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Angels and Demons by zodiak023

The meeting

Rain drops poured down in sheets on the windshield in the darkened night. A little girl watched the rain drops on the window as they turned into tiny rivers on the window from the backseat of her father’s car, the long black haired businessman driving rather normal on the road, he was busy on the phone with one of the competing companies, it seemed as if he was always on the phone. She never tried to get his attention while he was busy on the phone anymore, she never could compete with his work, his work was always more important. Her father had been on the cell phone since half way through her ballet recital and it was her first one, her mother didn’t even come.

She always tried to tell him that he shouldn’t talk on the phone while driving but he always ignored her on the subject, they weren’t exactly humans who could die in a mere car wreck. Suddenly from out of the blue something heavy fell onto the roof of the car, heavy enough to dent the roof, the little girl gasped as her father hit a pool of standing water and hydroplaned, causing her father to lose control of the car, he swerved and avoided hitting the oncoming traffic in the other lane by a mere inch. After he got control of the car he parked, his phone forgotten about in the seat next to him,   

“Rin, are you alright?” her father asked,

“Yeah, what was that?” the little girl unbuckling her seatbelt, she turned around and tried to look out the rear windshield but she couldn’t see anything.

“Stay in the car Rin.” her father ordered, he got out and slammed the door, and he leaned against the car for a minute, he glanced over to the figure laying on the ground, and slowly walked toward it, he had been driving out of the city where there wasn’t any street lamps so it was dark and the rain still poured in sheets.

When he finally approached the figured he knelt down in his nice business suit, finding that it was a naked young woman, covered in blood, her long hair completely white.

 He didn’t need street lamps to see, his demonic sight was 100 times better than any human’s sight. The woman had white burnt wings that appeared to be coming out of her back.

“What the hell?” the man now soaked from the pouring rain, his black hair soaked and in hanging in his eyes now, confused to what he was seeing.

“Daddy, you hit her! We have to help her!” Rin came running over,

“Rin, I told you to stay in the car.” the man getting up and grabbing his child to prevent her from getting close to the woman that had somehow fell on his car. There wasn’t a bridge that she could have fallen from or jumped, just dark angry clouds above and streaks of lightening every now and then, and thunder clapping.

“Go, get in the front seat.” her father ordered,

“Not until you promise to help that woman.” Rin almost crying,

“Lord Sesshomaru.” a tiny voice choked out. It sent chills down his spine, no one knew who or what he truly was in this human world and no one knew him by that name.

“Go now Rin.” her father leaving no more room to argue,

“You have to help her.” Rin’s eyes tearing up. His daughter was always obeying him but now, she really wanted to help this woman, but he had no idea if this woman who had wings growing from her back was a friend or foe. Lord Sesshomaru, the businessman slowly walked back over to the woman but the wings he swore he saw were gone, not a trace of them ever being there, the woman’s eyelids were cracked open a little, her breathing labored, but no heart beat, though he was tired from the day and didnt pay any attention to her heart beating, the fact that she was breathing was enough to tell him that she was still alive for the time being.

“Please, don’t hurt me.” the woman managed to get out of her mouth before she succumbed to the unconscious state. The man now known as Lord Sesshomaru stared at the woman he had never seen in his long lifetime, he wondered why this woman would think he would hurt her. He knelt down again and carefully got her situated in his arms and stood up and walked to his car, Rin opened the back door and Lord Sesshomaru gently laid the mystery woman in the backseat and shut the door, he then walked around and got back in the car, and he sat there trying to collect his thoughts, when his cell phone rang. Rin gave her father the cell phone and he answered it,

“Not now.” Lord Sesshomaru growled into the phone as he shut the phone, he crushed the phone with his bare hand and threw the pieces out the window. He ran his fingers through his long black hair and gave the woman in the backseat one last glance and glanced at Rin,

“Is she like us daddy? A demon?” Rin softly asked,

“She isn’t human.” Sesshomaru thought out loud, he had seen the wings before they had disappeared and with her falling on top of his car like that and was still able to speak and breathe, she couldn’t possibly be human.


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