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Retired AF weather forecaster. Loves reading fantasy, my horses and dogs. One hubby, one daughter (also a fantasy fan). Just recently finding this wonderful fan fiction world. Also recently into Anime/manga. Now I am totally hooked.

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Created On: 05/30/2017 01:59:41
Edited By Evellin On: 05/30/2017 02:00:33

Thanks for your review! -Yup, on the size 12. In the real world, I work in the fashion industry. Plus size in the biz actually starts at size 8. Ridiculous, I know. And you are normal in size. about 60% of american women are a size 14/16. I myself am an 18. I was just born this way, and there is nothing wrong with that. Same goes for you!

Thank you for the spellcheck. I thought I caught that one. Damn. lol
Feedback from KShadeslady: Yeah that stuff is crazy. When I was in the military I stayed between a 6-10. But I have short and curvy genes working on me. LOL I feel bad for young women that get caught up in that and let it affect their lives. Loving your story.


Created On: 05/24/2017 06:56:29

Thx for your continued support! You are a great reader! I am always happy to read your review ' I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! Seeing so many readers asking for a sequel or epilogue it gives me inspiration so I will try to write something today! Thx again for reading and enjoying my writing! Hugs!take care!
Feedback from KShadeslady: You are very welcome. Thanks so much for taking the time to send me a note. I'll be on the lookout for that story. I've got you tagged so I will get any new stories you write. I always love it when I find a new writer worth following. If you like steamy angst, please check out Stella Mira. She is awesome!


Created On: 05/22/2017 03:48:25

Thanks so much for your reviews. It means a lot!
Feedback from KShadeslady: You write beautifully. I have a love/hate relationship with Drabbles. I love reading them but always want more...NOW! LOL. I hope to see more reading it soon.

M-Angel 05

Created On: 05/12/2017 00:30:13

Thank-you for your continued support of my stories. I should be back to writing War of the Clans come June. I'm sad to that I'm done with A Miko's Peace, but it was a long time coming. ^_^
Feedback from KShadeslady: You did a great job and I look forward to reading your next story. Thanks for keeping in touch.


Created On: 05/06/2017 22:53:00

Hi Leslie!

It's been way too long! And I'm finally able to say a HUGE thank you for your continual support of and reviews on Inevitability! As always, I truly appreciate you taking the time to read and comment (and you shouldn't have to wait too long for the next chapter!).

We got our new puppy on Christmas day and named him Levi. He is so naughty! Every time I talk to my mom, he's done something to destroy the house (i.e. tear up the toilet paper, eat books, go through the trash, dig holes in the yard). He's super cute, though, which seems to be the only thing going for him at the moment I bet the watercolour your daughter did of Bear is beautiful, and it's always so much more appreciated since it's handmade!

I did get a job! That's one of the reasons why I have been so preoccupied lately. I got a seasonal position with H&R Block during tax season, which ended on May 1st. The position was an afternoon/evening shift so I didn't have any motivation to write. And on May 2nd, I started a full-time position (with regular hours) with Re/Max! So, I've been feeling a little more creative lately. To which I can only, "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" - hehe!

I can't believe it's been so long since we've last talked! How have you been? What's new?

Hope you've been well!
Feedback from KShadeslady: Hi Miranda! I know, time just zips by, doesn't it? Wow that's great about your new full time job. I'm happy for you. Yeah it's tough to be motivated when you are working evenings. That's probably the biggest reason it took me so long to finally get a college degree. Working shifts takes a lot out of your motivation levels. Plus I felt like I was taking more time away from my family. But, you know, it all works out the way it was meant to be.

Levi sounds adorable and bad all rolled into one. Puppies! So cute and just into everything! Well just after our last writing, we adopted a 9 month old female SharPei. A young couple that goes to church with our vet had her and she was a little too much for their young kids. So he asked us if we knew anyone that would like her. He had taken care of her and didn't want her to end up in a shelter or worse. So, Mr two dogs is enough went and took a look a her and melted. So I get this call...we'll you know the rest. So now we have Bella too. She gets along with Lilly and Rider and it takes some pressure off Lilly to be Riders romping buddy. She is a sweetheart and is finally realizing she has a forever home here.

Well I just got hired to work as a weather observer out at our airport. 2 nights on the weekend. 8 hour shifts and the pay is good. Hey it keeps me from getting into trouble. I may only have it until Sept though. They may be getting rid of all the observers then. They have automated machines but we augment them. The machines are okay but they aren't human eyes and they react to changing conditions slowly. But we will see what happens. In the meantime, I'll have fun with it.

