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Retired AF weather forecaster. Loves reading fantasy, my horses and dogs. One hubby, one daughter (also a fantasy fan). Just recently finding this wonderful fan fiction world. Also recently into Anime/manga. Now I am totally hooked.

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Created On: 02/10/2018 22:35:52

Thank you for all of your lovely reviews. In order, here I go!

Dark Nights: The British and the French: I didn't realize the Bakamatsu was a proxy war until I started writing this story. And, of course, it's the British vs. the French again!

Tradition: Thanks for the review. Looking back, there's portions of the story I don't like, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Cela a Commence: It was a stage piece, built on community theatre. The inspiration for the story came from my own experiences. I volunteered to do "Shakespeare on the Quad" my final year of undergrad. The play chosen was Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare's bloodiest play, and the planning committee pulled the plug on us a month in b/c it was "too bloody for kids." (Our question then was: Why did you approve it in the first place?" We then launched Rogue Titus, using an actor's backyard deck as the stage, finding our own money for props and sets, and having our director end up playing the queen Tamara (b/c our Tamara quit a month and a half into production.) Totally worth it though! Especially cause we had a sold out show of 60 the day we performed!
I'll keep your words in mind regarding the words, and I want to thank you for bringing that to my attention. As for the love story bit, I can't write anything but! Someone challenge me to write something different!
Feedback from KShadeslady: Always nice to hear back from you. I have never read Titus Andronicus. So I really don’t know a lot about it. I love the comedies and the histories of the British kings. I have The Hollow Crown series waiting for me. Taming of the Shrew and Much Ado are my favorites. My daughter loves A Midsummer Nights Dream. Of course we read Romeo and Juliet in HS. I’ve been to Stratford upon Avon twice. Lovely town. Visited most of the Shakespeare properties. I got around as much as time allowed when we lived in the UK. I miss it there, mostly for the history. You can’t stretch out a toe without dipping into it. Do well in school. That stubborn bit will come to you and you will be able to get past that writers block. Cheers!


Created On: 02/03/2018 23:52:21

Thank you for your kind words as always! I'm doing well in school, I think? I've landed a good internship and just found out I'm travelling with my moot court team to Vienna. Please don't say I'm giving history lessons, it makes me feel like a teacher! As for Sesshomaru's feelings: I'm a bit rude to him and have some really heart-wrenching stuff planned for him. He's in a war though, what did he expect?

I have not read the Twelve Kindgom books, though I would absolutely love the link! I likely won't have time to read them in between school work, and my fanfiction, but I'd love to take a look at them!

And once again: thank you so much for your kind words and reviews!
Feedback from KShadeslady: You are a wonderful teacher for a very troubled time of Japanese history. Making it interesting is a gift. We are all teachers in one way or another. When ever we interact with others, we have a chance to learn and teach.

Vienna! How wonderful! What a terrific opportunity for you. Hope you have time to enjoy the coffee and some lovely pastries.

Aw...don't be too hard on them. LOL! I just have a soft spot for Alpha males.

Here's the link for the site. He also wries other books but I have only read the translations.
Wen. I was going to school, I always had a book to read that had nothing to do with the class. My brain needed that break. At the time, it was Pride and Prejudice. I would read a chapter or two at a time. That worked for me.



Created On: 01/12/2018 11:49:10

I always look forward to reading your reviews when I post Yes, it was common to kill the family of traitors. Technically speaking, yes, this should mean Kagome's in danger as well. I'm going to be liberal with history and say that the Shinsengumi were thinking "We've got bigger fish to fry. Who cares about the family?" And I feel comfortable in saying that as most of the men who survived the war, still got to live in Meiji Japan. Granted, they were usually demoted, their titles stripped, etc. etc.
This doesn't mean Kagome's safe. It just means she's low on the totem pole for people the Shinshengumi will go after.

Feedback from KShadeslady: Thank you, that's a really nice compliment. Yeah, heavens knows, they could not kill everyone. Have you ever read The Twelve Kingdoms books? One of the characters in that book had his whole clan wiped out, retainers and all the village people. He was their leader but was the youngest son and never thought he would rule. He becomes the En King, my favorite character in the books. You can read them online for free. If you are interested, I'll send you the link. I actually like this translation better than the ones in the printed books. Not so many mistakes. Cheers! I know you will do right by our favorite couple. LOL


Created On: 01/10/2018 21:57:02

I feel very sad for Kagome and Sesshomaru at times. They're gambling a lot (I mean we all know who wins, but at that point, they were going in on blind faith.) At the same time, they've got to think about their own lives. Things aren't going to stop just because of a war. It's hard for them sometimes.
I've got like 3 stories on Dokuga here that I need to finish, so I'm going to be around. Just school starts soon, and I just learned I'll be doing my 6th research paper of the school year this semester. Updates may be infrequent as a result, and I apologize in advance
Feedback from KShadeslady: I understand how you feel about what they are going through. They barely know who they can trust. At least they have each other.

