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Created On: 11/16/2018 16:40:07

Jamie, my faithful reader! You really teared up while reading "Weakness of the Mind"? Well, that's only fair 'cause your review definitely made me cry!

You captured inner darkness in near perfect form.

That part of your review means so much to me, honey! I wanted it to be as realistic as possible without letting Sesshoumaru be too OOC! And I often had the feeling that I didn't do it right. That I didn't went deep enough. Seems that my worries were for naught.

Thank you so much for your kind words and your continued support!


Created On: 10/18/2018 09:33:37

I wanted to thank you for the last time for all the wonderful reviews you left for "On a Mission"! I'm so glad you had a good time while reading it! Your support means so much to me! Thanks again!


Created On: 10/12/2018 03:40:25

Thank you for reviewing "Males on a Mission"! There is one more chapter to come. Hope to see you there. Did you like chapter 1 too?
Feedback from Jamie: Absolutely adored chapter 1, and I look forward to the third!!

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