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Hi! I'm Saeko, and I'm an avid fan of the Sess/Kag pairing! I'm willing to beta for anyone who needs it, so let me know if you do!

Here is my deal:

I'm not going to review just for the sake of reviewing. If I like your story, I'll favorite it. If I like a lot of them, I'll favorite you. I'll give you a review when I'm really impressed, or when I think someone needs some advice in their writing style.

I'm very honest in my reviews - including constructive criticism. While I will not be rude, I also will not pull my punches while telling you what I think. I will tell you exactly what I think you need to improve on. I'm not going to try to tell you which direction your story should go - it's YOUR story. But if you have a character who is not making sense according to the circumstances, I'm going to suggest that you reevaluate your characterizations or the settings the characters are in and what they're going through. If you have typos and grammar issues, I'm going to call you on them. There is no excuse for grammatical issues and typos when there are Word Check, websites like, and a bunch of people willing to beta for you if you ask.

And if you disagree with me when I do comment, no offense, but please don't answer me with something along the lines of 'I'm gonna do what I want to do and it's my right as the author to do it.'

I'm not saying that you, whoever you are, are going to do this but someone already has - and in my opinion it shows not only immaturity but an inability to take constructive criticism and an unwillingness to improve oneself.

I appreciate artistic license as much as the next person - I have all the respect in the world for anyone who has the guts to take a story out of their head and put it to this metaphorical paper where everyone in the world can see - but if I like the story, and tell someone that, and give advice on how it can improve without being rude or inflammatory, then the person receiving the constructive criticism can at least have the respect not to be a brat.

And because it's always been a fantasy of mine to be an editor, here are some corrections to common typos, in case you didn't know them. (These will either be in a sentence or an explanation for why they're contracted.) A couple of them are inspired by Grammarly on Facebook.

Your = "Belongs to you."
You're = "You are."

They're = "They are."
Their = "Belongs to them."
There = "That place over there."

Then = Indicates a time. "I'll see you then."
Than = "I am better than you."

To = "I'll give this to you."
Too = "That's mine, too."
Two = "The number 2."

Meet = Present or future tense. "I will meet you there."
Met = Mostly past tense.* "We've already met."
*Unless you're from Asgard or ancient England. "Well met!"

You do not need an apostrophe when writing:
- 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, etc.
- CDs, PhDs, MAs, etc.
- As, Bs, Cs, Ds . . .Xs, Ys, Zs
- Plurals (unless it may be confused with another word, i.e. As = A’s)

"A lot." Two words, not one.

"Your pants are 'loose' but you 'lose' your keys."

If you're writing a sentence including more than one character in the first person, remember that when you use 'I' or 'me', it should be based on how you would phrase it by itself. Break up the sentence to figure out the proper use of each. For example:

"Jack and I went to the movies." Jack went to the movies. I went to the movies. - Correct.
"Jane and me," or "Me and Jane went to the movies." Or "Jane went to the movies." Or "Me went to the movies." - Incorrect.
"Happy holidays from the kids and me". Happy holidays from the kids. Happy holidays from me. - Correct.

To be continued. ^_^

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Created On: 04/26/2019 03:45:21

Thanks for letting me know about the double post. I have no idea why this site gives me so many issues. If it’s not in a wall of text it’s doubled. -.- anyway thanks for reading glad you liked it enough to read all that i have up!


Created On: 08/20/2015 21:39:39


Thanks for reviewing Forever In A Wish, nods I agree with your comments.

Grammar is still a learning curve for me. I'll make some edits as I go along. Improvement is always good.

As for the lack of background description, it's intentional. I only go into depth with surroundings and stuff like that when I'm placing a character in a place or situation that requires an environment aka like a nightclub or a downtown shopping mall.

I also only go into that much description if I'm writing more than say 1500 words, otherwise it's fairly pointless, unless I'm trying to set the scene, which in Forever In A Wish, I wasn't.

It was more about expressing Kagome's oddities as a youkai.

As for Sesshy's characterisation, it's my own interpretation. He's based, as I write him, on how I've portrayed him in previous Inuyasha ficlets, loosely being based on him in the anime or manga.

I've not watched or read either much.

So I keep my characterisation of him fairly loose on purpose.

Thanks again.

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 02/20/2015 18:48:18

Thanks for the review. Gotten rid of the italics on the chapters. If i could find a beta i would be happy. I advertised no one responded. lol
Feedback from Saeko: I would offer if I had the time. But I don't... XD But you can copy and paste the chapter into --- --- and it will highlight the things that are wrong. That should help.

Toni 'AcidRayne ' Demby

Created On: 01/07/2015 19:06:20

Thank you for reviewing Returning to Her Intended! I appreciate it so much! You are absolutely correct I am going way to fast I this story. I am 're work I g it and definitely considering your input. I have a beta but she doesn't watch Inuyasha so it is hard for her to really understand and correct this story. Thank you again and I hope when I have finished editing the story it will be clearer (:

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 12/27/2014 00:59:31

Thanks for the review! Cliffhangers, I hate them as well lol!


Created On: 12/26/2014 10:57:47

Thanks for reviewing Two Worlds!
Although the Computer Incident did set me back a couple months, I think I've finally gotten everything back!
Anyway, thanks a lot!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 12/09/2014 18:09:28

I am really pleased to read that you wanted to read a plot where Kagome travels through several time periods. I found that there weren't any plot lines like this. And I am the type of author that likes things with twist and turns . I am glad you didn't find any typos. I try my best to post chapters that are free of mistakes. I hope you enjoy the future chapters~


Created On: 11/13/2014 19:07:17

Thank you for the review! And I'm happy to please another avid reader such as myself ^_^


Created On: 10/20/2014 15:36:21

I sympathize there, I'm also a grammar and spelling nazi. It's pretty much impossible to catch EVERY single mistake, but the more times you go over a piece the better chance you have of eradicating mess-ups, lol. I usually tend to go over my stuff at least four or five times before posting... I learned that the hard way over five years of writing.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story - and as for the lemon... that one did turn out pretty well, I guess. I really do dread writing them, which is why it always takes me longer to get out chapters that are going to have lemons than ones that don't. But I'm getting better with doing it... I'm getting good practice in with my Inupapa/Kagome (sort of) Splinter'd Realities. There's going to be a lot more lemons in that one to come, I think. ~Le sigh~ The things we do for our readers...

Thank you for the review and hope you have a good week!

Feedback from Saeko: Back atcha! ^_^


Created On: 09/13/2014 14:26:38

Yes... I really just blank out when I try to decide if it is 'met' or 'meet'. Will get around to fixing those, hopefully.
But, swank you for reading!

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