I saw two new chapters. Yeah! So glad you are back at it. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your new job. Cheers! Leslie


Created On: 05/05/2017 06:16:39

Thx again! I am glad you like it. The authors here are so talented that I feel insecure at times! Thx very much for your review! I cherish every word!
Feedback from KShadeslady: You are doing a wonderful job. I can see that you write and edit your stories carefully. It shows in how well they flow.


Created On: 05/04/2017 00:10:20

Hey! Thanks for your review! -Honestly, I do not plan on writing an actual story to 'The Pyre'. I wrote that snippet for this week's weekly challenge. Maybe one day I will, but right now I have two main stories. And I neglect them horribly.
Feedback from KShadeslady: LOL! It's a great teaser! I hope you do develop it more fully later. Cheers! Thanks for the reply.


Created On: 04/30/2017 17:23:29

Thank you! I am glad you like it! I will continue to do my best!
Feedback from KShadeslady: Thank you for answering my review. I always find that exceedingly. Kind when authors do that. It is very personal. I wish you much luck in your writing.


Created On: 03/27/2017 21:52:49

Hello, dear!

It's been quite some time, but I wanted to drop by and thank you for your wonderful reviews for Kindred Spirits! I don't ever expect to get feedback on anything I post here, but I can admit that it's a really nice feeling to receive such positive words from my readers. At the end of the day, we all love S/K, and it's always a good thing for such kind support to be given to one another. Authors create content for other fans to enjoy, and we hope our readers share the same excitement we feel about this particular pairing. But if all we hear are crickets and radio silence, it can be difficult to be inspired enough to write, especially when we're doing it for free. So, I'll always be appreciative of the time you guys take to send me something back.

On another note, I'm sorry for not responding to your reply on a post I had written on your Wall (like waaay back). Dokuga's notification system has been spotty, and it doesn't send an email when one uses the feature to directly reply to a Wall post on their own page. We'd only get notified if we visited each other's separate profile pages and replied there.

I haven't heard from Stella in a long time, unfortunately. As you've mentioned, I know that her last internet activity was dated back in January of 2016 (according to her tumblr). I remember seeing her post something about her health and the chaos that was happening in Greece (where she lives... or so I can recall) at the time, so her absence may pertain to something along those lines. Did you ever manage to get in touch with her? I hope she's doing alright.

And no worries about your concerns, even if that sounds a bit contradictory. I'm sorry to hear what happened to your older boy, and if I'm not mistaken, the one you got after as well. I've got a senior dog at home at the moment, and it's always distressing when she has her moments of slowing down and showing her age. She's 17 going on 18 this May. And just within the last decade or so, she's had a couple of scares where she could've left us but somehow managed to bounce back and recover. I like to call her my little soldier.

I hope your female and your Florida boy are still doing well? I hope to not leave on a sad and somber note. I'll always be wishing you the best otherwise!
Feedback from KShadeslady: I have some wonderful news. Stella contacted me last week and she is posting as Countess Millarca on FF.net and AO3. It's a Harry Potter fic and it's wonderful to read her voice again. But even more wonderful to know she is well and getting back to being herself again. I could have cried when I got her message.

That is so kind of you to remember my fur kids. Yes, we lost two males in a short time and that was hard. Rider, our new boy, is so wonderful and sweet. We have also adopted a younger female. Bella is now a year old. She is getting along great with Rider and more importantly, our older girl, Lilly. It's nice to see them all playing together. Wow! Your girl is 17! That is amazing. I understand how you feel. Enjoy all the time you have with her. They are so worth it for all the love they give us.

I am always so honored when you take the time to write back to me. I love that we all have similar likes for the pairing here. It's always fun to read the different takes on them. I hope that all is going well for you in your RL. I hope this news has brightened your day as much as it did mine. Take care. I hope to hear from you again soon.

Crimson Rose

Created On: 02/28/2017 02:06:16

Hi! Thank you so much for reviewing BL I'll definitely be adding more chapters till I can get a funny ending. I've been in such a funk with my stories so I've been just reading great fics to get my muse going.

- CR
Feedback from KShadeslady: Thank you for a personal answer. Everyone has those days when an idea just won't grow. Your plunnies will come hopping back. Cheers!

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