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I’m 22 years old, I work a lot, when I'm not working I'm in college and constantly busy lol but when I have down time I'm out with my boyfriend of 4 years. I have a cat named Spook she's big for a kitty!!! and she SNORES!! lol I love my cat! I also love to read when not reading fan fictions then you could catch me with a Lisa Jackson novel more than likely she's an amazing author. Last but definitely not least I absolutely LOVE Sesshomaru and anime in general. I’ll tell everyone here and now I DO NOT like Inuyasha/Kagome fan fictions so any thing I write WILL BE purely Sesshomaru/Kagome.

So I do have two stories going at the moment!!! Yay!! The First Snow and Blood Ties! Both of which I'm going to try to keep to a regular update schedule TFS will be updated on Mondays and BT on Thursday. I do ask that you bare with me if I miss some going to school full time and working part time gets hectic along with everything else I do haha!

Favorite pairings:


Inuyasha/Sango or Kikyou

Miroku/Sango or whoever

Kouga/Kagura or Ayame

Naraku/Death or Kikyou

So that’s the pairings I prefer in Inuyasha. I also have a few others favorite animes: Bleach, Samurai Champloo, Hellsing, Blue Gender, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, and Ghost in the Shell to just name a few.

Thanks!! To all those who reviewed my one shot stories I really appreciate it!! To those of you who wish for me to continue them I apologies the most that they'll receive is an editing or a revamp!

Thanks also to all the lovely reviewers out there us authors really appreciate you taking the time to offer feedback!



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SP00K has 7 stories

In attempt to kill Kagome, Naraku has a new incarnate imprison her, Sesshomaru in attempt to save his brother's miko gets captured as well. They join together to beat this foe and escape their prison. OneShot
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 12 Jun 2012  -  Updated: 12 Jun 2012
Genre: Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 5  -  Words: 3,660  -  Reads: 2,523
Attempting to cool off on a hot summer day Kagome leaves the group in search of water to bathe. Sesshomaru has the same idea but for different reasons, and what ensues is a surprise for both.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 21 Nov 2011  -  Updated: 21 Nov 2011
Genre: Erotica, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 1  -  Words: 1,973  -  Reads: 4,073
Kagome had wanted him for so long. With a simple challenge it had all changed. She would have him.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 28 Jan 2013  -  Updated: 28 Jan 2013
Genre: Erotica, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 2  -  Words: 1,966  -  Reads: 2,248
Celebrating her good fortune at finding a new job Kagome goes out to the club with Sango and some of their friends, she didn't expect to hook up with a handsome stranger.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 26 Jan 2012  -  Updated: 26 Jan 2012
Genre: Erotica, Kink, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 4  -  Words: 3,339  -  Reads: 3,418
Morality is the distinction between right and wrong, good or bad. Inuyasha didn't believe this carnage, bloodshed, and death benefited anyone it wasn't right or just. Knowing this the half demon sets out to change this cruel twist of fate and set Kagome on her path to destiny.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 20 Jan 2013  -  Updated: 26 Jan 2014
Genre: Action, Friendship, Romance  -  Chapters: 13  -  Reviews: 33  -  Words: 31,260  -  Reads: 11,916
Kagome returns from the modern era to find everything perfectly amiss. When things begin to get too complicated she leaves only to begin a life changing journey with the Demon Lord of the West, Sesshomaru.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 24 Apr 2013  -  Updated: 19 Jun 2013
Genre: Action, Romance  -  Chapters: 5  -  Reviews: 9  -  Words: 9,384  -  Reads: 4,055
Temptation is often hard to ignore, as Kagome finds out. Oneshot
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 08 Jun 2013  -  Updated: 08 Jun 2013
Genre: Erotica, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 5  -  Words: 2,350  -  Reads: 3,132

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Stella Mira

Created On: 02/13/2013 07:36:45

Thank you for reading and reviewing my little drabble ABR! I'm very happy to know that you enjoyed it till the end! The feedback is much appreciated ^^


Created On: 07/05/2012 04:42:29

Thank you for reviewing Welcomed Interference! I'm glad that you got a laugh out of it, since that's what it was supposed to do!


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