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* This wonderful profile pic was drawn by Avi! Thanks a lot*


_ Korean, 22 Yrs old.

_ I'm common Kagome lover; So I love the all pairings which she beloved.

Among them, my favorite one is SessKag. Perhaps second one is SessKagInu OR KikKag LOL

_ My English is really bad. Because of that, my fanfiction is suddenly deleted

or my comments are revised several times. Please forgive me!


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Sesskag doodle2
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  • Sesskag At the morning
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Created On: 07/20/2019 23:07:20

Bless you. Your review of Pompeii was art in and of itself in that you were able to relate your experience of learning about Pompeii in school with my story. Thank you for giving me such a lovely insight on how it made you feel as you read it and I am so glad you loved it.

Thank you again for taking the time to read and leave you reviews

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