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Retired AF weather forecaster. Loves reading fantasy, my horses and dogs. One hubby, one daughter (also a fantasy fan). Just recently finding this wonderful fan fiction world. Also recently into Anime/manga. Now I am totally hooked.

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Created On: 03/27/2017 21:52:49

Hello, dear!

It's been quite some time, but I wanted to drop by and thank you for your wonderful reviews for Kindred Spirits! I don't ever expect to get feedback on anything I post here, but I can admit that it's a really nice feeling to receive such positive words from my readers. At the end of the day, we all love S/K, and it's always a good thing for such kind support to be given to one another. Authors create content for other fans to enjoy, and we hope our readers share the same excitement we feel about this particular pairing. But if all we hear are crickets and radio silence, it can be difficult to be inspired enough to write, especially when we're doing it for free. So, I'll always be appreciative of the time you guys take to send me something back.

On another note, I'm sorry for not responding to your reply on a post I had written on your Wall (like waaay back). Dokuga's notification system has been spotty, and it doesn't send an email when one uses the feature to directly reply to a Wall post on their own page. We'd only get notified if we visited each other's separate profile pages and replied there.

I haven't heard from Stella in a long time, unfortunately. As you've mentioned, I know that her last internet activity was dated back in January of 2016 (according to her tumblr). I remember seeing her post something about her health and the chaos that was happening in Greece (where she lives... or so I can recall) at the time, so her absence may pertain to something along those lines. Did you ever manage to get in touch with her? I hope she's doing alright.

And no worries about your concerns, even if that sounds a bit contradictory. I'm sorry to hear what happened to your older boy, and if I'm not mistaken, the one you got after as well. I've got a senior dog at home at the moment, and it's always distressing when she has her moments of slowing down and showing her age. She's 17 going on 18 this May. And just within the last decade or so, she's had a couple of scares where she could've left us but somehow managed to bounce back and recover. I like to call her my little soldier.

I hope your female and your Florida boy are still doing well? I hope to not leave on a sad and somber note. I'll always be wishing you the best otherwise!
Feedback from KShadeslady: I have some wonderful news. Stella contacted me last week and she is posting as Countess Millarca on FF.net and AO3. It's a Harry Potter fic and it's wonderful to read her voice again. But even more wonderful to know she is well and getting back to being herself again. I could have cried when I got her message.

That is so kind of you to remember my fur kids. Yes, we lost two males in a short time and that was hard. Rider, our new boy, is so wonderful and sweet. We have also adopted a younger female. Bella is now a year old. She is getting along great with Rider and more importantly, our older girl, Lilly. It's nice to see them all playing together. Wow! Your girl is 17! That is amazing. I understand how you feel. Enjoy all the time you have with her. They are so worth it for all the love they give us.

I am always so honored when you take the time to write back to me. I love that we all have similar likes for the pairing here. It's always fun to read the different takes on them. I hope that all is going well for you in your RL. I hope this news has brightened your day as much as it did mine. Take care. I hope to hear from you again soon.

Crimson Rose

Created On: 02/28/2017 02:06:16

Hi! Thank you so much for reviewing BL I'll definitely be adding more chapters till I can get a funny ending. I've been in such a funk with my stories so I've been just reading great fics to get my muse going.

- CR
Feedback from KShadeslady: Thank you for a personal answer. Everyone has those days when an idea just won't grow. Your plunnies will come hopping back. Cheers!

M-Angel 05

Created On: 02/19/2017 19:23:52

Thanks for the review! Yeah, I've got a few OC's going around in this story. LoL! I hope it's not confusing. The battle is about to start. ^_^
Feedback from KShadeslady: Looking forward to it. I'm really enjoying your story. So many different layers just makes it more interesting. Thanks for the personal note.


Created On: 12/26/2016 18:33:47

Thank you for your service!! I hope you enjoy Blind Love, feedback, as you read, is always welcome! I will warn two chapter of it I think need to be fixed, but for now, I am leaving them.
Feedback from KShadeslady: That's alright, I'm totally enjoying the story.


Created On: 11/24/2016 22:25:09

Thank you again for your lovely review and birthday wishes (from such a long time ago! Almost a month?). I hope that you have been well!