You concentrate on your papers and getting them done. I remember doing all those papers when I got my degree. I was going online at first. The classes were 6 weeks long and I usually had to do 1 to 3 papers per class. After 18 hours of classes I was burnt out so I decided to switch to going to the university on the airbase and just slow down a bit. I did really well but I had to quit going online. I actually preferred the actual classes ovr the virtual. But I'm older and we learn differently from younger students. I get a lot more out of the personal interface than the online chat rooms. So you study and do good! If I can do a 4.0, I know you can! I have faith in you.


Created On: 01/05/2018 20:10:37

Yes, I know a little happiness for them both. I'm actually almost done writing. A few more days and I'll have the drabbles done. Sad isn't it. Kagome does not have to wear western dress. But, she might. There are pictures of the emperor's family where the women wear western dress, but the children wear Japanese clothing. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the emperor is only forcing the men, not the women. Both the West and the East are guilty of "othering" each other. I hope to cover some of that in future drabbles.

When I finally finish law school, and have a few days to myself, I'll look into those books you recommended. Thank you for recommending them.

Feedback from KShadeslady: You are always so gracious with your time. Thanks for answering. I will be sad to see this story end but I hope you have another idea bubbling away on the back burner. I know you said you are studying law not history but I find that knowing about the history always makes things more interesting. I’m sure you are finding that knowing the history helps you out in knowing the law too. Cheers! Wishing you the best for the new year!


Created On: 01/03/2018 10:44:23

I am so glad that you are able to keep up with "Dark Nights of Kyoto" despite my delay in updating. To put it simply, my law school closed down, I had to find a place to transfer to, and the school that accepted me is not only one of the best, but has given me so many opportunities that I just now feel like like I can relax. 2017 has been crazy!

I've started to nearly enter the final "arc" of "Dark Nights" so, I'm trying to maintain a balance between their relationship and the history. It's a little difficult to do since I want to stay true to both. I'm hoping to update again sometime in the next few days, so please look forward to more soon
Feedback from KShadeslady: I will certainly be watching for updates. It’s a great story. Sorry to hear about the issues with your school. It sounds like you are in a much better one though and you know the old saying...When one door closes, another opens. Everything always happens for a reason. I started working part time in an outstanding job. I did not think that I would be working again. But it was a good opportunity so I took it. I can’t imagine going to law school and writing too. Where do you find the time? I know that school is grueling. My friends son is in his second year of grad law school st LSU.


Created On: 11/26/2017 20:50:56

As always, thank you again for your lovely reviews on Inevitability and on Compatibility! I would definitely prefer to fly by dragon as well!

I hope you've been well and that you'll enjoy the next set of updates!
Feedback from KShadeslady: Hi Miranda! Hope your Thanksgiving was nice. Just my daughter and her husband this year but I’m enjoying the smaller groups. We used to do big gatherings when we were in the AF. Then we would invite folks that couldn’t go home. Framily. Sometimes that was all we had when we were overseas and couldn’t come home. You make your own family. It was fun.

I just saw your updates! YEAH!!! I’m about to go read them now.

Cheers, Leslie


Created On: 09/26/2017 22:44:19

Thanks again for the love on Compatibility!!

I'm so glad that you had a blast with your gal pals! I've also been enjoying the girl time lately! What would we do without friends?

I'm really glad you're enjoying the new story so far! It's loosely based off personal experience so I'm really nervous about sharing it, but I also feel like I need to share it. I'll leave it at that because I don't want to spoil anything

Dogs and their obsessions, right? I have one dog that is obsessed with playing fetch, and he got tired of waiting for people to throw the ball for him so he started playing soccer with the ball and throwing the ball for himself! He's such a cutie!

Bees are fascinating! Once I'm out of my little apartment, I wouldn't mind having a couple of hives

Europe is so rich with history! I'm very jealous that you'll be going! You'll have to tell me all about it and tell me about all of the cool historic places you go visit!

I have a love/hate relationship with Fall. I like the cooler weather, but when I dress to accommodate in the morning, it always gets unbearably warm in the afternoon!

I'm glad that hockey is back so that you and your friend can enjoy it! I don't really understand sports either, but I can appreciate it when I'm with good company

Talk to you soon!


Created On: 09/24/2017 20:55:39

Thank you for reviewing my latest story, Compatibility, and for reviewing Inevitability as always! I’m always happy to hear from you and to read your thoughts Catching up with friends is one of the best things; especially when you pick up as if no time has passed! It sounds like you and your former co-worker would get into some mischief

I’m so glad that work has been going well and that they’re going to be extending you! What hockey team are you going to go see?

