In his arms held a few bags and they were about to go eat lunch before his mother’s golden eyes noticed a boutique. She easily glided in, leaving her oldest to hold all her items. The old lady was then taking too long. He peered into the store through the glass window and was surprised at the sight that met him.

It was her.

The klutz. The indignant one. The disregarding girl. The troublemaker.

She was grabbing various clothes on the rack of items but it never seemed like luck was on her side. Once she managed to grab a shirt it got stuck within other fabric, then when she held onto a pair of paints the accessories she was also holding was falling between her fingers. Effectively, she was a mess. It took all of her concentration before she detangled herself and walked forward, bringing all the items closer to him—hoping to change the display mannequins right in front of the glass that he was looking through.

Coincidence? Maybe.

At the end she gave up and threw the clothing into a pile, igniting looks from other people in the store, including his own mother. But she either ignored them or didn’t notice and began to take the clothes off the middle mannequin, not the best choice to start with. The dark haired girl began to strip her top before realising that she needed to remove the plastic model’s arm first. He watched her inwardly curse; her disarray amused him greatly.

What was her name again? Ah, right. Kagome.

She finally managed to twist the appendage off but at the same time their eyes locked briefly. Molten gold met vivid cobalt. It seems she finally noticed that she had an audience to her antics. Then it happened, just like Sesshomaru expected. Kagome used too much force to yank the plastic arm free that her body knocked into the left mannequin. In trying to save the left mannequin the loose arm she was holding then swung at the right mannequin. Everything fell in a flash and in the end she couldn’t save any of them. It all came down with a crash and if the manager of the store wasn’t alerted to her clumsiness, she was now.

His face was placid but amusement danced in his molten orbs. He was keen to keep watching what would enfold but his mother was by his side in an instance.

“That girl ruined any mood I had of shopping. Now lets go eat.” His mother’s voice came from the side as she began to walk away. Regretfully he also had to pull away. But now he looked forward to seeing her again, somewhere close and sometime soon hopefully.



It's like you're always there in the corners of my mind
I see your silhouette every time I close my eyes

He despised these places. In fact, it was more of the company he had than anything. The area was loud, screaming music that forced him to block off his hearing. There were intoxicated people everywhere, their sweat fuming from their body and skin were clammy with spilt alcohol. The dark atmosphere was illuminated only by the myriad of dancing lights, shooting beams. He knew this was a bad idea.

“Awesome, right?!” Screamed his half-brother, grinning.

Sesshomaru could only glare in reply, it was a Friday, and the usual atmosphere of a quiet bar escalated a hundred fold. The dance floor was packed with bodies moving to the overbearing music. It wasn’t his intention to be here, but the damned brother of his wouldn’t give him the files he wanted unless he did come. The company had shares and stockholders at stake and the idiot wanted to party. The only thing he could do was stick to the wall, ride it out; wait for the half-breed to become intoxicated enough before dragging his ass out.

“Hey sexy, why you alone huh?” A scantily dressed woman rubbed against his side, alcohol heavy on her breath. “You don’t wanna go dance?”

There was no point glaring, or even pushing her away. Instead he slightly shifted and her weight wasn’t on him anymore, she began to fall—

“Miss? Are you okay?!” A pair of petite hands just managed to catch the falling woman, propping her up again, “Sir, are you her friend?”

The female who entered his vision looked up. Familiar cobalt eyes, his lips almost began to twitch. She was still waiting for an answer over the loud music and he briefly shook his cranium. This time she turned to the woman still in her semi embrace and said something into her ears. “I’m okay!” The haphazard woman yelled, jerking her arm away and began to unsteadily merge back to the crowd of dancing people.

He looked over her form, dark pants and tight white blouse, heading towards the bar counter.

So this was her new place of work.

The woman seemed to ignore him and continued to her destination after glancing at the dance floor. It was the first time he had stood so closely to her. She was definitely petite, but at this angle he could also see the swell of her breast, as her top two buttons of the blouse was undone. He had to admit, she was quite a catch. From her dainty facial features, large eyes, dewy skin and well endowed rear—he almost couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

Unconsciously he began to follow her towards the bar. His own silver hair seemed to glow against the darkness as he glided to the front counter, keen on ordering a drink from her. Instead, another fellow took his order. A wolf, who also seemed to have the hots for her.

