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Patience by Sammy


He watched the miko from the back of the classroom as she waved her hands frantically at the hanyou sitting on the ledge of the school roof outside a nearby window. Everyone else in the room had their heads bowed in concentration, their eyes fixed on the exam paper lying in front of them on their desks.

He scowled as InuYasha glared at Kagome and mouthed at her to, ‘hurry up’. It wasn’t often that the miko was in class. Her mysterious illnesses kept her well away for a majority of the time.

Frankly, it annoyed him.

He had waited over five hundred years to meet her again—only for the stupid hanyou to rob him of her company day in and out. He fought the urge to growl and dropped his gaze to his clenched fists.

Patience, he reminded himself. It wasn’t their time yet, but soon…

He just had to wait a bit longer.



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