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The Marionette Puppet by zodiak023


Kagome had finally finished her jewel shard hunting and wished upon the jewel making it disappear forever. She had already said her farewells to the travel companions that had become her second family and had thanked Koga and Lord Sesshomaru for their help in defeating Naraku, she had given Lord Sesshomaru back his arm as payment.

As the jewel rose from her palm into the air, everyone was in awe as the jewel embedded itself back into Kagome’s body and her body started fading away where she stood. Everyone thought that she was returning home but Lord Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at the fading Kagome. He and his beast both thought the same thing, the jewel did not take her home.

He didn’t share any of his thoughts with Kagome’s group because it was better for the humans to believe Kagome had fulfilled her duty and she was now free to be in her own era, or else they would worry themselves to death and more likely even spend the rest of their human lives trying to find information on where the jewel had taken her to and how to get her back. No, he would search out the miko and set her free from yet another obligatory duty. He had traveled the last month with them and he knew only a few things about her.

She was loyal, trustworthy, motherly instincts, and had a knack for getting into trouble. Though she had earned his respect for herself by fighting against Naraku when she could have just run away and now the Sesshomaru was going to show her that she had earned the right to be called an ally.


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