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Hi! I am Betsy /  Sukitoshi / Suki~B. I am 22, engaged to my boyfriend of five years. I am in my junior year of college, and I am a social science major, and I hope to go straight into my masters in psychology soon.  I am a member of this site for a paradoxical reason. I love Sesshomaru X Kagome fanfiction and fanart, but when I write I tend to create my own character that solves the Sesshomaru puzzle. So, seeing as I have some time (& I may have finally gotten around to resetting a password that I might have forgotten). Thus, I am here to be inspired by those who post on this site, and encourage them, but I am useless beyond that. If anyone is interested my stories can be found: : Suki-B : : Sukitoshi : : Suki B :

~ Suki

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Created On: 10/17/2012 17:58:45

Thank you for your lovely review on MoaB! I appreciate every single one, and am so pleased you are enjoying the story! I hope you like the direction this story heads in, and will do my best to keep you on your toes!

Stay Awesome and thanks again!!!

White Luna

Created On: 08/06/2012 14:23:12

Thank you for the review on nature of change! I was worried the split frame would read bad but I'm happy you liked it!
Feedback from Suki~B: I loved it, and it did a great job of keeping the theme of healing in the forefront. ^.^

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