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For Dessert; Kagome Pie by Walter205

Yummy Yummy, Kagome in my Tummy

Kagome wheezed out another stricken breath as she gazed downwards at her body, her eyes unable to move away from where the green glowing hand had impaled itself into her gut. The poision from the hand flowed through her blood veins, reaching her mind where the incredible amount of pain faded away into a soft numbness.

Although the pain was gone, her mind otherwise worked, and her eyes finally managed to follow the hand up it's length, where it was attached to the shoulder of the person, no, demon that had attacked her.

'Sesshomaru,' she thought while gazing into his intense but cold eyes.

'But...why?' was the only other thought she could come up with as he withdrew his blood soaked hand from her midsection, and Kagome fell backwards, the back of her head hitting the base of a tree. Stars exploded in front of her face and blurred her vision, but again no pain was forthcoming.

She lay there, in a dazed state, her head propped up, her eyes glancing back and forth between Sesshomaru standing over here, and down to where the hole is that her belly used to be. Her breathing became ever more ragged as with each breath, more blood was pumped out of her and onto her clothes.

He advanced upon her prone form, flexing his hand as his claws lengthened. With two quick swipes, her shirt, skirt, and undergarments were cleaved from her body, although without additional wounds being inflicted in the process.

Despite being in a mortally wounded situation, Kagome could not help but blush, with whatever little blood that remained in her head rushing to her cheeks. Sesshomaru saw it and a small smile crept across his face. The smile wasn't one of amusement however, but had a more predatory appearance about it.

"Miko," he said, in a slightly bored voice. Her sight lifted from her naked body up to his still fully clothed one.

"I am going to eat you now," growled Sesshomaru, removing first his armor and then his clothes. Immediatly Kagome's still slightly functioning mind went into the gutter. First, he stripped her, then he said he was going to eat her, and now he has stripped off his own clothes and was straddling her waist, his hot bottom settling onto her knees.

He leaned forward, and she closed her eyes in expectation, but the sensation coming from her body was not what she had expected. She opened her eyes, and they became as round as saucers as her mind tried to comprehend what she was seeing.

Sesshomaru's face was covered in gore, as it came up out of the hole in her gut, a length of some fleshy appendage gripped within his fang like teeth. With a flick of his claws, the appendage was cut, which Kagome was now sure was her larger intestines, before he devoured what remained in his mouth and licked the blood from his lips and nose.

"Mmmm, Miko. You are most tasty...," he purred, extending his tongue back into her gut. He licked back and forth, and while certain portions of her body's functions were shutting down, to never be used again, others were just coming awake, as a pool of heat began to gather below the one radiating out of her stomach.

Sesshomaru smelled her arousal and was suprised, but also encouraged to continue lapping blood out of the extensive wound. Kagome's brain by this time, with the loss of blood, had pretty much shutdown, save that she was still aware of him eating her.

He pulled another length of organ from her body and devoured it, before staring back down at her nude body. He took in the curvy and pale look of her flesh, the red stained gaping hole in her stomach, the blood starting to pool around her crotch, and decided that he was a little thirsty.

He started first at her breasts, tugging on the nipples with his teeth to gently ply some milk from them. Tiring of the pace, he palmed her left breast with his hand, and began to squeeze, ever so harder until his claws dug into her flesh and he ripped the breast from her body. He quickly devoured the missing appendage, and the remaining blood and milk it attained.

Kagome's vision had by this time disappeared all together, so she was only aware of the sensations, minus the pain, of her body being ripped apart and eaten.

Sesshomaru's next target was the mix of her heat and the blood staining her crotch area. He licked and licked, drawing a little more of the sweet honey tasting juices from her core to mix in with the salty blood and create a delicious elixir of her life that he couldn't get enough of.

Finally, he was finished with his meal. The girl had lost almost all of her blood to his point, and her intenstines and left breast were either missing or scattered in pieces around her body.

He had achieved his goal of feasting on the blood and body of a young virgin miko, and in doing so, had achieved his aim of temporarily gaining her powers. With a flash of pinkish light, his left arm was restored to him. He then thought of what he would do if he lost another appendage in battle with Inuyasha, particulary after the halfling picked up the scent of his dead friend and found out he was the one behind it.

Coming to a quick and satisfying decision, he withdrew Tensiega from it's sheath. The sword had already brought back both Rin and Jaken, surely it would work on this woman as well.

With a single swipe of the sword, her body was restored, save for her clothing, and she started to come to, so Sesshomaru made his departure. However, he couldn't resist gazing upon her nude body one last time, as he licked a single drop of blood remaining on his chin.

'Another time perhaps, miko,' he thought as he disappeared into the forest.

The End


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