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I'm a 30-something mom of two who became addicted to InuYasha many, many years ago. It all started while tucking my kids into bed while they were watching the Cartoon Network. Since my first exposure to the wild and amazing world of InuYasha, I have come to know fanfiction, become a fangirl of the highest caliber, managed to write a few fanfics (not so great, but hey, I tried...), and quickly found myself immersed in the Kagome/Sesshoumaru pairing.

My initial immersion into the world of anime and manga has spread to many other series and genres. My ever increasing collection now includes not only volumes of anime and manga alike, but movies, tv series, wall art, plushies, miniatures, and just about everything in between.

Besides my number one love, InuYasha, my other favorites lean towards Rurouni Kenshin, Fruits Basket, Hana Kimi, Hellsing (out in left field, right?), Escaflowne, and numerous others, too many to name.

However, the Kagome/Sesshoumaru remains my number one favorite pairing.

I haven't dipped my hand at writing for several years now, and even though I have several different plots I would love to write out, I simply don't have the time. One day I may give into the urge and mortify everyone with my attempt at fanfiction writing (again), but for now I prefer to lurk around, reading and reviewing others' work.

So if you've seen my reviews and wondered just who the heck I am, well, there's your quick 5 minute rundown (though it might be 6 minutes...). Feel free to send me a message or whatnot. I'll get back to you. Eventually :)

And a huge thank you to all of you out there who DO have the courage to publish your work. Yeah, some works are "better", but they all contain heart. So thank you again for providing me with HOURS of entertainment, some that have made me cry, and some that have had me scaring my family with my guffaws and cackles of delight.

Continue on, fair authors. I look forward to reading your works :)


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Created On: 07/19/2011 11:27:16

Thank you so much for your reviews on A Kiss To Build A Dream On!!!! I'm happy you are liking them! I usually use songs to inspire some stories, but I've never used lyrics like this, so I'm happy its working! Thanks again and I hope to keep entertaining you.
Feedback from emerald skye: I have no problem writing reviews for great pieces of work. Just found your "Get Bent" series and wrote I don't know how many reviews. Would have written more, but 60 some odd reviews MIGHT be a tad too much! In any case, LURV your works and can't wait to read more


Created On: 07/02/2011 09:48:06

YES, you read right, my dear. REAL LIFE RK. *swoons* I had problems thinking properly when I first heard the news. Think I did a little dance right there in front of the TV.

Thank you for reviewing Chibimaru again!! LOL he's ridiculous but we love him!


Created On: 06/30/2011 20:40:22

yay!! First wall post

Dear emerald Skye, thank you for your lovely review on The Adventures of Chibimaru and Gang! They are so fun to write, and I'm indeed enjoying the process of torturing little kids, lol.

P.S. Love Rurouni Kenshin too!! I saw on Japan entertainment news yesterday that there will soon be a real-action movie in 2012!! The cast is out too! Woohoo!
Feedback from emerald skye: WHAT!!! They're actually making a RK real-action movie?!?! Bout dang near came out of my seat when I read your entry! That's going to be unreal! Ok, I'm WAY too excited. But wait. It's RK, so that's alright!

Oh and thank you for taking the time to reply to my review. I really do adore your works

Wow. RK. Live-Action. Ok. Gotta quit.

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