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Er... I'm very lazy. I've been meaning to transfer my Fic-lets over to this site but it's; what's the word? Hassle comes off a bit strong, but there you go. For lack of a better word, anyway. I'm terrible at grammer (hahaha a laugh!) and my spelling could be compared to heaps and heaps of crap without spell check. (Right now it's just crap...)

I don't really know what else to say.

I LOVE cake, but I'm not allowed to eat it and I'm much to lazy to get it myself. >.>
On the brightside, I've lost 10lbs. :D

I have terrible road rage, but only because I learned to drive in Houston. Houston is to Brownsville what the Fast and the Furious is to the Slow and the Curious.

I honestly believe that people walk the way they drive. As such I have walking rage as well. This is where people interrupt my path of direction and I have to slap-a-bitch.

I don't believe anything dream dictionaries say.

The people who write fortune cookies have gotten terribly lazy in the last couple of months but those could have been discounted cookies and the chinese restaurants picked them up for that reason.

I like to work out but I hate to run. Problem? Most definately. But I am most determined to lose 20lbs before january. (it won't happen but I like to dream.)

I hate superficial bastards. (he starts working out, loses a few pounds; and then he's God's gift to women, bitch please! Please note the sarcasm. FTW) I'll show him, that bastard.

Crabs freak me the F-bleep-k out.

The gravitational pull of Lady GaGa's hair has a hold of me. (I can't break free, Cah-pt-in!)

I've been working on my Zombie plan for 4 years and it only takes one slight factor or miscalculation to blow it to hell. I've had to start again many times and I still haven't perfected it. Go figure.

I once had to stop myself from running over someone walking in the street after 3 days of non-stop Left4Dead game play. The person's offense? Walking sluggishly while pushing a shopping cart.

I have a terrible, terrible shopping addiction. I've successfull blown a $7000 student loan on Juicy Couture and random stuff from Anthropologie... <:O

I have a bad habbit of holding my cell phone up above my head so that I can see it "better." I must look like a complete moron but I can stop... It's where I'm most comfortable.

I hate algebra. You know, for that matter, I hate school in general.

I'd decided that taking online classes would help me become a better person... All it did was turn me into a recluse. I leave this apartment for food and food only.

I think I'm becoming an alcoholic.

If my parents found out about my tattoo, they'd kill me. (it's on my right wrist... how can they not?) I'm getting another one soon.. <:(

The boy I love just found himself a hot young girlfriend. I'm 22, she's 19. I am much too young to be feeling this old. >>

I <3 the cheesecake factory!


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