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Intertwined by Alon


They stood across from each other; her arms were folded against her chest as he stood regally across from her. Neither of them looked away as clear cobalt eyes matched hooded golden ones, as if staring the other down. The sun was setting in the distance, both of them donned the same high school uniform having just finished school—it was compulsory for every demon between one hundred and one hundred and fifty to complete the tertiary education. It was a rule that allowed the different beings to attempt to understand each other. In her opinion, she only understood that half of them were crazy and the other half was domineering.

She became impatient at his nonchalant face, but inside she knew his secret. Then again, he knew her secret too.

“It’s a deal then?”


She always hated that answer, it wasn’t ‘no’ or ‘yes’ and was barely even acknowledging her presence. Who in their right mind would ever fall in love with an icicle like him? In their damnest mind would they even consider dating him, let alone mating him. But she knew, women easily flaunted him left and right, just not the one he wanted. She guessed that life never threw hurdles at him, despite his cold, uncaring features were a smoothly handsome face, markings symbolising power and distant eyes bringing the appeal of the unknown. Not her though, no such appeal on her side. There was also one thing he could never obtain, and she snickered, having discovered the fact.

“So, I’ll help you with Kikyo and in turn—”

“You shall have my half-brother.” He said it as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

Damn demons and their possessive terms.

It was decided.

Kagome will finally talk to her long time crush, while Sesshomaru will get recognised by her cousin.

It’s a win-win, at least at that moment it was.




Just found this! In apology for lack of Melancholy update. Ready for a drabble-ish series? <3 Fair warning... I’m not a writer of comedy, so it won't be. :D If people are interested enough, this will be updated in spurts. Thank yooouu. <3


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