I completely agree that our dogs make our lives whole. After having it hidden behind the couch since September, I've finally hung the collage I made in memory of my dog. I kept putting off getting the back wired. Subconsciously, I don't think I was ready to hang it; even now, I'm not sure I'm quite ready to have it where I can see it ever day - makes me teary-eyed every time I look at it. But, it's nice to have him looking down on me (literally and metaphorically) while I do my writing. Mom's actually on the wait list for another puppy (a schnoodle); our remaining dog, Walle, hasn't quite recovered from the loss, but we're hoping that a new addition will help with his healing process.

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I'm glad that it doesn't hurt you now! But, I can only imagine how painful breaking your legs would have been at the time! Horses are such amazing and beautiful creatures; I wish I had had more opportunity to be around them when I was younger. And I love the names of your horses!

It sounds like your family is very artistic and comes from a long line of artists! I will definitely check out Heather's work; I'm always happy to admire art!

Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!
Feedback from KShadeslady: I just finished reading your new chapter! Wow! Lots of new info to digest. I can't wait to see where you take this.

I'm so glad you are getting a new puppy. I know it's hard but it will help your remaining dog. That is the reason we got a new dog so soon. Lilly was so depressed, we were worried about her. I totally understand about not hanging your collage up. My daughter did a beautiful watercolor of Bear after he died. She waited awhile before giving it to me because she knew how much I missed him. I hung it up on my side of the bed so I can see him at night and in the morning. Sounds a little sappy but it makes me feel better. Such a cute name...Walle! Is that after the animated movie WALL-E? Loved that movie.

Aw Thanks! Their names fit them. I can't take credit for them. They both had their names when I got them. KShade is short for KnightShade. I love Kirby but Shade is my heart. He is my amazing Diva boy! My trainer and I adore him. LOL!

How goes the job hunting? Well I hope! My daughter is in the process of that right now. She works at a casino and it just changed ownership again and it's not looking good. She has had a few interviews and has had a couple of call backs already. Her dad put her through interview boot camp to get her ready. She said it helped a lot.

We had a nice day with a few friends in for dinner. Watched some football and a movie. I'm knackered and heading to bed! Now I have to think about Christmas! LOL!

It's always so nice to hear from you. Take care and God Bless!

Siera Serenity Star

Created On: 10/17/2016 22:00:29

Thank you for your review on "She's Not The Cheating Kind", i'm glad you liked it.
Feedback from KShadeslady: You are very welcome. Hope to see more of your writing. Thanks for getting back to me. Cheers!


Created On: 10/13/2016 19:25:59

As always, thank you for the Inevitability love! I can imagine a nap in Sesshomaru's arms would be very nice, but his armour may be a bit uncomfortable... I think Kagome was probably WAY too out of it to even notice.

After I lost my dog, my mom asked me whether I would rather not have a dog and not feel this loss or enjoy the few years of joy and happiness we have with our fur babies at the price of a little heartache when they leave. And honestly, I would go through all of this pain again to spend those years with him. Whoever said animals don't have souls obviously hasn't had a connection with an animal before!

I'm always up for adventure! I just hope whatever job I do get will be an enjoyable adventure.

Oh wow! They're so advanced! I had no idea parachutes were so high-tech! Pre-programmed parachutes would definitely come in handy for newbie sky divers who don't know when to open their parachute! Really? You've broken a lot of bones? I think I've only broken my baby toe after stubbing it on a chair (and I can't even actually confirm if I broke it or not).

Digital art is so beautiful! I have free digital art program on my ipad, but I have no idea how to use it or how to draw without a stylus. I think you would really enjoy a digital art class What kinds of things do you usually draw?
Feedback from KShadeslady: Yes, the armour would not be good, but mokomoko, now, that's a different story. LOL!

Dogs are not our whole life, but Dogs make our lives whole. I know a famous announcer said that and it is very true. I can not imagine my life without my dogs. It is worth it.