Oh no! Naughty puppy! They also like to get into mischief! My mom’s new puppy also likes to put his nose where it doesn’t belong. He had a play day with the toilet paper in the basement bathroom and decided that books are the perfect chew toy!

Ahhh! I’m so jealous! It sounds like you and your girlfriends will have a blast! Anything incredibly exciting planned? I didn’t know that you had hives! That’s so cool! I’m sorry to hear that the queens flew the coop; I hope that they return or new ones will take their places! Is it expensive to buy queen bees?

Going to Scotland would be so exciting! Have you been there before? And you deserve a trip with all the working you’ve been doing lately!

Talk to you soon and lots of hugs!
Feedback from KShadeslady: Yes we did get into some mischief. What can I say...you have to have fun and keep things lively. The reunion was fun! After 45 years we all just click like no time has passed at all.
Hey Miranda, I’m loving your new story.

I’m so glad my dogs don’t play in the toilet paper. The dogs I grew up with, Basejis, loved to pull to around the house.

Well one hive has made new queen cells and the other is doing really well. So fingers crossed and we only lost one hive. My daughter and son in law are doing the heavy lifting in the hives and I’m just helping. They are out on their property. We are just starting. It’s very interesting. Bee’s are fascinating.

I’m excited about going to Scotland. I will probably go next spring. We lived in the UK for 3 years. I never made it to Scotland. Went to wales and all over a good bit of England. There is so much to see and learn. I’m a history nut and it is heaven there for me. I’m so excited about going there again. England and Seoul were my favorite assignments.

Fall is finally moving here. It’s my favorite season. Cooler weather! YEAH!!! It was 92 here today.

Cheers, Leslie

I forgot to tell you about the hockey. We have a team here. The Shreveport Mudbugs. I think it’s the North American hockey league. They are young players looking to break into the NHL. My friend is a fanatic. So she started dragging me to games. I would probably not go otherwise. She also loves her football. I’ve been to two NBA games, always the Tampa bay Bucs against the Saints, and I don’t even remotely like or understand football. We also did one NHL game, Tampa Bay against Dallas Stars. She’s a Florida girl. So we’ve been going for years. Then the Team folded and for 3 years no hockey. They started back up last year and after we paid for tickets separately all year we added it all up and decided we might as well get season tickets. It was about the same and now we have good seats and , the big score, better parking. I don’t have to walk a country mile on my bad knee. LOL


Created On: 08/26/2017 18:09:03

Hi Leslie!

As always, thank you so much for your amazing reviews, and I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your last message. Life has been incredibly busy!

How have you been and how has your summer been? I'm so sad that it's almost over! Were you able to do anything exciting and fun?

How is your new addition to the family? Bella sounds like such a cutie, and I'm glad that she's getting along with Lilly and Rider

And how is the job at the airport going? I hope they haven't automated your job!

And thank you! I absolutely love my job - my coworkers are amazing and the work is never boring!

Hope you've been well!!
Feedback from KShadeslady: Hi Miranda, It's always so good to hear from you. Fun at work always makes it better and gives you great memories. I just had a long chat with one of former co-workers and we laughed ourselves silly talking about how we tormented the pilots and young officers. When we were both working, it was definitely a case of be afraid, be very afraid! LOL

My new job is great. If I need off, I can put in for it. And bonus, they actually pay extra for holidays! Not used to that (the military never pays for holidays, its just work)! And it does look like we are being extended. Now I just have to fit in my hockey games around sleep and work. I got season tickets this year, so darn I'm going to those games. We got good seats!

Bella is great and is such a puppy. Always into stuff. She drug a dead rat in the other day....EWWWWW! "Since it was in our yard and we do have rat bait out, my husband bundled up Rider and Bella and took them to the vet. After shots of vitamin K for blood clotting and some blood tests, the docs sent them home. More vit K for the next 2 weeks, just to be sure. We didn't want to take any chances. Lilly was okay, sleeping in our room and wasn't a participant. We think Rider was just guilty by association. Sigh...puppies! They are doing good.

I'm heading up to Oklahoma City for a reunion with girlfriends this weekend. Okay, it's a 4 day slumber party for old girls! LOL Other than the dog adventure and that, it's been a quiet summer. Did I tell you about the bees. We have three hives. Unfortunately two of our queens have left but it looks like the hives are still healthy and they made new queens. We are hoping they come back after their maiden flight. If not, we will have to buy two new queens. This stuff happens. We are learning.

I'm waiting on more info to see if I'm going to fly over to Scotland in early Dec to visit my brother and sister in-law or wait till next summer. We'll see. That one is still on the burner. My traveling feet are itchy. I'm ready for a trip. XD

As always, I love your fic. This last chapter was so sweet and very generous of our stoic lord. Write when you can. Hugs, Leslie

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