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About me?


I'm a random person who loves music so much.

Got something to say? Just PM me okay.

I'm more active write at ffn (in my native language), but I will try to update Black String Of Fate once in a month.

Thank you to all who have read and gave a review, and I apologize for any shortcomings.

Yosh, Happy Writing and Happy Reading for everyone!

You could find me in FFn as ame to ai and Taisho No Miko

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Awesome banner's made by Sesshoumaru's Secret Admirer

First banner that i got for completed the challenge :D


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ame_to_ai has 2 stories

Because of her mother's request Kagome spend her holidays at home, but she must face her enemy. Kagome's enemy is her sister Kikyo, she accused Kagome trying to seduce her boyfriend Inuyasha few months ago. Time flies, and now what would Kagome do while knowing that her sister is in the middle of her relationship with Sesshoumaru? I made this for Siera's Kagome and Kikyo Sisters Forever Challenge, Rated for language.COMPLETE
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 13 Jun 2015  -  Updated: 13 Jun 2015
Genre: Drama, Friendship, Romance  -  Chapters: 3  -  Reviews: 5  -  Words: 11,063  -  Reads: 16,031
Kagome is a hanyou who lives for revenge. Sesshoumaru is a Dai youkai who hunger for power. In the world where the darkness and dreams collided, they are bound by the black string of fate. Set in sengoku jidai. Warnings: Dark fic, extreme graphic violence, and other adult contents.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 02 Apr 2016  -  Updated: 30 Aug 2017
Genre: Action, Angst, Dark, Drama, Erotica, Kink, Romance, Tragedy  -  Chapters: 4  -  Reviews: 12  -  Words: 13,499  -  Reads: 6,247

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Siera Serenity Star

Created On: 03/30/2015 00:53:04

I would love to read your stories if you decided to post here, my grammar sometimes doesn't turn out the greatest at times. Inspiration helps a lot. Try checking out the challenges in the challenge forum you might find one that could inspire you. I started out with Kneazles Language of Flowers prompts as a beginning challenge. Stella Mira has The Shiny Challenge and The Spicy Challange, there might be prompts there to inspire you.

I have about over 100 challenges and prompts I plan on accepting so I'll definetely have more stories popping up. ^_^
Feedback from ame_to_ai: Thank you so much for your support, sure i will check out the challenge forum and i will try to build up my self confidence wow over 100 challenge is a lot, you sure have so much inspiration. I'd love to read your other stories ^^.

Siera Serenity Star

Created On: 03/26/2015 11:33:58

Thank you for your review on 'Gingerbread, Hot Chocolate, and a Blizard Oh My' im glad you enjoyed it. ^_^
Feedback from ame_to_ai: I love reading dokuga,i love reading your stories, i love writing too but im not confident with my grammar for writing in dokuga and now im just enjoying reading all of this great story. I hope you keep posting those beautiful stories

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