I've broken my arm at the rotator cuff, came off a horse I was trying out. Didn't buy him. Then when KShade was 4, he did a baby thing and didn't want to ride that day or listen anyway. He took off at a canter and I only had one stirrup in. Having short legs doesn't help when are gripping a round barrel. He went one way and came off like a Frisbee. I tried to do an emergency dismount but landed on my legs and then my bum. I compacted my L3 vertebra. Had to have surgery, got two rods and a cage around the L3. It doesn't hurt, my surgeon was terrific and I only experience a little stiffness. I do get tired and sore a little more often. That was 9 years ago. About 2 years ago he stumbled and went down to his knees and when he came up his neck smacked me in the pelvis and cracked it. We won't even talk about the fingers and toes I've broken. Man I hate stubbing that little toe. Hurts like heck! All you can do is tape it to the next one. They can't do anything for you. Yeah, I'm a walking accident, waiting to happen. I figure that I've had so many X-rays, I'm going to glow in the dark. LOL. I probably won't get any more horses. Just keep these guys until they go. Kirby is 20 and Shade is 13. But you never can tell. This is how I get into trouble.

I used to be really prolific with drawing. Mostly fantasy art. I love doing borders with Celtic knots and designs. It's more like doodling. My daughter has finished her art courses and draws caricatures and fantasy art. She is actually making money doing that. My grandfather painted, self taught, my mom painted, mostly oils, some acrylics and water color. I haven't had lessons out of high school but I still love to draw. Heather has her own art page on Facebook if you want to check it out. It's Heather McGehee, artist. I'm pretty proud of her. She has cats. She takes pictures of them and turns them into dragons. They are adorable. She has done my horses and also my dog, Bear, after he died. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Created On: 10/11/2016 18:23:18

Thank you again for your lovely reviews, Leslie! I'm so glad you enjoyed the last updates! I'm having a bit of writer's block on the next few chapters, but I'm really excited how the story is progressing!

I'm so sorry about your dog and horses I'm so glad that you had the chance to say goodbye to your horse; that must have been so difficult.

Thank you! I hope I find a job, too. I'm hoping I'll be able to talk to an adviser about the Education program and its requirements - if I read the program details correctly, I could complete it in a year and a half (if I take six courses each semester :unsure.

Oh my gosh! Sky diving! That sounds like it would be so cool but so scary! A tandem jump is where you're attached to someone else? If I was going to jump out of a plane, I'd definitely want to be attached to a professional sky diver who knew what to do. When I imagine myself sky diving, I always think of those old cartoons - like Bugs Bunny - where the parachute doesn't work or an anvil/pots come flying out instead of the parachute

Computer classes or art classes would be fun! What kinds of arts classes do you think you would enjoy?
Feedback from KShadeslady: Aw, you'll get through that block. It will just work out.

Sigh...losing our dear fur kids. It's the price we pay for their devotion. I do not regret any one of the wonderful animals that have graced my life. I can never believe that animals don't have souls.

Yuck! Job hunting! I'm sure something will open up for you. It might be in a very unexpected area though. You can never tell where the next adventure might be.

Yes, tandem sky diving means you go out harnessed to a professional. Those chutes are amazing and they are programmed to open automatically if something happens to the main jumper. You get two handles to help brake and slow the descent and you can practically walk your landing in. It's pretty cool. That's the main thing I was worried about...hitting the ground! I've had too many bones broken as it is! Well, that and jumping out of that plane! LOL!

I would like to learn how to do the digital art. I'm mainly a pencil and paper type of artist but the colors on the digital are amazing. so I'd like to learn how to combine the two. Draw it, upload it and then color it with the computer. I know there are some wonderful effects out there.

Well I have a new chapter to read. Yippee! Thanks in advance!


Created On: 10/06/2016 02:44:53

Hi Leslie,

As always, thank you so much for your kind words. It has been a horrible month since my dog passed. We were completely blind-sided by it. A day before I last posted on your wall, he had started to show signs of illness, and four days later, he passed away. His health declined so suddenly that we weren't prepared. I think I was truly traumatised simply due to the fact that he so suddenly died in my arms and that his passing, to me, did not seem peaceful.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the most recent chapter of Inevitability, though. I'm attempting to create a bit of a buffer so that I can go back to my once a week updates (maybe even two since unemployment has my time relatively free).

