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Helloooo ^0^

Hiya :D! Well I'll start of by introducing myself, my name is Alexis, but you may call me Lexy for short ;), I am 19 years old, currently living in Santa Cruz, CA ( Gotta love the beach ;) ) with my family. I go to Santa Clara University studying different art styles, I love art and want to make it as my career. I don't mind driving back and forth to my house from the University ; I love the open road. But whenever I'm feeling too lazy to drive, I stay over at my best friends house, Lisa ^-^.

I love love absolutely LOVE SESSHOMARU 8D!!! He is my silver soulmate ;-; And Kagome is just soo sweet  and cute, that I believe both of them must belong together, though I still respect the way the series is, but why couldn't they be together! WHY?! D:

The first time I saw Sesshomaru, was at the end credits, featuring the song Fukai Mori ( Deep Forest) and two things came into my head: First, of course, how dang sexy he was O:!!!, and second, he must be related to Inuyasha, because of the white hair :)

Then I decided to watch the show from the beginning, and at first I really didn't like SEsshomaru >:\

was such a jerk, but up until the episode when he met Rin, that's when my feeelings for him changed :3

I really didn't like the pairing SessxxxKagura, so I decided to pair him up with Kagome in my head ^^ Why? because I can MUAHAHAHA!!, but that only became possible in my head -__-, and then I found this site 8D!!!HURRAY!!! what can I say, I am girl with the likes of odd pairings ( ZUTARA ROCKS TOO ^0^ )


Well if you would like to know more facts about me, I'm 5'5 tall, slim, have really dark black hair, I love the color black a lot!!

I'm a pink hater >:\

I love to dress punky and..well that's about it....if you wold like to know more about me, message me here or comment :3

You people have been so nice to me sience I joined *sniff* I love ya 8D!!!

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Created On: 07/10/2010 06:14:40

>.elcome to Dokuga~!!!

And I liked how you draw Sesshoumaru face.


Created On: 07/10/2010 02:04:01

OOhhh SHYAAA! I have officially deflowered your wall~

Welcome to Dokuga!!

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