“Aw, c’mon Kagome, just one dance later?”

“No way Kouga, I’m going straight home to sleep.” She saw another customer on the other side and moved away to serve them while the male grumbled.

“Scotch on the rocks.” The inu yokai quipped, simultaneously sliding a card over. The wolf nodded at his request and grabbed a bottle of brown liquid. He tried not to stare but couldn’t help noticing her silhouette gliding from one end of the bar to the other. Maybe it was finally a job she was good at.

He obviously spoke too soon as her hand slipped and she dropped a tall glass, immediately cursing and bending to pick it up. The atmosphere was too loud and all the other bartenders were busy serving customers. It seems that no one saw but him. As she gathered the pieces she glanced around, praying that no one witnessed her accident. As she scanned the area her animate orbs locked with his curious ones.

Then there was a shout and her eyes tore away. A bar fight began behind him. His face twitched in annoyance before turning—but there was no need for him to look. He could recognise that yelling voice and pest anywhere.

“I didn’t touch your girl! The hell! She rubbed on to me!” It was Inuyasha. Right in the eye of the tornado, as usual.

The tall yokai stood and swiftly pushed through the crowd of people. The rest of the night became a blur as he dragged his half-brother and his friend’s sorry butt’s home. It was obvious they drunk too much and no doubt Miroku’s wandering hands was what caused the dilemma.

It was a shame he had to leave, but he vowed to go back.



There must be poison in those finger tips of yours
'Cause I keep comin' back again for more

It’s been a month and she wasn’t fired yet. Must have been a record.

“Scotch on the rocks.”

By now he was a frequent customer but still, she had never served him. Her female colleagues were too eager to service the silent and handsome silver haired stranger while Kagome easily fell back, satisfied to just be cutting fruit in the corner. No one seemed to notice but he had been watching her the entire time, just waiting for an opportunity to talk. Or even a glance.

He witnessed her co-worker creep up behind her and violently snatched her waist, which ignited a yelp and made her jump. She was in an argument again, and the regal being wasn’t even surprised.

“Don’t touch me!”

“C’mon Kagome, I’m just being friendly—” The same wolf.

“Being friendly doesn’t include groping me!” Her pretty features were scowling.

“But you’re my woman right—”

“I’m not! How many times have I told you?!” Her tone was getting angry and Sesshomaru began to stand.

The wolf wasn’t dissuaded and managed to grab her wrist, using his strength to force her to turn. “It was fun but I’m done with your baiting.”

Her blue eyes narrowed fiercely, “Let go of me, Kouga.”

“Or what?” He said arrogantly, leaning his face closer.

Sesshomaru thought that it was finally his turn to step in, but once again, he was wrong.

He watched Kagome smile softly before her palms tinged pink, immediately shooting out energy that throttled the wolf backwards, slamming him into empty boxes. The girl was a miko, and quite a strong one. She dusted her palms as if removing dirt that was stuck on her fingers and began to take off her apron. “Well... It was good while it lasted.” She muttered under her breath, throwing part of her uniform onto the counter and turning to exit the booth. Everyone else looked on in shock while other workers went over to check on the fallen wolf.

There was a newfound appreciation swelling inside of the full-blooded demon, it was such a sense of gratification that he began walking towards her. He stopped right in front of the mobile woman, her petite form jerking right before she slammed into his chest. Not that he minded.

The inu yokai couldn’t help himself, “Would you like to have dinner?”

She looked at him with a bewildered stare—


And walked past him.

I swear you're giving me a heart attack





The moment I heard the song again after a long time I was like... time to do a songfic! And I usually don’t do songfics. :’D This song was on repeat as I wrote this—was so fun. It was a bit rushed, not really edited and I gotta leave now, but I had to post it! Hope you guys enjoyed! Happy, light and amusing. Thanks!


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