I will be graduating November 9th, which is extremely exciting. Although, I didn't realise that I actually have to pay to graduate... Those Highbrow courses sound really interesting! I definitely recommend taking classes. I'm not sure what it's like in the States, but you may even be able to audit a class at a much lower price than the actual course and not have to do any of the assignments if you don't want to.

How was zip lining? I've always been too chicken to do it. Mostly due to the fact that I have an irrational fear of heights - haha. Oh my! Zip lining over an alligator pond!? That sounds even more scary!

Thank you for the good luck wishes on job hunting. So far, there haven't been any nibbles after sending in my applications. But, I'm thinking that I may apply for a Bachelor of Education and go in to teaching. But, I feel like I may need some experience working with kids first to see if it's even something that I'd want to do I've worked with kids in theatre programs, but that's very different from an academic setting.

Hope you have been well!
Feedback from KShadeslady: That is so sad. I'm sorry. I had one of my dogs die in my arms at home. I've been with all my dogs and I've been able to say by. I've lost two horses. I was with one, she had colic and we took her to Baton Rouge, about 5 hours away, to the vet school. They were great but she had severe colon deterioration and could not recover. She was in surgery and under sedation but they let me go in and say goodbye. I still get teary, she was an amazing horse. That was 11 years ago. I cried for months. Our animals are special to us and are family.

Ugh! Job hunting! No fun. I hope you have success soon.

Yeah, we had a fee for graduation too. They get you everyway possible. But you enjoy the day and your accomplishments! You earned them!

Teaching would be good and you can probably substitute or be an aid. A lot of schools need help. You might like it. Upper middle school or, with a master's, high school or college would be good.

I love zip lining! I hate heights! The key for me is to not look down when I step off. Just look straight ahead until you are going. The first one or two zips are a little scary but after that, it's just fun!! You only live once. We ave a friend a sky diving gift. She loved it. I'm thinking of it but as a retired weather person, that jumping out of a perfectly good plane is crazy! It's s tandem jump so they do it all and the landing is not bad. Crazy huh?

If do go back, it would be for me. Computer classes or art. I really don't care about the credits.


Created On: 09/06/2016 17:26:43

Hi Leslie,

Thank you so much for your kind review and for the words of confidence for my thesis. I passed! I was incredibly nervous up to the defence, but the presentation itself went very well! And thank you so much for your advice! I practiced a few times by myself and a lot with friends.

Monkey Beach is only one book, but I highly recommend it! It transitions between the protagonist's past and present, which takes place in the late 70s (around the time Elvis Presley died) and the mid to late 80s.

Rider sounds adorable! What would we do without our fur babies? One of mone is actually at the vet while I type this being diagnosedan and treated for some heart and health issues; it's been a very emotional day.

I hope that you have been enjoying your summer so far! It's been nice to be home, enjoying some down time after all of the school-related stress. Now it's time to find a job!

As always, thank you so much for all of your kind words and support! I truly appreciate our conversations and having the chance to get to know you
Feedback from KShadeslady: Yeah! I'm so happy for you! When will you get your Masters? That's wonderful! I'm actually thinking hard on going back and taking some classes. I really love the learning. I've been doing mini learning series on Highbrow. They are free and there are tons of subjects. You get a mini course for 10 days on our subject. Sometimes they have tests but most don't. It's just fun. I'm a bit lazy and I really don't want to mess with a thesis. But you never know! LOL! I'm so glad my advice helped you out.

I finally finished Midnight Lady. It was really good. She always does trilogies, so I'm looking forward to the next one.

Well I should read Monkey Beach. That's right in my time era! LOL! I graduated in 72. Geez I'm old! But I'm having fun!I went zip lining a few weeks ago. I didn't die! It was fun. I've been about 8 years ago in Maui. These were higher. Wahoo! The last one was over the alligator pond.

Rider is a trip! Still so much a puppy. I hope your fur baby is alright. That can be so stressful on everyone. It's hard to see them get older.

Good luck with the job hunting. I'm sure you will do fine. I'm sure that you would be an asset to anyone's company. Let me know how you do.

Thanks for the lovely compliment. It has been fun getting to know you too.

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